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Brewmaster - You can't leave

April 27, 2012 by ogichikensei
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Sexual Harassment Panda

DotA2 Hero: Brewmaster

Hero Skills

Thunder Clap

1 3 5 7

Cinder Brew

13 14 15 17

Drunken Brawler

8 9 10 12

Primal Split

6 11 16


2 4 18

Brewmaster - You can't leave

April 27, 2012


The Brewmaster is a recently ported character from DoTA to DoTA 2. He is a strength carry as defined in game, but also can become both an effective ganker/initiator late-game. His in game dialogue shows a very bleak view on his chances of seeing tomorrow. So he looks for the only absolution he can find in battle and the bottom of a mead barrel.

With his insane crit damage/dodge rate from Drunken Brawler coupled with the hit chance reduction of drunken haze, Brewmaster is almost untouchable late game 1v1-2. In team battles he offers initiation with blink dagger, and during the fight provides slows, cc's, and decent damage output.

Brewmaster ain't nothing to f*** with in a game so strap in and fill a cup with a pint of 2 parts awesome, 1 part sad panda, and 3 parts mead drink.


Starting Buy
Salves and Tangos allow you to stay in lane longer with out needing to go back to town to heal, allowing more farm and xp as well as being able to deny the enemies free farm or and 2v1 advantage if you're laning with somebody.

Iron branches are to just generally give you a small boost in all regions. Health, mana pool, and last hitting ability. They also make it so that upgrading to a magic wand early game is relatively cheap assuming you purchase the magic stick.

The magic stick will all you to acquire small burst of both health and mana regen from enemies failed attempts to gank you, their using abilities to last hit, or if you're laning with a teammate. The key thing to making this thing useful is to save up charges. If you're at 15% and have 5 charges, it would be better to head back to town to full heal as getting up to 20-25% still is a dangerous heath zone to be in. This is when enemy teamates start contemplating your demise and possibly acquiring first blood. Don't ever be the first blood kill. It is better to go back to town and let them kill creeps unattended then to allow the entire other team opportunity to acquire a sizable amount of gold early game. There is of course an exception to this, and that is if you do end up in the middle of a gank attempt and are fleeing with 15% percent health with chasers, popping those charges might save you from a ranged last hit, or something like windrunner's long shot.

The Magic Wand, as mentioned earlier, is a cheap upgrade from the starter items. All that is required is a recipe from home base which can be acquired via courier or on your next trip home to base to heal/mana up. It will also keep the charges you had on your magic stick when purchasing the recipe page. This will free up 3 inventory slots for future recipe parts.

Phase Boots are the next thing to acquire as one of Brewmasters biggest falter is his speed. Acquiring boots of speed and then 2 blades of agility will give him both a boost in move and attack speed. The unit walking will also help with falling back as you can walk through creeps blocking your way and the boots cool down are pretty low at 8 seconds. These can also be used as a tool for early initiation if the enemy is a suitable distance from their tower with a decent chunk of health missing and are depending on their creeps as a barrier between you and them. All the components can be purchased at the side shops at bottom and top lane, which will give you instant boost in the stats affected.

Drum of Endurance is a good early mid game item to have. Giving both Brewmaster and his allies a speed and armor boost. The activate ability which gives a bigger stat bonus to speed and armor can be a huge help in early team fights or even lane pushes. The components aside from the recipe can again be purchased at the side shops. Both the components(Bracer, Robe of Magi) give a much needed boost to Brew's mana pool to allow more thunder claps early mid game.

Once you acquire Vladmir's Offering you will be able to push creep waves without taking any damage. By the time you acquire this item you will already have points in Drunken Brawler to allow you push with out the use of Thunder Clap. Saving mana for the inevitable attempt to stop you're drunk master-ness. They will try to put cuffs on you, but with the build so far you can sure as a panda bear break those cuffs. Use that saved mana to throw down a few Thunder Claps and even a Drunken Haze if you got it for survival and some damage throw down. The whole time acquiring health from you helpless drunken victims. Then once you feel they've been sexually harassed enough you can Thunder Clap to slow and use those hand Phase Boots to get out of there. Then rather then return all the way to base, either go to a lane that is being pushed by enemy creeps, or even jungle assuming there aren't any lanes you could approach safely and that you aren't hindering a jungeler on your team, then proceed to acquire gold, xp, and health.

By this point it's probably late mid game, either side has Roshed once(maybe twice) and you acquired the Blink Dagger. The item will allow you to initiate team fights blink in the middle of their cluster, Thunder Clapping to slow them, and being center of aura boosts for your team to come and utilize. This will leave you vulnerable to being focused on, utilizing your ultimate at the opportune time will dodge stuns from heroes like Sven or Earth Shaker, making them wait on cool downs and give you 3 heroes with full health and stuns/cc's of your own. This is the point where enemy heroes attempting to escape team fights can't leave. Phase Booting at them and when your 3 second cooldown on Blink Dagger is up using it to catch up. This coupled with the slows of Thunder Clap/Drunken Haze and the Stuns/CC available from your ultimate, spells demise for the coward who decided to abandon his team. Killing run aways and returning with 3 times as many heroes is enough to scare most pub teams, in the disarray is where you and your team shine. CC'ing further runaways/low health heroes so your team can finish them, and once returned to normal form slowing the remainder so that they can't make it back to base. This is all assuming that your team is decent, if this is not the case, you can use the blink dagger to come in and gank squishier caster/support heroes that like to hang out in the back of team fights.

Aghanim's Scepter will be the cherry on top after a few semi-successful/full successful team fights. Making your ultimate's heroes stronger and reducing the cool down. This is on top of giving you both a nice boost to health/mana and all attributes in general.

By this point if you are close to end game, it would be best to purchase recipes for Drum of Endurance again. This will refresh the charges and allow final pushes/defends to have higher chances of success.

Late Game
I've personally only experience late game a handful of times when the teams were evenly matched. Selling Drum of Endurance to quicken acquiring Sange and Yasha is pretty viable. When you can almost afford one of the two blades, i would suggest selling the drum. This will lose your armor and speed aura and boost , but in return delivers a decent percentage of 15% chance of further slowing a target(after Drunken Haze/Thunder Clap) and passive as well as further percentage of 30% increase in attack speed. This with the added attack damage, added strength, and agility will finalize your position late game as a powerhouse.

Things to watch out for
In 1v1-2 or even in team battles, if you're on the losing side don't be ashamed of Phase Booting out of there. It is better to leave while slowing the enemy team then to stay and fight till the last losing gold/time and giving the enemy team an xp boost and another large bulge in their pants(gold). Good combos in 1v1 mid/late game are to get them with Drunken Haze. This will reduce their chance of hitting and with your already passive ability to dodge thanks to Drunken Brawler will make you insanely hard to last hit.

Panda-man starts off with a fair amount of health and can take a few cc's/gank attempts early game. It is best to always avoid these, but know you'll survive and don't just give up. Run away and use your Salves and Tangos.

Times to run away
Early/Mid game

You could handle and deal some decent damage 1v2 assuming both don't have enough disables between them to stop you from doing anything.

No Mana
Not having mana to slow with Thunder Clap or to make a quick escape with Phase boots is a no -no. It's pizza'ing when you should have french fried. You're gonna have a bad time.

Health Below 50%
If your health is below 50%(more-so Early than Late Game) and you have no Salves or Tangos, it's time to head to base and heal. Hopefully you have enough to purchase a Town Portal Scroll to get back in the action quicker.


Losing a Team Fight and your Ult is on cooldown
If you're late to a team fight with these conditions it's best to not go in head first. If you already have your Blink Dagger you can use the strategy described in it's description contained in this guide. If not and you have full health it's not a bad idea to at least try and hit the lowest health enemy hero. Slowing the enemy team to allow surviving teammates isn't a bad route to go either.

Winning a team battle but you've exhausted all your abilites
So you're winning a team fight, you've popped your Ult, done a fair amount of damage, and killed a straggler trying to leave(which isn't allowed). Now what? It's best to regroup with the remainder of your team to mop up the rest. This can be done one of two ways if the enemy team left the team fight to come gank you and you have a decent chunk of health left(75-85%) and your team is chasing them, it would be best to let them break themselves upon you. As you run towards your team, activate phase boots, run through enemies. As they turn around wait and throw down a Thunder Clap. Then continue to your team, make them think you've gone back to base. Pop you Magic Wand which should have a decent amount of charges. Come back to the fight and cast Drunken Haze on their main melee damage dealer. This would include heroes like Clinkz, Sven, Axe, and Juggernaught to name a few. If there are multiple focus on the one targeting your team member with the lowest health.


Skill Sequence Reasoning
The reason for going into stats at level 2,4 is that i find the added stats give Brewmaster a better chance at last hitting, surviving, and executing more Thunder Clap's early game.

Brewmaster's Ultimate is key in fights and as such should be leveled at the appropriate levels it becomes available. 6,11,16

Aside from that Drunken Haze and Brawler should be leveled accordingly as they really shine more late game than early game. Giving Brewmaster 25% dodge and enemies 75% miss chance ate full levels. Making Panda-man nearly unhittable 1v1-2.

Brewmaster Skill 1: Thunder Clap (Q)

Slams the ground, dealing damage and slowing the movement speed and attack rate of nearby enemy land units.
Radius: 400
Attack Speed Slow: 25/35/45/55
Movement Speed Slow: 25/35/45/55%
Damage: 100/175/250/300
Duration: 4.25 seconds on Heroes (8 on creeps)
Cooldown: 12 Mana Cost: 90/105/130/150

Brewmaster Skill 2: Drunken Haze (W)

Drenches an enemy unit in alcohol, causing his movement speed to be reduced, and causing his attacks to have a chance to miss.
Range: 850
Radius: 10
Duration: 8 seconds on Heroes (12 on creeps)
Movement Speed Slow: 14/18/22/26%
Miss Chance: 45/55/65/75%
Cooldown: 8 Mana Cost: 50

Brewmaster Skill 3: Drunken Brawler (E)

Gives a chance to avoid attacks and to deal critical damage.
Dodge Chance: 10/15/20/25%
Critical Chance: 10/15/20/25%
Critical Damage: 2x

Brewmaster Skill 4: Primal Split (R)

Splits the Brewmaster into elements, forming 3 specialized warriors, adept at survival. If any of them survive until the end of their summoned timer, the Brewmaster is reborn.
Duration: 15/17/19 (20/23/26*)
Cooldown: 180/160/140 Mana Cost 125/150/175
With Scepter: Decreases cooldown(160/140/120) and increases power of warriors.


Earth Skill 1: Hurl Boulder

Throws a boulder at a unit, doing damage and stunning it
Range: 800
Duration: 2
Damage: 100
Cool down: 7 Mana Cost 100

Earth Skill 2: Spell Immunity

Immune to spells.

Earth Skill 3: Pulverize

Provides a chance to do damage in a small radius.
Radius: 150
Damage: 40
Chance: 20%


Storm Skill 1: Dispel Magic

Damages summoned units in a small radius and purges most buffs or debuffs.
Range: 500
Area: 200
Damage to summons: 200
Cool down: 8 Mana Cost: 150

Storm Skill 2: Cyclone

Encloses a unit in a tornado, removing it from the battlefield.
Range: 600
Duration: 6 on heroes, 20 on creeps
Cool Down: 8 Mana Cost 150

Storm Skill 3: Wind Walk

Provides temporary invisibility. Bonus movement speed and attack damage when invisible.
Duration: 20
Bonus damage: 100
Bonus movement speed: 50%
Cool down: 7 Mana Cost: 75


Fire Skill 1: Permanent Immolation

Burns nearby enemy units.
Damage per second: 15/30/45 (55*)
Area: 220

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