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Basic Blood

May 11, 2016 by EarlSWT
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DotA2 Hero: Bloodseeker

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Basic Blood

May 11, 2016


Hey guys, i worked really hard on this build and it is my first guide i ever posted. This is a pretty basic guide and thank you for reading.


To start the game you should purchase a stout shield, quelling blade, tangos, and 2 branches. The next thing you should purchase is a poor man's shield, then finish your magic wand from there. You should next begin to work towards your power treads. I personally find agility to be the best but strength works too if you need some survive-ability. This is when you should begin working on a mask of madness. This helps with dps and the lifesteal is good as well. Next you should go for a radiance, assault cuirass, or sange and yasha. My personal order is assault cuirass, sange and yasha, then radiance but it is up to you. After that some good luxury items are dps boosting items like a daedalus, butterfly, or desolator. Also if you need some more survive-ability a heart is not a bad pick up.


As a summary this is a high dps build that is meant to take large advantage of the thirst ability. Use this ability in conjunction with rupture to get tons of early game picks. This will hopefully get you fed enough to snowball into the late game. Remember to farm tons early and then start ganking at level 6.

Pros / Cons

-High DPS
-Early Fed
-Easy farm
-Ability to snowball

-Hard to come back
-Loses to tp scroll
-I've found it very hard to lane against sniper

Creeping / Jungling

You need to get tons of farm early. Last hit/deny like crazy and make sure you get ahead and stay ahead. If you ever need extra farm the jungle is a good resource.

Team Work

When drafting if you want to build around bloodseeker always get somebody with a good tp cancel like crystal maiden.

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