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Bottom lane and maybe all lane

October 7, 2014 by FrostyHost
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Bot and Maybe all Lane

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

10 12 13 14

Press the Attack

1 3 8 9

Moment of Courage

2 4 5 7


6 11 16 17 18


Bottom lane and maybe all lane

October 7, 2014

Playing Tresdin with this build

It is very important that you last hit a lot of creepers and are near constant battles to level up quickly and get the money you need. I have used this build many times, and in the beginning you are very squishy so be careful alone! Always work with a teammate or the entire time, eventually you should be able to solo Roshan. Try and have the phase boots, or shadow blade for running away, but by late game you wont need those because you would be so powerful and deal a lot of damage from duals won! Early game get level 1 press the attack and then concentrate on Moment of Courage, always do those two first and get Dual whenever you can. I try to concentrate on Overwhelming odds until the end because it basically only gives a speed boost, and by the time you start working on it you will be in team fights, and when it is leveled up to the max you can sell the phase boots and get a boost from the Overwhelming odds benefit to chase people down for duals.
Most people jungle with Tresdin, I personally hat jungling with Tresdin. I only jungle with Tresdin when I need fast money. If you are alone and go against other players before you get the equipment you need, then be careful because you can easily feed them. This is mainly a TF and a Lane Push build, but also good for taking the attention off of weak teammates. Have fun with the build! Do please arrange it to your liking, this is only from my experience with Tresdin.

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