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February 9, 2012 by Mother Grandma
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills



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Mother Grandma
February 9, 2012

Sniper Pwnage Guide

How to Succeed

Get boots + tangos so you can begin farming for your core. Boots lets you move fast so you can harass and not get harass. Only 1 tangos is enough since you are fast with boots and never die.

Now assuming you are in Mid lane (If you aren't uninstall the game), get a bottle because you don't want to be thirsty on the battefield. If your team don't have a horse yet then it's ok because you are sniper and can carry them.

Your whole purpose in as Sniper is to get Lothars ASAP so farm farm and farm. Once you have your lothars you won't ever get ganked or die. Lothars also let you play REALLY aggressive and you can even leave mid lane and become the ultimate ganker.

At this point you are a killing machine that can't be killed because you are running away real fast making the enemy angry. Go to the top or bot lanes and gank and push constantly and using shadow blade to chase as well as ensure that you never get killed EVER.

Once you pushed towers and got many dunks, if you are ballin enough start building your relic and turn it into a rapier. Tell your team to help you take roshan and you will become an unstoppable dunking machine.

How to fail
A lot of people like to argue that Lothars (shadow blade) is a mediocre item. Some people would tell you to get Manta style first but DONT. They are wrong and you should not listen to them. Lothars is everything and all this hero needs to be successful and I will prove you why:
Sniper + manta style = mediocre damage and no stealth/escape and no speed = YOU DEAD
Sniper + Lothars = Awesome damage, stealth/escape, AND speed = ENEMY DEAD

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