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Best abadon build New 7.04 meta

April 8, 2017 by ramtin heidari
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How to win with abadon offlane ! See below

DotA2 Hero: Abaddon

Best abadon build New 7.04 meta

ramtin heidari
April 8, 2017


Hey guys I am ramtin and this is how I play abad offlane. in this patch abad is among the best offlaners becuase of the meta and also hero talents. I juat dont want to talk much just a bit of tips and reasons of my item build so lets go! and also forgive me If I have grammer or vocab mistakes.

pros and cons

1) increadible utility hero
2) great in off lane and can snow ball from there if get enough space
3) very good for early pushes
4) can save allies and also a very strong debuff remover spell
5) excels perfectly into late game
6) his voice is cool :D
7) one of the most awesome hero talents especially lvl 25

1) if gets a bad start some times its hard to come back
2) hard countered by axe,doom,ancient apparition,and some insta killing heroes but can be avoided with some tricks ( will be explaine later)
3)Not a hard carry
4)Not a pure suport
5)can be kited a bit

item build and some tricks about abaddon

for the starting items its nothing to say just buy this stuff unless u need mana u can replace branches with clarities or mango
for early game do as i said but what about midgame first of all why midas? abaddon is a really greedy suport and is so much level dependent so we will get midas to help this and also to teach his lvl 25 imba talent faster and radiance is becuase abad is a tanky hero and will not get focused first in fights due to his ult so he can get so much benefit from radiance
and the late game u can go the items which I said or any thing else that u need it depends on the sitiuation
and for talents lvl 10 +25 damage 15 +200 mana 20 15% cd reduction 25 +300 aphotic shield
and tricks !
1) blink dagger will not go on cold down when abaddon is dammaged in his ult
2) abddon ult removes so many disables like euls,magnus rp,tide hunter ravage etc
3) to not killed by insta killers just press ult when u are stuned or euled by them

fianl part

And thats it
Hope u guys enjoy this guide and make u guys win more games good luck!

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