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Bloodseeker Road To Rampage v1

January 22, 2016 by Anzromalpheus
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Mid Lane Carry Guide

DotA2 Hero: Bloodseeker

Purchase Order

Early Items

Core Items

Late Game Items

Hero Skills


3 12 13 15

Blood Rite

1 4 8 10


2 5 7 9


6 11 16


14 17 18

Use of items

This guide is for carry. ganking method and trying to rampage in the game. The combo of this items is that the [*] eye of skadi helps to slow movements of enemies and [*] abyssal blade to counter TP. The [*] daedalus is a situational item use to gank and eliminate enemies faster. the [*] mjollir helps u to make a good combo with the help of satanic if your life is in danger. exception of the bloodseeker first spell, bloodrage, help u to keep hunting down your enemies despite low life, eventually u will regain full life faster.

Use of spells

Bloodseeker is an agility hero, he is capable of killing heroes in the early games with the correct item builds. bloodseeker 2nd spell bloodrite is for damaging hero and spell immunity for some time. this will help u and your allies to attack him/her after the 2nd spell is being used. From my experience, i usually wait for opp to be stunned, or buying items at shop (for top/bot lanes), and then use 2nd spell. after that, your thirst will eventually activate when opponent's life is below 25% hp.

If you're having trouble with farming in lanes...

If so, the helm of the dominator is a must because u will need that for jungling in the forest. the helm of the dominator helps u to lifesteal some of the creeps u fought. If u have enough gold, u can purchase the Satanic which helps u lifesteal around 40% i think :):). Always try to last hit creeps if u want to get gold faster. Remember to buy helm of the dominator as your first priority in hard situations :).

More in depth of Bloodseeker

Bloodseeker hence can be a great ganker and carrier for the team. he could easily kill opponents when he learns his ulti spell, rupture. Moreover this hero can do a rampage if u follow this item build i've made :). Lastly have fun playing and Good Luck! :):):) Be sure to comment me on the build and what are the advantages/disadvantages of this build i've made. Leave a kind comment below and leave a like! Thank you! :)

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