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Basic Brewmaster

April 20, 2012 by TmillZ
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DotA2 Hero: Brewmaster

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Boots of Speed
Magic Wand
Urn of Shadows

Core (Travel or Phase)

Blink Dagger
Aghanim's Scepter
Boots of Travel
Phase Boots

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Abyssal Blade
Assault Cuirass
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Basic Brewmaster

April 20, 2012


Hey guys, I'm TmillZ and I'm bringing you a pretty fast and basic guide to Pandaren Brewmaster for if you just wanna pick him up and play from the get-go! I have seen quite a few of these guys in Dota 2 trying to build as if they were Skeleton King or something. This is NOT how you play the fat panda, leave the carrying to the carries. You should use Pandaren as an early Ganker and mid-late Initiator. This is my first guide so feel free to critique.

Skills Summary

Pandaren has a nice set of skills, each with their own uses. Let's take a look at them...

Thunder Clap - This is Pandaren's first and MOST IMPORTANT SKILL. Seriously, I can't stress this NEARLY enough. This skill is, in my opinion, the best non-ult initiation spell in the game. It packs a whopping 55% slow to both movement AND attack speeds at it's highest level, AND is a freakin' aoe! Blink in, Thunder Clap, and watch your team rip the nearly incapacitated enemy team apart. This skill is also wonderful for ganking purposes, so gank a lot.

Drunken Haze - This is Pandaren's second skill, and probably one of the hardest shut downs in the game. It is a single target skill that causes the targeted enemy to have 75% miss chance, as well as a 26% slow. As you can tell, the miss chance makes this a natural carry shut down. Use it on the carry after your Blink - Thunder Clap for best results. Not only will the carry be super slow, but unable to retaliate to anyone on your team. Remember that this skill should be leveled last, as it is pretty useless in the mid game when carries don't have very high attack speed. Maybe take a point in it early if you suffer ranged harass.

Drunken Brawler - Pandaren's third skill is a passive, and a damn good one at that. When leveled, you gain a nifty 25% dodge chance, as well as a 25% chance to do double damage. A free crit and dodge! This skill is why people think Pandaren should be a carry. I mean, Juggernaut has a crit to right? WRONG. This skill makes Pandaren good at skirmishes when he's roaming around the map, making him win almost any 1v1 with the combination of Thunder Clap and Haze. Combined with Haze, you have a theoretical 100% dodge chance! Wowza! Just don't think you're invincible due to this skill, you may regret it when you end up 0/11/2

Primal Split - Oh. My. God. Pandaren's ult, probably one of the single best ults in the whole game! This skill, on activation, makes Pandaren invincible and dislodges projectiles. After a couple second, he summons 3 panda bros, one of fire, one of storm, one of earth. How this skill works is that if the panda bros survive for their whole duration, Pandaren will be reborn. Note that the Pandaren regenerates health while his panda bros are out. Now here's the neat thing about this pandas; each of them have their own skill set! Lets take a look at their mini skill set shall we?
Earth has a 2 sec stun for his q, magic immunity, a 20% chance to do some small aoe damage on attack. Oh, also, he has 3k hp! This is the most important panda.
Storm has an aoe dispell that does 200 damage to illusions, a cyclone that hols heroes up in the air for 6 seconds, and a Windwalk that acts like a Lothars Edge. This is the second most important panda.
Fire has a skill that gives him a free mini-radiance, which actually out-damages radiance when you have an Aghanims Scepter! He also moves at the max 522 movespeed. This Panda, while powerful, is the least important one.


I'm going to make this chapter short, since Panda has a very basic item set.
Blink Dagger is your most important asset, it allows for easy initiation with Thunder Clap.
Aghanims boosts your ult tremendously, making your panda bros more durable and increasing the damage on Fire's mini-radiance.
Boots of Travel or Phase Boots make up for Pandaren's very poor speed.
Get an Urn if you are ganking a lot or have mana problems.
Rejected items are there for a few reasons: They either do not synergize with your kit at all, are unneeded due to Pandaren's skills, or are there because YOU ARE NOT THE CARRY.


Play Pandaren as a solo mid if you can, but a side lane will work fine as well. Early game stay safe and farm up a Blink Dagger and Boots. Gank as soon as you hit level 6, for it is very easy with your pada bros' damage and disables. Thunder Clap also helps if you don't want to use your ult. Keep ganking until team fights start erupting or towers start getting pushed. Your main priority now is as follows:
-Blink in
-Thunder Clap
-Drunken Haze the carry, if Drunken Haze is/was leveled
-Primal Split
-Use Earth's stun on the carry
-Windwalk-Attack with Storm on carry
-Cyclone with Storm on very dangerous targets/channelers with Storm
-Dispell any major buffs that you can with Storm
-Run around and be annoying with fire
BAM. You just won yourself a team fight! Now, everything I listed is not REQUIRED, do what you can do with your level of micro! Just make sure you aren't just auto attacking with your panda bros, those skills are IMPORTANT! You can use tab to cycle through the pandas if you select them in a group, it will make things easier.


I hope you all liked my basic guide to Pandaren Brewmaster! Feel free to rate and comment as you please. I apologize for any minor mistakes I made, I was a little tired when I made this ^_^

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