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Black Holes All Day!(Mostly Item Guide)

May 13, 2012 by xxxKalamityxxx
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OP Initiator, Just Sayin..

DotA2 Hero: Enigma

Hero Skills


2 7 9 12

Demonic Conversion

1 4 13 15

Midnight Pulse

3 5 8 10

Black Hole

6 11 16


14 17 18

Black Holes All Day!(Mostly Item Guide)

May 13, 2012


I guys I'm Kalamity and this is my first guide, I play Dota 2 For Blade. Enigma is one of the Better, most underestimated initiators in the game, in my opinion. He has an amazing Ult and really good stun availabilities. His ultimate in combination with his Midnight Pulse is overpowered. So please leave your feedback and feel free to contact me on the forums or on the Blade Website for any questions or if your interested in casual dota 2 play or competitive. We also have a minecraft server and an amazing community.


Work in progress.

Early Game: Enigma plays best when in lane with a carry, like Ursa or someone that does a lot of damage. which is why you need to level up your malafice and try to get your ult as fast as possible. You and your laning partner need to judge how they are playing and take advantage of their play style to stun and ult to get first blood so you can get your carry feed and you can get gold.

Mid game: You should have your blink dagger and your vanguard so you are able to be a very strong asset to your team in team fights. you have the longest and biggest range ult in the game, and along with your midnight pulse your able to drain and large percentage of every players health and then hold them in it for up to 4 seconds.

End game: Just start every team fight and decide on who you have on your team if you need to build tanky or focus on your ultimate more. If you have 2 Good carries on your team you will do fine in your games but its all about communication. don't get mad at your team for making a mistake just tell them what they did wrong and what they should do next time. No one likes playing with a person that always complains.



    Great Ult.
    Great Stun.
    Skills work great in combination with each other.
    Can Jungle or Dual Lane.

    Squishy Early game.
    Mana Dependent.
    His Demonic Conversation is not a big asset in a team fight.
    Without good armor items or his vanguard you are gong to die in most team fights.

Good allies

His Ult in combination with yours is unheard of. warlock can also cast his upheaval which slows everyone in the area by up to 84% while he is channeling it so its nearly impossible to get away without a couple of their teammates getting killed.
If you and Kunkka can both use your ults in sync they will not be able to move and take a ton of damage and kunkka also has his "Torrent" ability which can take key players of their team out of the fight longer after your ult is off and he can also bring fleeing enemy's back into the fight with his "X Marks the Spot" Ability.
What More do i need to say, He is an amazing Hard Carry and his "quelling Blade" And ultimate are great with enigmas ult.
A great Intel based Carry and his ult in sync with yours is sure to kill or lower the enemy teams health. This guy is just amazing.

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