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Battle Medic AA (Semi-Carry, Semi-Support)

July 10, 2012 by bboyle
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Battle Medic AA (Semi-Carry, Semi-Support)

DotA2 Hero: Ancient Apparition

Hero Skills

Cold Feet

1 3 5 7

Ice Vortex

8 10 12 14

Chilling Touch


Ice Blast

6 11 16


2 4 9 13 15 17

Battle Medic AA (Semi-Carry, Semi-Support)

July 10, 2012

Quick semi carry AA guide

This guide is for those who already know how to use AA and can properly use his abilities.

Pros / Cons

Global Ult.
3.5 sec. freeze
Item Independent
Starting Mana Base
Quick ability cooldown

Low Health
Usually least defended by team (and in pub, if you know what your doing, first attacked)
Team auto assumes your a hard support and can dislike you not buying wards.

When to play Semi-carry AA
Team missing Carry and has weak suppoort
Team only has a Semi-carry and needs a semi support who can gank early and carry late (get ice vortex at 2 and replace lvl 10 with stat)
Team needs early game carry (I.E, team member using Lycan or Ursa) and late game support or gank.
Other team has weak carries (global ult finish) (more of a play AA than semi carry AA).

When not to play Semi-carry AA
Team has 2 carries and no support
Team has no support
Team has no gankers (every one wanted to play the new heros and they were carries that week).

When not to play AA
Enemy team has lots of silencers
Team has Anti-mage you know is good
Team missing tank
Team has lots of blinkers


Well let's describe the 3 different Item builds I put in (they're more or less the same but operate differently during play).

PO #1
Semi Carry Build Mid
You simply build for semi support early and worry about late game carrying (really helps on survival) I kept the scepter since I personally consider it his 5th ability since it works so well with cold feet and ice vortex, but got it late since it's less of a carry item, and it's optional (if you feel like getting a better carry item, do it).

PO #2
Semi Carry Build Dual Lane (Safe)
The one most people are used to (has Maelstrom and Daedalus for carry part) and the easiest to get used to since it focuses more on support than carry.

PO #3
Semi Carry Dual Lane (High Risk High Reward)
Hardest to get used to due to high need of gold but has highest reward mid game when people try to 1 v 1 you since your AA only to lose. You really need to keep a good gold base for this which will be described below, (my personal favorite build and you can usually tell if you'll be able to play it in the first 6 minutes) defiantly more carry than support.

Reasons for the Buys
Maelstrom: Attack Speed increase, can solo kill a creep wave, and faster farm.
Crystalys/Daedalus: With the increased attack speed might as well increase your damage output.
Scepter: Cold Feet, Scepter, Ice Vortex. Nuf said.

Creeping / Jungling


Mid: keep them in the stream as best you can and focus on denying more than last hitting if they're the hard carry and you have a Jungling carry or another carry down another lane. If not focus on Last hitting at about the same speed as the enemy (simply to keep you from ending up in the stream constantly missing hits, if you feel like moving them closer to you where you can keep the tower from hitting them, do it).

Dual Lane: Remember your semi-carry so take the last hits (you shouldn't be laneing with another carry) and let them worry about denying. Once your level 4 your stats will make it easier to last hit and deny at the same time.


Jungling is great for finishing up some items (if you know your team doesn't need you for a minute or your team is finishing off a tower while your enemies are dead but almost respawning, never when a team fight is beginning) or getting to the all important Level 11 or 16. Leveling before Maelstrom should be after you hit level 8 using ice vortex (to slow them damage doesn't increase) and cold feet. Maelstrom will help greatly and you usually don't need cold feet or ice vortex helping you save mana (you'll lose about 100 health with Maelstrom but you should have it back in 10 seconds).


You know someone's ULT is important when it gets it's own chapter and honestly very few ULT's are better than AA's in my opinion.

Level 6: Hit low health heroes (they usually will be staying near towers so if your unsure and the line is moving aim there).

Level 11: Start pushing lines your not near when heading back to base or jungling, helps earn money while giving the enemy something they now have to waste their time pushing back (only kills creeps it directly hits or low health creeps at this level).

Level 16: Really start pushing lanes near your base while moving another lane towards theirs with your team. Helps stall them a bit and someone will eventually go to push the lane meaning 4v5 fights which help when fighting near towers.

Remember heroes are your number one priority kill so learn the time it takes to get back to base when low on health (best chance to hit) for the first shot. After that anyone who even has a relative ounce of intelligence will start taking the paths through the jungle so start aiming their more often and time it using the tracer which gives vision so use that to and aim a bit farther, for riki and bounty count about 10 seconds per tower movement if they're invis (usually hits and they get pissed and say your hacking).

Finally, the how to play guide

When you start, you should begin by staying back and hitting the enemies only when they're in range and you can't last hit anything, during level 4 (if you last hit enough) you should have some form of Health Regen and Boots, so you can get brave and harass a bit more if your in the top or bottom lane (mid should stay above the stream and not go down) making sure that they stay in a relatively good health range (edge of Healing Salve, Tango, or going to base) so that when you hit level 6 you can Cold Feet and Ice Blast for the kill (usually gets you the kill and some free farm. If your mid hit level 6 then look and see who's low on health and if they're low enough kill them. Once your sure your lane will be fine for awhile (mid left to base/dual lane can solo) go and help another lane (I left TP scroll out of purchase cause it's obvious if your a semi-carry you should have one) push towards the tower and hopefully take the first tower (if your missing an initiator cold feet can be used if fully leveled on a low health hero). At that point stay with team and push another tower, or go back to defend the lane you left if it's been pushed too far. Void Stone will pretty much guarantee you'll have mana as long as you aren't going from fight to fight constantly (in which case clarity wouldn't help you either) while Mekanism will help make sure you have health and you don't lose too many team fights. All I have left to say is stay back during team fights after casting cold feet (ice vortex will reach from the back) and keep hitting while watching your teams health, killing off enemies that flee with low health.

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