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Bounty Hunter - Concise Guide

June 15, 2013 by Light2
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Big Game Hunter (Innate)

Shuriken Toss

3 4 5 7


1 9 10 12

Shadow Walk

2 8 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Bounty Hunter - Concise Guide

June 15, 2013

Bounty Hunter role, laning and strategy

Role: Carry, semi carry, solo mid lane, ganker, support ganker. Bounty Hunter is versatile in terms of the role he plays in a team. Be flexible and look what your team needs. Generally you'd want to play BH as a carry though.

Laning: Use your Jinada (W) to farm. Buy a Quelling Blade if you find farming difficult.

Skill combination:
(Q) Shuriken Toss
(E) Shadow Walk
(R) Track
(A) Auto-attack

(E), "wait until E cooldown is off before you strike", (A) and pop Phrase Boots, (R), (A), (A), (Q) to finish.

Or: (E), "wait for cooldown", (A), (R), (Q), (E), "follow opponent", (A), (A), (Q) to finish. This combo is good for dangerous heroes with high HP-pool like Doom, Pudge.

How not to play BH

Since some people do find it easier to understand the boundaries of how to play a certain hero by explaining the limits, i.e. how not to play him.

The items listed in the avoid section are examples of how I sometimes see people build BH but it's not optimal. With Phrase Boots, you should not need the slow from Sange & Yasha as it's expensive and offers nothing else. Desolator gimps you from getting another attack modifier and -6 armor is not worth sacrificing a better modifier like lifesteal, besides Desolator is much better on ranged heroes such as TA or Sniper. Dagon needs no explanation. Manta doesn't offer you any real damage, besides, BH is a low HP melee hero and in most cases your illusions will die very quickly to enemy AoE. Battlefury gives you the farming item you need, you don't need a Radiance in addition to that.

Five quick "Don't Do" with Bounty Hunter:

    * Do not reveal yourself from Shadow Walk in front of many enemies when Shadow Walk is on CD!
    * Do not start your skill combo with Q or R, start it with an auto-attack giving bonus from skills:W,E!
    * Don't argue to get a midlane when there are better heroes in your team for that role!
    * If your Battlefury is later than 25 minutes in-game time, forget about it!
    * This is a guide, not a law-book. There will be situations where you have to deviate from what this guide says. Use your intelligence and judgment!

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