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Bristleback - Always turn your back!

March 30, 2013 by KwiTz
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The Tank

DotA2 Hero: Bristleback

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Bristleback - Always turn your back!

March 30, 2013


Welcome to my guide to bristleback!

This is my first guide and positive feedback is requested!

Pros / Cons

-One of the best tank
-Great chaser
-Deadly 1v1
-Nice starting damage
-Strong AoE presence from mid game on
-Can play mindgames

-low Strength growth for a Strength hero
-Low hitpoints for a strength hero


Hood of Defiance - Give you more ability to survive / tank
Orb of Venom - increases chasing potentional
Ring of Basilius - mana regen + armor
Power Treads - more tanky
Magic Wand - instant heal with charges ofc :)
Radiance - if you manage to farm it up its a real good item on bb
Black King Bar - if you have to go up against alot of aoe / disable
Linken's Sphere - considerable item, don't let your back have all the fun
Blade Mail makes you even deadlier in 1v1

Its seems tempting to get carry items on bristleback but don't he base damage is quite low and you won't be able to attack much while u keep gooing or spraying


Farm up in lane, play offensive but no to much
a good knowledge of people's reaction is a must on bristleback to know when to turn your back
Don't be afraid to dive, this hero excels in this

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