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Battlefury Rush Anti-Mage

April 26, 2012 by Tylaron
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DotA2 Hero: Anti-Mage

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Battlefury Rush Anti-Mage

April 26, 2012


Hey everyone. I like Anti-mage, he's a pretty cool guy. I like to rush a battlefury on Anti-Mage, I believe it helps him do what he does best, farm to the point that he auto wins the game. For this reason Anti-Mage is really great in pubs, as they can't stop your farm 99% of the time. Make sure you carry a tp if the enemy team comes to get you. You can blink into trees and tp out with relative ease

Anti-Mage is a hard-carry though. One of the hardest. With the highest base attackspeed in the game and an amazingly low cd blink skill, this sets Anti-Mage up for a fun game blinking around the map, clearing any creep wave or camp he sees.

A battlefury only pushes this farther, allowing you to clear waves in seconds, while blinking around the map farming every possible living thing that you stumble upon.

Pros / Cons


One of the hardest carries in the game
One of the fastest farmers in the game
One of the highest mobility heroes in the game
Highest Base attackspeed in the game
Very tanky when built correctly
Very hard to gank
A great counter to low mana nukers, like Tiny
A great counter to Skeleton King
One of the few carries that can come back extremely hard


Can be killed fairly easily early game with the use of silences or chain cc
Low base health
Weaker than most carries early game
Hellflower and Blade Mail are decent counters


First off you'll want to start with 3 branches, a set of tangoes and a salve, the regen and stats are amazing in lane. Think about the lane you'll be in. Would you benefit highly from picking up a Stout shield? If yes, grab one of those, otherwise buy a quelling blade.

Your priorities in lane is farm, farm, follow up for ganks if they come, and farm... and farm.
The most important thing is farm. You are a hard-carry and are horible without items. If you have a hard lane, or are simply being harassed a lot, pick up a Poor Man's Shield. Poor Man's shield gives you some nice agility, and the block damage, which is neccessary in almost all situations. If you've got a large advantage, and/or are against a double melee lane (should never happen) a quick ring of health can be better, but generally a Poor Man's Shield also helps you while you farm the jungle in the midgame stages.

After that, you'll want to get your Ring of Health, and your Brown boots, to increase your regen and sustain in your lane, making that much harder to stop your early farm.

Finish off your Perseverance for the mana regen and damage. Pick up a quelling blade with your battlefury if you do not already have one. This may seem strange to pick up a Quelling blade near the 20 minute mark. I understand how it sounds but it's for a reason, and will quickly pay for itself.

Quelling Blade will make it easier to lasthit early on, as well as making you able to farm extremely quickly in the midgame, because the splash is calculated after Quelling Blade, meaning your splash will hit 32% harder. Battlefury and Quelling Blade synergize extremely well to give you a ridiculous farm.

Finishing Power Treads is a great item to take on Anti-Mage, a good amount of attackspeed, which is great throughout the game on Anti-Mage, as well as the stat change effect of it. Leaving the treads on Agility while farming is the best. In early fights and skirmishes, or around scary nukes in lane, Strength Treads are wonderful for the extra health that Anti-Mage seems to lack.

Next item to go for is Manta. Blink + Manta can easily drain a hero of mana very quickly, to set up for a Mana Void finisher. The attackspeed is also a great investment, as it also increases your farm by a lot. The ultimate orb piece is great to give you much needed survivability.

Once you have your manta, it's a good idea to see how everyone else is doing. By this point you should be the highest level in the game, or close to it. If this is true, feel free to sit in for a teamfight. With the utility and damage from manta, you may be able to pick up a reasonable advantage for your team.

Luxury Items are fairly straight forward for Magina. I generally like to take a heart after Manta Style, just because your damage and mobility is extremely strong, although you are very vulnerable to bursty casters like Lina, Tinker, and the like. Your E skill is percentage based, meaning the more hp you have, the more EHP or effective hp you have. If you take 50% less damage from spells and have 3000 hp, then the enemy team will need to do 6000 damage with spells before you can be brought down.

A butterfly can be a great pickup both for the massive agility it gives, as well as the evaasion, making you hard to kill for both those who rely on spells, as well as those who rely on auto attacks. With your E, a Butterfly, and a Heart you become an unkillable carry, who does massive amounts of damage.

Now that the enemy team can't kill you, and you do plenty of damage already, go for a Skull Basher into Abyssal Blade. Now you can stun people. No one gets away from Anti-Mage. No one.
Also remember that Abyssal Blade goes through magic immunities.

MKB isn't a usual pickup, but it's a good pickup vs heroes like Brewmaster with his dodge, or anyone who built a Butterfly.

You should be by far the strongest hero in the game by lategame. With the Evasion from Butterfly, The Spell Resistance from Spell Shield, Massive amounts of health from Heart, as well as the highest mobility of any carry, sporting a 5 second cooldown Blink. Wrap it up, you got it. GG!


Early on you should be grabbing as many Creep Kills as possible. Farming is #1 priority on Anti-Mage, as he is a hard carry that needs tons of farm to be effective. Thankfully enough, Anti-Mage has Q to last hit Caster minions on tower, and a low cooldown blink to quickly farm the jungle once he has acquired Battlefury. Generally for the first 20-30 minutes you want to simply farm. Push lanes with a tp, clearing waves will be extremely easy with a Battlefury. You can also blink away if anyone comes to kill you.

You are a carry. Farm like you are one. If your lane is pushing, pull or jungle a bit. Always. Farm. If you aren't getting farm, you aren't carrying anything.


Commonly banned in competitive play for his amazing carrying. Even stronger in pubs because you can always get farmed. Anti-Mage is one of the strongest heroes in the game, with no doubt. Even with a bad start, Anti-Mage can come back better than most carries, because of his insane farming capabilities.

Feel free winning some games with this guy, he's a lot of fun too.

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