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Better Living through alchemy !

May 31, 2013 by GGnet.Ace
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

#1 alchemist

DotA2 Hero: Alchemist

Hero Skills

Acid Spray

10 12 13 14

Unstable Concoction

1 4 8 9

Greevil's Greed

2 3 5 7

Chemical Rage

6 11 16


15 17 18

Introduction Pros/ Cons

Alchemist is a strength hero ,according to his passive he is a #1 hero because he can farm faster than most carries. Recently though there was a trend from MouseSports running a #5 alchemist which was pretty notable.

Excellent farming potential (you nearly get x 1.4 the farm the others get by same amount of cs)
Good carrying ability
Quite tanky(with ulti) (after a few levels)
Decent Aoe Stun

Weak before level 6
Low armor hero
Item dependent
Stun can backfire (if juked or silenced)

Best Allies

All kinds of #4,#5 are great for alchemist since he could use some babysitting before reaching level 6.
Dazzle,Keeper Of The Light,Lich,Leshrac
Special mention #1 to Shadow demon.SD is a great lane partner because he allows you to safety land your stun on a target with great positioning,furthermore he amplifies the damage done.
Special mention #2 to Bane Elemental.Bane can be pretty annoying to lane against ,he can provide a setup for your stun by his nightmare ability also he can use his enfeeble to reduce harass and shutdown enemies on your lane.

Worst enemies

Heroes who can burst you even though u got huge regen and generally anti carries.Solid offlaners are usually a pain for alchemist as well.
Bounty Hunter,Windrunner,Templar Assassin,Night Stalker,Medallion of Courage,All kinds of silences (because you will end up stunning yourself)
Special mention #1 to Ancient Apparition.You Got ulti ? no problem u wont regen hit point from it Bye Bye,not to mention the great ice vortex slow and -magic resistance
Special mention #2 to Lifestealer. Got 3k hp ?No problem I will chop through it with my feast ability.As a tanky hero lifestealer can be a painful hero who can bring you down in a few seconds.

Why to pick Alchemist

That's quite the question.First of all because you are pubbing.
The second and real reason is because alchemist is a carry crasher and a game breaking hero.
He cant outcarry the hard carries with same items but he can farm faster than the hard carries and can become useful earlier than them.

Note:I dont favor the shadow blade build in any case.Its a bad idea to pickup an item that costs 3000 gold and gets countered by an item that costs 180 gold TWICE.But an early shadowblade sometimes can give you a couple of enemy support kills which will be proven valuable for your farm and levels.

Early game

#1 Alchemist
Pick easy lane and ask for babysit,without the correct support you will be having a hard time,sometimes even with support u will have a hard time as well.You clearly aim for your level 6 and to get the best possible farm until you get there.

Note:You usually get tempted to kill at this point of the game (due to stun high damage).Killing is great for alchemist since it helps him getting closer to his level 6 but since the creeps give you more than the other heroes if a kill wastes you more time than farming 6 creeps (if it aint first blood) its probably not worth it (including the risk of you dying) so killsteal if possible but dont risk too much of your farm and death.

After level 6 or earlier if u are doing well and finished ur treads try to rush maelstorm.
If the support is stacking the jungle for you maelstorm will work miracles with your Goblin's Greed (or Greevil's as is its ******ed name).If you had a great time as well in lane you can profit from battle fury and massed stacked big camps or even ancients later on ...
Keep in mind though that Battle Fury Radiance and Midas are ONLY situational pickups and normally your enemies wont allow you to farm them in due time.
Sometimes if you are getting ganked by Nukers or right clickers its wise to pick a vit booster a cloak or even a plate mail to make you live a bit longer enough to run away.

#5 alchemist go to a lane with some other nukers and probably with a carry.
Your goal is simple.Let the carry farm and try to make medallion by getting some farm from the pulls and by jungling on small creeps.Of course as any support hero you should get wards/smoke/counter wards/flying courier/Courier and whatever your teams needs at the moment.

Mid Game

#1 Alchemist
Depending on your early game farm and your item choice you should be either in jungle or out there killing or both from time to time.
If you went for the shadow blade AKA pub build you should click stun, invis, approach a target, channel it to its maximum stun time drop it and leave him nearly no reaction time .
If you went for the mjollnir build you should farm the jungle until you get tanky enough and then come as a followup to your team's initiation to finish off enemies.
In any case no alchemist should be perma farming in mid game (unless the enemy team has no carry).
Also you and your team should pay a visit to roshan and claim aegis for yourself (or a harder allied carry)

#5 Alchemist If you got your medallion you should try to get your mecanism drums or whatever the team requested.Not much to clarify here stack the jungle for the allied carry, ward wherever and whenever you have to pick up smokes and of course be ready to sacrefice yourself for saving carry/solo life.

Late Game

#1 Alchemist
At this point you should be fat enough or at least fatter than the enemy carry because your farm is valued higher than enemy carry farm on gold.You should force the teamfights before the enemy carry finds the space to become more useful than you,because if its a harder carry that will happen sooner or later.
Time your ultimate well because outside of chemical rage alchemist is half potential and he can be a "paperwork" (with some minus armor) until he dies.
If you are watching the enemy carry outcarrying you (but close) be ready to farm your buy back and sacrefice yourself to get the enemy carry and then use the buyback.
Your inventory should be full at around 35-45 minute mark depending on how fed farmed you are and how much your team plays for you (stacking).

#5 Alchemist
At this point even though you are a support you cant deny your nature.YOU WILL BE ABLE TO FIND SOME FARM AT LAST.So either get some luxury support items (example sheepstick) or switch TO CARRY.

Explaining the item choices more

Power Treads: Typical carry choice for the Attack speed.

Maelstorm: Allows you to rice with Goblin's Greed on jungle,excellent if your allies are stacking neuts.

Shadow Blade : An item that allows you to land your stun at its maximum efficiency and an escape mechanism.

Medallion of Courage :A source of minus armor and a great combination with spray and stun.
Upgrades significantly the damage of stun because stun is physical damage (with medallion and spray at around 500 damage without medallion but with spray its on 400 damage)

Blink Dagger :Another item that helps you land your stun and escape.

Radiance:A great situational pickup that reminds of the old turtle era that carries like alchemist/spectre/pl picked radiance got tanky melted the enemy supports on fights and won by outnumbering.Pretty efficient item if picked up early

Assault Cuirass :The item that covers your need of armor and attack speed.Great choice in all games (unless an ally has) boosts great your offence and defense.

Abyssal Blade: ultimate melee carry item will turn your hero into a disabler with his monstrous attack speed.Great pickup as 5th or 6th item

Heart Of Tarasque: If you need to expand your life further than your ultimate then this is the item for you.

Battle Fury:Good farming item and it becomes core item when u are facing illusion heroes like phantom lancer.

Butterfly:Probably the best item in a 1v1 carry matchup consider it situational if the enemy carry is hitting hard.

Heaven's Halbred:Kind of situational choice too if the enemy carry is hitting too hard.Its a carry item because of evasion and because in a 1v1 situation it will maim the enemy carry.

Armlet:A good early game fighting item choice,great synergy with ur ultimate and gives you a beastly attack boost combined with ulti,not best item choice if you have a freefarm but still decent.

medallion:A great item that will help you increase the damage of your stun and will cover your armor need.It synergizes well with your minus armor of spray and makes your stun damage if combined well around 470-500 (Spray+Medallion+Fully Channeled Stun).

Soul Ring:If you choose to go for a full spray-greed build you never find the mana to spam ur spray in early levels so soul ring solves this problem of spray spam.

Note:There is no need to mention the use of such items as drums,mek,Pipe,Sheepstick etc.
They cover the team needs depending on the enemies or in all cases (ex MEK)

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