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Broodmother: God level space creation #RARE

January 21, 2015 by darkowin
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Build 1
Build 2


DotA2 Hero: Broodmother

Hero Skills

Insatiable Hunger

2 4 5 7

Spin Web

1 3 6 9

Silken Bola

1 3 6 9

Spawn Spiderlings

8 11 16


15 17 18

1. How I met your brood(mother) Lore Please do Not Ignore

1a. Chronicles of Arachnia (short backstory plz read)
-broodmother is a cool spider woman and is a staple in any fantasy game. You don't see her ilk very often in shooters and counterstrike because Gaben himself had an infestation in his personal mile-wide meat locker/ lard storage facility in his house underneath the Valve cafeteria. Some people are terrified of spiders. Those people are called homosexuals. It is often debated whether spiders have souls, and my conclusion is: YES, they do, and you have to care about broodmother as she cares for her spiderlings. You can NOT play this game drunk or high or I will find you at the nearest 7/11 and personally kick you in the balls while you are walking out with a coke slurpee (that flavors blows *** too). Jesus himself said that broodmother was "pretty cool" and jesus is usually not wrong, unless you ask the dribbling mongoloids at reddit about him.

"Let he who cast the first throw, turn spiders into wine"; - famous quote by b0ne_2k

any other question can not be answered as you must find the path of the spider and unravel its tangled web yourself. People often compare their first game of broodmother to a hallucinogenic trip through the wayward expanses of human failure and mechanical ******ation that is inherent in starting DotA 2 - especially when you play on a Lenovo thinkpad from 2009. Once u get it down, playing broodmangus will be as easy as disecting the lyrics of a linkin park song! Hang in there, arigato gozai ching wa XD

im a joke....


First and foremost, the most important point. PICKS MATTER. Broodmother is the best hero in Dota 2, yes, but you can't just ****ing pick her like a ****** whenever you damn well please. Unlike a certain greasy ****** I stack with you have to actually care about the game and not just having FUN XDDXXD (Look @ My Farm ;DD:D) HOWEVER, you have to pick her in accordance to WHEN your team needs it and when it will severely gimp the enemy team. ANd I mean G I M P. Like this ***** does disgusting things to the enemy safe lane. You MUST lane her against a duo or tri lane for maximum results.

Real talk, if you want to be ******ed and go into a game wanting to play a certain hero "for the lulz" then go play against bots or unranked USE where you might meet ******s like my so called "friends" who miss point black impales that my geriatric grandmother could cast successfully on a ****ing trackpad.

If you truly want to be high mmr or a good player in general you must realize that you are here to play DOTA 2 and not "________(Insert Hero Name Here)" from the draft screen. You pick brood into THESE carries and THESE Supports:


ancient apparatus (aka wooden didlo used my tutankahmen)
Leshrac (his aoe is **** at low levels and he doesnt get his ulti till like 11, you rape him)
Io (wisp for hipsters) You str8 up meme on this guy, it's not even funny. 2 nukes and u give him the str8 dingle. Only a problem if

*Earthshaker ( Ok, despite what you see in uruguayan russian mega ultra deca kill videos on youtube of earthshaker completely decimating BRoodMama's I will be the first to tell you that you are such a massive counter to this hero it's not even funny. If you are laning against earthshaker and are semi competent at knowing when to pick brood you Will no doubt completely shut him down into 30 min blink dagger timing. You will actually make him consider suicide as he can do nothing but watch you spam him to death after 5 mins.

Most carries that need farm cant do **** against brood early game, but here are the ones she ****s the hardest in lane.
Huskar (u gotta be careful tho)
Terrorblade (2 nukes and byebye)

Sand King is the bane of your existence, only support in the whole game who can sit by himself in lane against you in midgame. He does it all, long initiation range, farms ur spiders, repels your push. You have to build around him and taking him out completely. Kills on Sand King between the ~6-13 mins matter greatly.
Naga support
A B A D O N (such an annoying piece of ****)
Support pugna (is this even a thing anymore???)
U N D Y I N G aka Dirge (**** this hero)
Ogre Magi (slow hits all your spiders and disables webbing forever, insane)
LINA (The new buff to dragon slave means she rapes your lings)
Safe lane omni (completely rapes you u cant do ****, unless you bait out his heal) Spider slow does not go through repel, and leveling his E makes your spiders slow as ****. Complete counter imo. One of the only time I would str8 up buy orchid on her.

People say legion commander is a problem for her, and YES she is the ultimate counter to brood IF IFIFIFIFIFIFI you are going 1v2 or 1v1 against her. 1v2 she gets no levels and can't heal herself or battle you with sufficient levels of moment of courage. You rape her 1v1 easily but it is tricky as to how you lane it. Just dont use spiders for anything but a direct nuke towards her and have 2 points in E by level 4 (incapacitating bite). At level 5 you build needs to be 2 1 2. Don't be afraid to farm in front of her face, as 200 nuke damage she does is regenned in like 3 seconds and it just feels like a chauvinist slap on the ***. 90% of LC's under 4k mmr will probably max the Q, W. If they do this, you win with the E build. Don't worry about not being able to PuSH early because you get levels from solo kills on her if you play your mind games right. Make sure when she q's you, you have NO spiders around you (as you should use them to nuke her) and you attack her from a position where there's only 1 creep as to not rack up dmg on her Q. ****, you dont even need the tangoes with your insane regen. The 60% miss chance is too much for her at lvl 3 and you just str8 up with the lane with a soul ring and a salve or 2 ferried in (in case you are 1v2). Complete ****ing joke

Your most feared enemy lineup is a tri consisting of pug/undying/lion (or naga for carry)
you can literally not beat this even if you're iceiceice just gg go next

Overal logistics on when to NOT pick her:
Your team has **** late game compared to enemy
you don't know how to play her
you frequent reddit and enjoy its campy virgin atmosphere :^)
no seriously, they are no life's who get so bored looking
at the same thread 5 times a day they don't know what
to do with themselves. Why do you think they chase drama
so bad it's because they have nothing better to do. This **** didn't
happen in 2008.

Your job is to create space, and that's how you have to play, which I will adress in chap. 4

There's a bunch more **** to cover but this takes a while and I need to go to work with 2 hours of sleep YES!!! MURDER ME

Skeel Beelds

broodmama is beyond a doubt the most important hero to build the correct items on in the entirety of Dota 2, as well as league of legends and hearthcraft.

Ok time 2 get serious: How to survive the first 5 mins

your regen before you hit lvl 3 webs is ****, complete ****, because you don't have any item to boost it as well by then in this build. Shield 8 tango is by far one of the best ways for any hero in DotA 2 to lane. It is so strong that in fact only 6.77 Tranquil boots dare to challenge the laning sustainability of this build.

Why 8 tangos? Simple. You need to take harass int he first 5 mins. You have to go for every last hit and deny possible. Your main objective is to hit lvl 3 spiderlings ASAP.
You don't hit your first power spike until lvl 5, which is debatably your strongest point in the game for solo killing heroes. I've been in fountain at times and just watched 10 spiderlings absolutely mangle a solo support like a prison rape victim while he just moved at 180 MS. Sometimes they will panic and use a single nuke on a spiderling, like AA using cold feet on a ling, wtf lol.

As brood, you piss them off so much. They think they lost by the ****ing 10 min mark even tho they dont realize how many factors are involved in the game that can **** you, so they will do EVERYTHING to bait you and dogpile on you. You MUST buy the wards and place them on spots where you think an enemy is lying behind his bait buddy.
Your own team 6/10 when you dominate as brood will start tuo get lax and play like their catatonic and not respect the hard work you put into winning your lane with your pick. I've seen nightstalkers go ****ing abysal after having 5.5 k at 10 mins because we gave them a free game as brood/undying and just throw the entirety of the game because they don't realize how strong experience rubber banding is in this patch. ****ing pathetic. This is something you can only learn through dozens of games.

-The mental decision
You know that point when you are in 25-35 mins in the game where you think "oh im just gonna kill this support solo and run away" THEN it hits you, you have little vision, u see no one on the map, and you KNOW it's a dumb ****ing risk to take when you are lvl 17 and they are lvl 8 and one death means u bump them up 2 levels, and your little gank turned into a 3 man ****fest ******** because they were baiting you. The enemy team will play BETTER and COOPERATE just to **** you, because they hate playing against brood. People want dota to be like "oh hey lets go farm safe lane that's fun right?" Yayy farmm, NO, **** you jason, that's not how the the game is played.

You HAVE to learn to control your ****** trigger, yolo plays are not an option on brood. You must realize that if you could play ******ed on brood after 15 min mark, she'd be an op hero, but she is balanced around the fact that her mistakes cost the game an incredible amount. You CAN NOT allow yourself to die stupidly unless you are forcing tp's away from another fight or sum ****.

This is impossible to say succinctly. Go the items I placed there to be a space creator. Some games you can play carry, and build mjolnir AC (IF YOUR TEAM IS COMPETENT), sometimes you can even go vlads/boots of travel. Sometimes if you are raping you can go etheral/dagon. I like this build personally, because you can tread switch with SR, you have awesome regen with webs, and you NEED the oblivion staff for more mana regen + decent attack buff. You could probably go medallion too instead of oblivion stave (**** why didn't I think of this) Generally you do not want to go orchid unless they have a support who can solo defend a lane. Blink is necessary, trust me it just is. You need to survive and get out of **** and blink in for that extra Q hit to finish people off. Sheep is for late game initiation. You are here to make space for your team and you must make them pull all resources off the rest of the map to focus on you, and you get a **** ton of farm. Now what you do with that farm is up to you. Sheep is a huge item in terms of late game potential and you need it for team fights.

How to space

Your items are very important. As you will always be counterpicked if you pick early you must build accordingly or not pick brood at all. If you last pick brood, then you can play some proven item builds or actually play the game and think for yourself what you need. This sections is 100% dependent on you reading the "when to pick her section." You can not just ****ing pick brood into some lineups and expect to win. No. Just...No. **** you.******r

At 20 min mark you should have raped your lane enough to force rotations on the lane you are pushing at ALL times. Treads/Oblivion staff is always a good build before 20 mins because it offers you just enough mana regen with soul ring and the tread swapping is just UHHHHHH holy **** get's me ***** just thinking about it. The attack speed from the 2 items is sick with ur ult too. Anyways, I usually never finish orchid, and just rush blink after that, and get wards for my lane. Your job is to make sure you force as many people to deal with you as possible while the rest of the team does it's thing. If they choose to push against you with 3 people, then they are ****ed. These are the kinds of games where you can build radiance and just sit in the trees and watch them cry while the rest of your team gets farm and progresses with items. Blink is important because you can bait **** out with it. You also need it for the extra Q shot you get with it + web to insta escape for a clean hit n run/ dive. The bkb/sheep is simply for being able to stay in fights long enough to do something meaningful at later points of the game and for the guaranteed sheep. I'm really bored of this already and the guide ends here, bye

seriously, have you guys listened to Bones? Look up paidprogramming full on youtube

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