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May 1, 2021 by Guest
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May 1, 2021


Bellea is a hero of agility as well as mobility, initiation, devastation, and support. Easy to handle and high versatility with a lot of synergy with the items within the game Thank you very much for your time, I hope you enjoy it.

Bellea, the first daughter of an adventurer, never met her father as a child. She was raised as a hunter when her mother met the sincere love of a hunter. She, unlike the other hunters, showed more strength, agility and intelligence compared to other hunters but she was not arrogant for her, her family and friends were more important. One day while hunting in the mountains, he observed his city the worst happen. An abnormal storm erupted over the city and with a single lightning bolt everything was destroyed. Among the rubble of his home he buried his father, mother and brothers, then found his mother's sword the only thing that survived. Shortly afterwards Bellea learned that the storm was caused by the whim of a god, furious she begged for justice to any divinity to help her against that god and her prayers were heard. A goddess appeared before her and agreed to help her in addition to revealing Bellea's divine origin. She didn't care, she just wanted justice for her family. The goddess entrusted her with the mission of deciding the fate of that god. She also gave her a divine shield, shining like a mirror that will protect her, and a winged beast that only she can ride. Now he goes to the war of the ancestors with his mother's sword, shield and winged horse to gain more power and give justice to his family and also to punish his divine father, the god of lightning.

First Skill Devastating Strike Q Bellea hits a target and the sword releases powerful energy, damaging a surrounding area based on Bellea's current strength reducing attack and movement speed for a while ABILITY: Objective PASSES IMMUNITY OF SPELLS Not RADIO 400 MAGIC DAMAGE Level 1: 50 + 1.0 × Bellea Strength Level 2: 100 + 1.5 × Bellea Strength Level 3: 150 + 2.0 × Bellea Strength Level 4: 200 + 2.5 × Bellea Strength REDUCTION OF SPEED OF ATTACK AND MOVEMENT 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% REDUCTION TIME 1.5sec / 2sec / 2.5sec / 3sec MANNA 80/90/100/110 REUSE TIME 8sec Bellea wields her mother's sword in search of justice although she ignores the divine origin of the weapon and the sentimental meaning it had for her mother

Second ability I cut Certero W Bellea uses her hunting skills and agility in battle to strike her enemies in front hitting their vital points weakening their defenses. Apply reduction before damage. SKILL: Target Point PASSES IMMUNITY OF SPELLS Yes PHYSICAL DAMAGE Level 1: Attack + 0.5 × Belle Agility Level 2: Attack + 1.0 × Belle Agility Level 3: Attack + 1.5 × Belle Agility Level 4: Attack + 2.0 × Belle Agility REDUCTION OF PHYSICAL DEFENSE 3/4/5/6 REDUCTION TIME 3 sec DISTANCE TRAVELED 800 REUSE TIME 14sec / 11sec / 8sec / 5sec MANNA 75 Bellea uses the hunting skills she learned from her foster father to defeat her enemies who stand in the way of her goal.

Third Skill Divine Shield E The shield, gift of the goddess, revitalizes the life and energy of bellea in addition to protecting her from the damage of spells and physical blows causing her enemies to miss attacks in area ABILITY: Passive Aura RADIO 600 REGENERATION OF LIFE AND MANA IN AREA Level 1: 2 and 1 Level 2: 3 and 1.5 Level 3: 4 and 2 Level 4: 5 and 2.5 REDUCED SKILL DAMAGE AND MISSING ENEMY ATTACK (0.25 × intelligence of bellea)% PASSES IMMUNITY OF SPELLS Not The first gift of the goddess will protect bellea and her allies, the more powerful bellea is, the more powerful she will be shielded.

Ultimate Skill Ride R Bellea rides her winged horse and increases its attributes, movement speed, state resistance and activating an extra ability ABILITY: No Target DISSIPABLE: No INCREASE IN ATTRIBUTES Level 1: Increases strength, agility and intelligence by 15% Level 2: Increases strength, agility and intelligence by 25% Level 3: Increases strength, agility and intelligence by 35% DURATION 30sec / 45sec / 60sec EXTRA SPEED OF MOVEMENT 10/20/30 STATE RESISTANCE 10% / 15% / 20% MANNA fifty REUSE TIME 90sec The black Pegasus is characterized as a wild animal that is difficult for Bellea and her enemies to control, but Bellea will achieve it the more powerful she is.

Skill Flight D Bellea and the Pegasus soar through the air for a time with increased movement speed. You need the Ride skill to be able to use ABILITY: No Target MOVEMENT SPEED INCREASE 30 AERIAL VISION With Obstacles DURATION 5 sec MANNA fifty REUSE TIME 25 sec With her partner Pegasus, Bellea admires the beauty of nature from the sky and a different possibility to attack

Skill Air Hunt D Bellea and the Pegasus are launched from the air to the battlefield hunting their enemies, silencing them all for a time. Can only be used while flying SKILL: Target Point PHYSICAL DAMAGE 150 + 3.0 × bellea agility AREA 400 DISTANCE 1200 SILENCE TIME 2sec / 3sec / 4sec MANNA 120 Bellea appears in the middle of the battle arriving from the skies with her Pegasus, impacting the enemies

TALENT TREE LEVEL 10 15% magic resistance 5 armor LEVEL 15 300 health + 4 Armor Reduction from True Shear W LEVEL 20 20 strength + 1.0 Sharp Cut agility multiplier W LEVEL 25 25 agility 30 intelligence


SCEPTER OF AGHANIM Converts the Ride skill to a passive skill in addition to amplifying spell damage and petrifying enemies with the Air Hunt skill. Apply silence after petrification RIDING ABILITY R: Passive SPELL DAMAGE AMPLIFICATION: 25% PETRIFICATION DURATION ON IMPACT WITH AIR HUNT D: 2.5 sec PETRIFICATION THROUGH SPELL IMMUNITY: Yes

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