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Big Ass Pitt

March 24, 2014 by NiiZomok
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Safe Lane Farmer

DotA2 Hero: Underlord

Hero Skills


2 5 9 10

Pit of Malice

4 12 13 14

Atrophy Aura

1 3 7 8

Dark Rift

6 11 16


15 17 18


Pitlord is pretty much a very versatile hero to play depending on how easy he gets his items and how strong his opponents are. Usually u wont have problem staying in lane due to his spammable 1st skill with basilus and treads switching. His 3rd skill is a skill which makes both queling blade and the stout shield pretty useful making him both defensive and offensive in the lane. Coupled with lane supports, it is a pretty aggressive line up on the safe lane. Great disabler as Pit of Msllice goes through BkB. So sorry for spelling errors :))

Pros / Cons

1) Insane lane harassment, flash farm with fire storm.
2) Disable that goes through BkB.
3) 3rd skill aura benefits him offensively and defensively.
4) Great escape and initiation ultimate.(Non channeling team TP scroll)
5) Great health pool
6) Can be played in any manner.
7) No problem farming on lane.
8) High base damage.
9) Not bad ms of 305
1) Super slow attack speed.
2) Pit of Malice missed and u will get flamed.
3) Not a real carry like morphling or antimage.

Early items

Queling Blade: Useful if u are planning to farm until u get some big items b4 engaging into team fights. Pit Lord is a insane farmer due to his 1st skill which helps him clear creep waves vey fast stacking his 3rd skill additional raw damage which works good with queling blade. With the raw damage gained from ur buff, pitlord easily melts stronger neutrals with a few right clicks, spamming his firestorm. Makes denying alot more easier and badass.

Stout Shield: Get this if u are planning to aggressively right click ur opponent in lane. Blocks alot of damage from creeps and range supports trying to harass ur ***.

Tangos and Salves: a must unless u are sure u wont receive lane harass or planning to farm passively.

Clarity: Good for spamming fire storm until u get your basilus.

Item choices Mid Game

Heaven's Haelberd: I usually get this item first because it gives evasion damage and health and slow. Active making opponent's carry almost useless if they dont have bkb.

Manta's Style: Great attack speed gain and confuses opponent in team fights. PitLord needs to survive in fights the longer the better to stack his 3rd skill additional damage. Aim the supports stack ur damage and no one can out carry u if equally farmed.

Vladmir: Aura and lifesteal benefits team and creeps, assured mana pool and hp sustain. Makes u a badass pusher with a badass ulti.

Black king Bar: Get this item if u are planning to Rat dota them or they have lots of disablers. Push the lane by spamming fire storm>> sees opponent>> trigger ur bkb>> Pit of Malice them >> ulti to another lane >> push again. If u have good reflexes they can hardly kill you because ur ulti is non channeling like furion's.

Shadow Blade: Love ganking? Get this for initiation on solo heroes or weak supports. Attack speed benefits Pit also.

MoM: If u have a great team to set up alots of disable or confident they will keep u alive get this.

Armlet: Not suggested but works well with lifesteal on pit.

Blink Dagger: If u have good vision of opponent's map get this to initiate with ur pit of Mallice.

Vanguard: nice item on pit if all u care is ganking or tower diving and u could get this early.

Late Game

Daedelus: My number 1 choice for it works great with Pit's 3rd skill stacked raw damage. Pit can easily proc crits with 1k and melt one weak hero caught in his pit of mallice, engaging a 5V4 war.

AC: Pit Lord have very sux attack speed. This item gives u a boost to proc more crits. Armor reduction oso benefits in both lane pushing and melting opponent's hero or towers.

Butterfly: Greater Attack speed gain. All u need is attack speed to put ur stacked damage to use.

Heart: Get this if u have too much gold for survival replacing ur Heaven's Haelberd if u get butterfly.

MKB: Opponent have badass void/pa get this, with help of Heaven's Haelberd they are badly counterd.

Desolator: If u think u want to break more armor to nuke them, this is the choice.

Abysal Blade: If u wan more disable and damage and confirdent with ur attack speed get this.

Satanic: Get this replacing Vlads with extra unused gold.

LinKen's: Not suggested, bkb is more cheaper and useful. Get if there are heroes like beastmaster and pudge next door.


Skill Builds pretty much versatile depending what favours you.
There are 3 cases: 1) u like to farm and all u care is farm u would like to max fire storm first and spam it in both nc and lanes following with ur imba aura.

2)Ur opponent is Huskar/***h0le SpaceCow/ Weaver/ Antimage which either does insane damage early on or can escape like nobody's business u would like to maxed ur 2nd skill and fire storm to burst them b4 they get to escape when ganking with ur team.

3)Ur opponent have antimage or heroes that snowballs after on with farms or a lone druid trying to rush his radiance. Max ur 3rd skill and ur firestorm with a level of pit of malice to harass his *** badly.

Creeping / Jungling

After getting ur basilus and treads does not mean u dunnid to bother about ur mana pool. B4 casting fire storm make sure u are able to las hit that creep with ur right clicks later and switch ur treads to int treads to sustain ur mana pool. Mana easily runs out early game, get bck to base with ur ulri and come bck with a tp scroll after ur regen. Fire storm and stacked aura assures you to clear neutrals very fast. If opponent spots u try to juke them after casting ur ulti.

Team Work

Ur ultimate is not only for escaping while opponents gank you. Use it to initiate by bringing ur team to ur tower when ur opponents are pushing agressively. Its like 4 of ur teammates used infest on you and suprise ***********ers. Bringing in a enigma or a tide allows them to initiate a suprise blackhole which may catch a few of them by suprise. Enigma blackhole and ur pit of malice is almost a 6 seconds disable going through BkB.

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