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Bounty Hunter - Quick Guide

November 2, 2012 by MSDOS
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Side-lane with support

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

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Shadow Walk

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Bounty Hunter - Quick Guide

November 2, 2012


Hey there everyone, my name is MSDOS.

I'm calling this a Quick Guide, because I do not go extensively into any skill or item build, but mainly cover the basics so that you can get to playing Bounty Hunter right away.

Some things to keep in mind about this build is that it is intended to work in lower tier, as well as upper tier games. I'm not basing it on you playing against noobs that don't get Dust of Apprearance or Sentry Wards.

Feel free to take what I say with a grain of salt, and build your Bounty Hunter around your own unique play style. I've merely tried to focus on what his strengths are, as well as alleviating some of his weaknesses.



Starting Items:
The 2 Iron Branches are a great start for cheap stats, and they build later into a Magic Wand.

I usually pick up a Ring of Protection to build into a Ring of Basilius later on, as the Sage's Mask is available at the side-shop.

My choice for health regeneration would be a set of Tangos. I feel that they are a little more versatile than a Healing Salve, although purchasing both works well.

My next item will take me over the starting 603 gold, so I usually run out to the side-shop to get my Stout Shield a few seconds after the game starts.

Laning Items:
Both the Poor Man's Shield and the Ring of Basilius help out with last hitting as they both give a bonus +6 damage. The other benefits of these items are blocking harass damage while I'm attempting to last hit, as well as keeping my mana pool full while I spam Shadow Walk.

I always get my Boots of Speed pretty quick to help with in-lane early chases/ganks. Boots are a very important item.

I will finish up my Magic Wand next to help out with my inventory space. Also it's just a great item, it is often the difference between life and death, or that extra boost of mana to cast another skill.

Hopefully by this time I'm farming enough that I'm getting my Ring of Health once my Tangoes are all used up. I'm pretty set now for passive hp/mana regeneration for a while.

Core Items:
My boots of choice would have to be Phase Boots, mainly for the +24 damage, but also the movespeed burst that can get me in range to cast my spells. (If Phaseboots are activated during the fade-time of Shadow Walk, it does not cancel the invisibility buff)

At this point, my next item would be Batte Fury, and hopefully I'm finishing up this item around 20 minutes if my farming/ganking has paid off. This item really helps with clearing Creep waves and Neutral camps for farming on the side. But it mainly keeps my mana and health topped off while I'm ganking so I don't need to run back to base all the time.

My next items is a little controversial, and in rare occasions is built before my Battle Fury. I generally try to get a Vladmir's Offering to help with sustainability during team-fights, as well as taking on hard carries with life-steal. Possibly more of a situational item, but I find it really fits well with his other Core items and Skills.

Situational Items:
If my enemy has a lot of disabling spells, first off, I will try to remain invisible as long as I can, and attack once their spells are already cast. However if that isn't working out, I'll work on getting a Black King Bar. Generally used only to counter teams with a lot of disabling spells, as the damage and strength bonuses could be achieved with other items.

Picking up a Desolator is always a good pick because it will make your enemies' squishy Heroes even more squishy. It synergises well with your Track, amplifying the armour reduction. This item becomes a must when the other team has tanky heroes that are tough to take down.

Getting a Monkey King Bar is also situational when dealing with enemy skills that make myself or my team miss on attacks. It will cut through a hard carry with a Butterfly, and it will also ignore some passive or active 'evasion' skills.


Shadow Walk
One level is all I get early on as the cool-down is a constant 15 seconds, and the back-stab isn't worth it compared to his other skills. The main uses for this skill are initiating as well as escaping. Keep in mind that invisibility does not equal invulnerability, your enemy may have AOE (area of effect) spells, or true sight.

I get this at level 2 to help me with last hitting, I feel that landing last hits at level 2 is more important that harassing your enemy with a 100 damage nuke. Last hitting will get you to your core items faster than harassing will.

Shuriken Toss
I do get this at level 3 and 4, because its level 2 damage output is one of the highest in the game. It doubles the damage from level 1, and then tapers off with level 3 and 4. I usually only use this to last hit a retreating enemy hero to score the kill as the mana cost is fairly high compared to my overall pool.

Something to consider:
Yes having a 200 damage nuke at level 3 is great, however, this also means you do not have a 25% slow to get in a couple more right clicks. This is why I feel that Bounty has his first peak level at level 4 instead of 3.

Also In my opinion, at level 5 having 2 levels in each Jinada and Shuriken Toss is better than a 3 to 1 ratio for either skill. The bonus 50 damage from Shuriken Toss is pretty comparable to the bonus critical from Jinada, the difference is that my last hitting/harassing power with a level 2 Jinada is better than the Shuriken Toss.

There is no reason to skip this skill, I always get this at 6, 11, and 16. Constantly casting this on Heroes during battle has too many benefits to list, but here I go

1. Bonus move-speed to all allies near the target enemy hero
2. Bonus gold to you if the hero dies
3. Reduced armour on the target
4. True sight of the target
5. Low cooldown/mana cost = previous benefits X5


Bounty Hunter is a really fun hero to play, and he plays a very important role in each match. I hope this Quick Guide was helpful, your comments are always welcome.

Happy Hunting,


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