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Blademaster solo dolo

May 9, 2012 by Thug Life
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DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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Blademaster solo dolo

Thug Life
May 9, 2012



When NOT to go mid: you expect to be mid against a hero with no blink or invis, for example weaver or qop.

When to pick: you expect to mid against a low hp hero with no escape: SF or Storm who are normally able to handle most mids need to be extra careful.

First things first you are going mid obviously. pick up starting items. Your goal is now to farm bottle ASAP. Do this by agressively going for last hits and damaging the enemy with bladespin whenever you can get him offguard. If you get him down to half at start that is great it will get you chance to farm as he will be afraid of your next bladespin killing him.

Now you have a bottle you are bladespinnings on him whenever you get the chance maybe half a spin to damage and the rest to farm the creep wave.

This is basically something I do for fun when I want to catch people off guard it allows faster level gain and is a fairly safe lane as you can bladespin out of most ganks if you're prepared.

Also DROP those suprise ganks bladestorm makes for easy kills on side lanes, but only go if you are sure you can kill and your mid is OK.

Next get your phase and omnislash mid when you hit 6 for a easy kill with no allies to help he must run from bladestorm then get omnislashed for EASY EASY kill. Remember only play this build when you can fight against a mid with no escape so you can get the near sure kill at 6.

You're done soloing

Ok so well that's it pretty much just gotta go own as you see fit at this point I'm not gonna explain the whole game of dota, but basically from this point if you can go for it get that deso and just face rape.. maybe stop by battlefury first if you are needing that extra regen from pers otherwise just deso ag.


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