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Broodmother Guide - INCOMPLETE

February 5, 2013 by BronyInvoker
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Basic build

DotA2 Hero: Broodmother

Purchase Order

Starting Items





If enemy has Sentry Wards

Hero Skills

Spawn Spiderlings

2 3 5 7

Spin Web

1 4 8 9

Incapacitating Bite

10 12 13 14

Insatiable Hunger

6 11 16


15 17 18

Welcome to this Broodmother Guide.

This is my first guide, an honestly, it's not a proper guide, as I have not done planning prior to this, and just decided to type out a guide. This guide is meant for personal use, and I just decided to share it anyways as I felt that there were few good guides on BroodMother.
You can use this guide, but at your own risk, as it's not fully tested yet, and I have a lot of stuff that I have yet to add to this 'guide'.

To reiterate: Use this guide at own risk!

Pros vs Cons

-Can carry
-One of the best pushers
-Early game can attack enemy heroes hiding behind tower, as long as you have enough spiderlings to take the hits from the towers.
-Network of webs allow maximum mobility of Broodmother and her army if positioned properly.
-Webs can also be placed at choke points and used as mini-wards, negating the need of actual wards, such as at Rosh or River.
-Terrifying around mid game due to spiderling swarm.
-Terrifying also because of ulti- Insane Heatlh Steal and DMG.
-Terrifying to people suffering from Arachnophobia.

-Not a particularly hard carry
-Somewhat low damage when ulti not active.
-Requires a bit of micro so that spiderlings do not block you and end up causing you to die, or from getting within melee range to attack.
-Spiderlings damage is horrendous, ranging from 9-18 depending on skill level; Spiderites, even worse.
-No disables
-Somewhat squishy
-If enemy has ways to counter you stealh through Sentry wards, Dust of Appearance or Gem, you're quite screwed... Unless you have such a fat army of spiders that can frighten your enemies away the moment he reveals them. (Unlikely, but in new games, it's possible)
->Plays Broodmother
> Earthshaker on enemy team
> Alt-F4 for instant win
> But seriously, ES can really ruin your day very very badly. I strongly recommend against picking Broodmother when there's an ES (or any other extreme AoE heroes such as Jakiro) in the opposing team.

Roles of Broodmother

- The ability to summon an army of spiderlings, means that you can use them to swarm a tower. I'll type more about this in my skill breakdown.

- Not a Hard Carry, but thanks to ulti, can be quite the menace around mid game.

Skill breakdown

Spawn Spiders
- Spam for better last hits, and to increase your army of spiders! Take note that spiderlings can spawn Spiderites when they kill a unit- including allied creeps. Yes. Go deny and increase your army size. Play like a pro today!
- Use a horde of these spiders to mow down the tower.. Yea it's an overstatement; Spiderlings' damages are too ****py, but they can tank quite a bit of the tower's shots.
- I usually use this to lasthit an escaping enemy hero. You can spawn additional Spiderlings during their death as well. :3

Spin Web
- Place at strategic locations- your lane or in between to allow insane amounts of mobility, whether to gank or to escape.
- You still remain stealthed even after leaving your web for 3 seconds. Use this to your advantage by positioning webs further apart to enable as much vision and coverage.
- You can also use this 3 seconds to position your army such that you can surround enemy heroes hanging just outside the web.

Incapacitating bite
- Your skill that is meant for chasing down heroes. Not much other use other than that.
- I tend to max this last as Spiderlings (not spiderites) have an attack that slows enemies, negating the importance of this skill.

Instiable Hunger
- Increases damage by a lot, as well as providing lifesteal.
- Use when initiating, or in advance so that you can surprise your enemies with this. But not much difference in results when you activate it earlier or during a fight, in my opinion.

Some item breakdowns. (Those that are Core or I feel requires explanation)

Soul Ring is your core item. Never have a game without it. It allows you to spam your spawn spiderlings spell, and the regeneration from your web will bring your heath back up in no time.

Clarity potions as starting items allows to spam your Spawn Spiderlings spell as well, and can help with early game farming.

Vladmir isn't much for yourself, as you already have your ulti for lifesteal, but it increases Spiderlings survivability by a lot, especially if you are pushing down creep waves. Other aura effect items can also be considered, but I feel that Vladmir is the most important.

Orchid of Malevolence is quite important, as it gives you a disable, and also enhances damage from your Spiderlings. It will still be pathetic, but better than nothing.

Black King's Bar. Basically used to safeguard yourself from disables, especially if you have your ulti out, as you are quite squishy, and have to attack to lifesteal to survive.

Manta Style boosts survivalbility, and can be used with your ulti, so your illusions have a bit more damage. Really a luxury item, as there isn't any legendary benefit to Broodmother to have this.

Sentry Wards is extremely important for counterwarding, or you can get Dusts of Appearance. It's extremely crucial to allow your army to be stealthed, as they are scary only if they suddenly all appear out of seemingly nowhere. If not, on their own, they can be quite squishy.

Incomplete Guide

Yes this Guide is INCOMPLETE.

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