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Beginner's guide to troll (7.22H)

October 28, 2019 by Magnostad
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Basic Build

DotA2 Hero: Troll Warlord

Hero Skills

Berserker's Rage

1 8 9 11

Whirling Axes (Ranged)

2 13 14 16

Whirling Axes (Melee)

2 13 14 16


3 4 5 7

Battle Trance

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

Battle Trance Dispels
Whirling Axes pierce Magic Immunity
+30 Damage
-15s Battle Trance Cooldown
+90 Whirling Axes Damage
+5 Fervor Attack Speed
+7 Berserker's Rage Armor
+25 Berserker's Rage Movement Speed

Beginner's guide to troll (7.22H)

October 28, 2019


Troll warlord is a ranged/meele agility carry who has 3 signature features :
1. He can freely switch between meele and range mode with no mana cost or cooldown
2. He can root a target in his meele mode.
3. His passive fervour increases his attack speed to insane amounts so as to facilitate perma-rooting.
Like other carries, troll is fairly farm-dependent and also needs a fast morbid mask to be more active in early game.
Troll is an excellent pusher due to his passive.
Troll is also one of the best solo-roshaners in the game.
Troll shows his best potential in 1v1 fights as he can overpower almost any hero in 1v1 combat due to root and attack speed.


The basic starting items should be tangoes and stout shield for survivability and quelling blade to make last-hitting easier.
I, myself recommend getting an early morbid ask to be more active early on.
Get boots of speed 1st and then directly go for morbid mask.
Then complete phase boots for more raw damage and move speed with the active ability.
A sange and yasha can help troll get more hp along with agility and damage. However diffusal blade can be used instead of S&Y if there are more nukers in the opposite team or u need more agility.
Battlefury can be considered to increase farm speed but it is not always necessary.
Shadow blade is a good choice for escape as troll doesn't have any built in escape mechanism. Shadowblade could also be used to sneak up on enemies or to enter Roshan's pit. Silver edge is the expected upgrade for the break and increased damage.
Once S&Y is complete, rush daedalus as it is one of the best items for troll. Due to his high attack speed, crits are much more frequent and it is possible to eliminate an enemy without any retaliation.
BKB is essential to get protection against enemy magic nukes and disables.
Satanic boosts troll's survivability more with 25% lifesteal and huge strength. Also the lifesteal can be increased to 200% by using the active. Additionally it provides troll with status resistance.
Most of the time, troll will be the team's hard carry hence he will have aegis on him most of the time. However you can opt to give roshan to one of your teammates if it gives you a winning edge.
Abbysal blade is a must item now as his bash has been removed and a root has been added in its place.
Situation/luxury items :
Diffusal blade grants manaburn which could be a good choice on troll combined with his high attack speed.
Mkb could be considered if the enemy has evasion.
Battlefury speeds up the farming process.
Butterfly grants huge amount of agility along with evasion.
Skadi can be considered due to the passive slow.
Helm of the dominator increases the already high pushing power of troll.
A moonshard can be consumed to increase the already high attack speed of troll warlord. Consider this item only if you have sufficient gold for this item and don't need any other items. Prefer keeping buyback over consuming a moonshard.
An aghanims sceptre can be consumed lategame to reduce the cooldown of ultimate to 35 seconds. Additionally it allows casting of ultimate on allies as well as enemies. Be careful before you use it as your allies will not be able to cast their skills or use items. This does not pierce magic immunity on allies as well as on enemies. The ideal targets for this in enemies would be their nukers such as invoker, zeus or supports so that they can't cast their abilities. Since it will have a 35 sec cd, it can be used outside of battle as well. Stacked ancients, roshan and pushing are the preferred options for using ultimate (AFTER GETTING SCEPTRE OR CONSUMING ONE).
A nullifier is a great item for troll due to the mute and dispel as well as the slow combined with troll's naturally high attack speed makes it almost impossible to escape.


The 1st skill : berserker's rage is troll's signature move that allows him to switch between ranged and meele mode. It also grants additional move and attack speed with 6 armour and a chance to root his opponent.
The 2nd skill : whirling axes come in two modes - meele and range mode ;
In range mode, troll throws axes in a cone shaped area and slows all the enemies in the AoE.
In meele mode, he whirls 2 axes in a small area around him which damage the enemies once and attach a 60% miss rate on them.
The 3rd skill : Passive - fervour. Grants troll additional attack speed when he attacks a target. The speed is increased in the form of stacks and they reset once troll switches targets. Works against everything in the game along woth buildings.
Ultimate : Battle trance grants additional attack speed, move speed and lifesteal to troll. He is also unkillable during the duration except from axe's culling blade. However it also makes him uncontrollable for the duration and causes him to automatically attack any enemy within 900 AoE ( priorities heroes ). You can freely change targets but cannot issue move commands.With an aghanims sceptre, troll can cast his ultimate on allies as well as on enemies. Also reduces cd to 35 sec.
The basic strategy is to max out troll's passive 1st then 1st skill, 2nd skill and ultimate whenever available.


At level 10 you want the +10 agility talent as sange and yasha is mostly opted on troll and it provides hp as well.
At level 15, take the +3 fervour stacks as it greatly enhances your attack speed. The whirling axes do not scale well in damage and are used only as utility for slowing and/or blinding enemies.
At level 20, +50 damage could be taken to increase the dps or 25% evasion could be opted for more survivability. However keep in mind that clever opponents will almost always build a mkb against troll to counter the blind of whirling axes.
At level 25, you want the -6 seconds cooldown of whirling axes as then you can continuously nuke enemies while keeping them debuffed. Or you could get the dispel talent as it can now be used even while disabled. However keep in mind that his ultimate has it's own basic dispel which is generally enough to counter silences and other forms.

Team Work

Time your ultimate well. Don't use it carelessly as it has a long cooldown of 70 sec with an uptime of just 6.5 sec.
The ultimate can also change the courses of ganks and team-fights as the additional attack speed and lifesteal could mean winning a fight that would otherwise have been lost.

Pros / Cons

Very fast attack speed
One of the best 1v1 heroes in the game
Can freely switch between meele and range forms
Ultimate acts as a 6.5sec shallow grave while providing 3 different buffs.
Can chain-disable the enemy by keeping them rooted.

Item dependent
No escape mechanism
Extremely vulnerable to disables
Extremely vulnerable to Kiting
Depends on lifesteal for survivability

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