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Broodmother Offlane

September 15, 2017 by Shecklestien
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Standard Brood

DotA2 Hero: Broodmother

Purchase Order

Starting Gold

Early Game


30+ Minutes (Brood Late Game)


Autism (Don't Pick Up!!!)

Hero Skills

Spawn Spiderlings

2 4 6 8

Spin Web

1 3 5 7

Incapacitating Bite

11 13 14 16

Insatiable Hunger

9 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+60 Insatiable Hunger Damage/Lifesteal
+450 Spiderlings Health
+50 Attack Speed
+30 Spiders Attack Damage
+20 Agility
+20% Cooldown Reduction
+125 Spawn Spiderling Damage
+200 Health

Broodmother Offlane

September 15, 2017


Broodmothers guide to being a ratting *******. Do you hate your enemy safelane? Do you want to hit people while they can't hit you, but you aren't a ****** and hate Slark? Do you like being countered by literally half the roster? You chose the right hero! This build is all about destroying the enemy lane, then pushing and winning before 25 minutes. Doing this build correctly will mostly get you netted a win, unless you get counter picked, in which it becomes a "don't feed the enemy jungle axe" simulator. Now lets get into the build and get you destroying towers.

Picking Phase

DO NOT INSTANT PICK! EVER! IT IS BETTER TO LOSE ALL YOUR GOLD THEN TO GET COUNTER PICKED! Make sure that your team has their picks ready and locked in before you pick Brood, so you 1) Don't get flamed for picking Brood and 2) Don't get counter picked. Also, you really really want solo offlane, so tell your teammates that fast. If they pick Axe, Legion, Earthshaker, Timbersaw, or Sven, DO NOT PICK BROOD! If they Pick Alch, Necrophos, Tiny or Zues, consider either telling your team to counter pick or just be very cautious. If you see heros like Skywraith Mage and Rubick, Brood is a really good choice, as she demolishes single target/teamfight heros.


I'm going to quickly interject a skills overview, as it seems to help out a lot. For our skill build we got W,
Q, W, Q, W, Q, W, Q,
R, Talent, E, R, E,
E, Talent, E, R at level 18,
then talents for the rest.
Spawn Spiderlings, this is your main pushing ability. You shoot out a nuke that does 70/140/210/280 and applies the Spawn Spiderlings debuff. If the target dies while it has the debuff on them, and spawns 1/2/3/4 Spiderling(s), which have 450 health and do 16 damage, if you don't get the talents, which I'll talk about later.
These spiders provide an 8% slow and do 8 damage per second,
(doesn't stack) and apply "Spawn Spiderites", which acts like Broods Q, spawning a unit on death of the affected unit. Spin Web, is what ties all her abilities together to make her such a strong pusher and assassin. She goes invisible inside of it, and all her spiders do to, however, not necro units and dominated units. They increase her movement speed and give her 2/4/6/8 hp regen. Incapacitating Bite. This gives Broodmother a unique attack modifier that applies a 30/40/50/60% blind and a 16/26/36/46% slow to her attacks. Her ult, Insatiable Hunger Gives her a massive lifesteal and damage, 60/100/140% LS and 60/100/140 damage. Using this, she becomes an amazing pusher and a deadly adversary, throughout the game. The EXP talent is self explanitory, since there is no need to 1 hit the ranged creeps, and if we get ahead faster, better. CD is amazing, since it allows us to pump out 4 spiders every 8 seconds and gives our ult a super low 36 second CD. The reason why we go for the +14 spider damage instead of attack speed requires a long explanation. There is this misconception about Broodmother that SHE is the source of all the damage. However, lets use Phantom Lancer for an example her, since he is most notorious for swarming his enemies. If we have an illusion that does 16 damage, and multiply that by 10, the max amount of illusions, he gets a pretty large chunk of damage. We give him diffusal blade? 30 damage per unit, plus any illusions summoned by his other abilities. Thats over 300 damage just with 1 hit from the illus. Now multiply the amount of illusions by 3. Do you realize how ******ed that is? Thats over 900 damage! IN ONE ****ING HIT! Add in Broodmother with her ult and bloodthorne? 1456 ****ING DAMAGE INSTANTLY! NEVER TAKE THE ATTACK SPEED. Now for the last talent, I take plus 8 webs, but realistically you won't get here, since you end the game so fast. 8 Webs can cover your entire base plus a bit of room going out, or vis virsa. The extra health may be good if the enemy carry got a Battlefury and its really hurting your spiders, but if you did this correctly they won't have BF in time. Anyways, onto pushing.

Pushing Strats

Before I start this section, I just want to make a reminder that this isn't carry Brood. We don't WANT to 1v2 people, but we certianly can if we have to. This hero is all about making space for the carries, the cavalry supporting the infantry. The way we push is like this, Collect your spiders in one unit and attack the tower. Broodmother leads the enemy creeps away from the tower, and kills them, hopefully making spiders before the creeps all die. Go join your other spiders on the tower and destroy it. If no enemies rotate, using this method the tower should be dead in 1 creep wave on a cart wave, 2 if not. If someone does rotate, check their inventory for dust while retreating. If they don't have any AoE, continue pushing with main spiders until tower is destroyed, then turn on the enemy and kill them. If they do have AoE, pull back spiders, then wait for them to go away. Farm their jungle in the down time. If they tp in and catch you off guard, there isn't much you can do. Try and escape, but if you are going to die, go down in glory. Pop your ult and attack as many enemies as possible. Hopefully, you manage to either scare them off or bring one down with you. Your spiders give more gold then the actual hero, so keep them back. Once the threat has past, jump right back to the tower. You want them to rotate as much as possible, allowing your team to either push another lane or farm. If they don't rotate, take the tower and continue down the lane.


Just get your own rune. No point in wasting the web charge, mana and CD for the chance to take the enemies rune. Plus, Brood actually has a large hitbox, allowing her to block creeps with ease. Once you get in lane, throw a web down with a bit of it going into the secret shop, and a bit more going into the left side forest area. These will be your main escape routes if they get vision. See who you are laning. Hopefully you predicted correctly about who would be in your lane. So long as they don't have any of the counter picks listed above, you should have an easy lane. The first level is the hardest part. You are the Huskar of invis heros, starting of EXTREMELY weak, but getting your big jump at level 2. Once you get that Q, LH a creep with it, and once you do, you are on a roll. After you get like 8 spiders, you can harrass the enemies hard while still laning/hiding in the trees. If they ever put a sentry down, tango it, as you get double hp regen from the tango. You should always push the lane, you want to be hitting the tower as much as possible. You should have the tower down by 7:30 minutes at most, if all goes right. My record is 3:27 seconds, where I got 2 double kills before 2 minutes. You should find that if you are playing against less experienced players, or people who have never played a good brood before, that they will continue to go to lane despite being ran over time and time again. If that is the case, they will most likely call for ganks, because of course, it isn't their fault that they die, its because the team hasn't ganked. So watch out, or feast on that Injoker mid lane who came to "gank". Anyways, its about 10 minutes now, so lets move onto the Broodmother "mid game"

"Mid Game"

Now, I call this the "Mid Game" even though it is actually only 10-20 minutes. You see, this is because spiders have a faster biological clock, so they die in 30 in game minutes. Pretty good metaphor for Broodmother actually. By now, you should have Orchid either completed or in progress, and at least be working on a t3. This is the "mid game", since this is where Broodmother is the strongest. You should have a few kills under your belt, and no one in the game can safely 1v1 you unless you got counter picked. However, never underestimate the power of teamwork. If they kill you and your spiders enough times, they will be able to come back and you will lose since your advantage is gone. If ratting has failed, you might just be able to group with your team and take t4s. By now, your lane, the enemy carry, has been starved of all his farm, between you cutting the wave and you killing him over and over. Since they don't have anything to kill you and your farmed carry, it will be a breeze to take at least t3s. This is around the point where you want to end ASAP. If you make it past 30 minutes, something went wrong, whether it be someone on the team fed, the enemy was able to farm enough or you just didn't push, you're going to need a strat.

"Late Game"

Once you make it here, there is no easy way to win. This game is either ending in 2 minutes from now or you will be playing this match for an extra hour. You have one last shot to push back enemies. You need to all group on the lane you've been pushing in the early game and HARD PUSH THAT *****. If you manage to take a hold in the high ground, you've won. Either go straight for the Ancient or take megas. If you fail? Your team will have to turtle while you attempt to rat. If you can, get a pick off on the carry and hopefully your team will be able to push the lanes they were defending and pave straight through to the enemy ancient. If you ever get ganked, give a small tap to the hardest right clicker, pop BKB and TP out. Unless they have stuns that pierce BKB, you should make it out. By now, you are only good for attacking towers and Solo heros, so only do that. Eventually, you will be able to push back, or you will have already lost. There isn't much more advice I can give. You just have to hope they ****ed up really bad.


Broodmother is a strong pusher who can also be an equally strong assassin. Never let the games go too long and don't let the enemy farm. I have a 55% win rate with Brood, and over 200 games. This is the build I always run and in my last 20 games I've had an 80% win rate. Hopefully you can be as successful with this underrated hero as I have. Good Luck!

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