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Bounty Hunter, hunt or be hunted

May 12, 2012 by MonkeyDLuffy#226727
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Build 1
Build 2

basic core bounty

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

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1 8 9 10

Shadow Walk

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Bounty Hunter, hunt or be hunted

May 12, 2012


Hey there young Gondar players! i see you found my guide, im far from a pro but ive played my fair share and experimented with this awesome carry.There will be alot of reading but i plan to explain everything i can in as much detail as possible. Now in my opinion there are 2 ways to play him. He can either be an express farmer with a sudden huge presence in fights later in the game, or a core carry/ganker that aims to pick up kills in order to farm himself. this leaves quite a vital question - When do i do which? and its not easy to answer, core can be put into play almost any game except if the enmy team has good supports sentry warding the map. in this case you should transfer to the express farm build instantly. You should ONLY play the express build from lvl 1 if you have a very easy lane with a babysitter you can trust to keep the enemy at bay.

Core build item explanation

the starting items This should be pretty self explanatory, you have no need for health or mana as you pick up shadow walk at lvl 2, the ring of health is very important as it allows you to shake off any harass the opponent can get on you. then your phase boots are very important since you plan to be trying for kills as much as possible, it allows you to move between lanes much faster without the cost of teleport scrolls and chase down your enemies as they try to run..

Mid game items So this is where it gets complicated and you need to start assessing the situation. now if your enemy is killing you too fast already then your first mid game item should be your BKB or you vanguard, i dont recomend the vanguard as a whole game item, if taken it should be only against a very heavy physical team as you should be invisible again by the time they get their spells off it has less presence in later game fights. making the BKB a better item for its defensive capabilities. now your next choice in the mid game should be the desolator or sange and yasha, both are very core items and should be picked up but not at the same time. sange and yasha should be taken when you are struggling to keep up with your enemies and the desolator to kill that bit quicker if you are already fast enough. these can be taken as your first item in the mid game if you are surviving fine and the enemy is squishy enough to be dealt with quickly.

Now the Skull Basher is a very intresting item on bounty and one of the most situational i actually use, as you are a bursting carry it can be controversial and should only be taken against a team that you are still struggling to keep on top of and chase WITH your sange and yasha, if you took a desolator and BKB/Vanguard you should not get this item as sange and yasha is a better pick up for your chase as bounty.

still a work in progress

This is my first guide and i dont have the time to write it up in one go so i will get back to it as soon as i can.

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