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Basic Babysitter Wisp (6.79)

January 2, 2014 by HammerKick
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DotA2 Hero: Io

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Sight Seer (Innate)


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Basic Babysitter Wisp (6.79)

January 2, 2014


This is a small guide to Wisp that I wanted to write, as he is one of my favourite heroes.
I'll explain spells in detail, but I won't talk a lot about strategies, just the gameplay.
You might not agree with my builds, etc... This is the way I play him, and it works pretty well.

My english isn't perfect because it isn't my primary language.

Hope it will be useful for people who wants to understand Wisp! :)

Pros / Cons

- Not level-dependent THAT MUCH, when he gets Spirits maxed out he doesn't really care about levels anymore.
- MASSIVE Health regen granted to allies
- Can save allies pretty easly as well as saving himself
- Pretty good early game hero, especially with Spirits that hurts those low hp heroes at the beginning
- Good ganker, can take down carries who are farming easily by simply ulting in.

- Squishy: starts with 0 armor and dies instantly in teamfights in late game
- Needs some items to be useful in the mid/late game (soul ring, urn, mek...)
- Not effective in a team that doesn't communicate, should only be played if you know someone in your team or if you have micros
- Not that easy to understand at the beginning



This is the skill that allows you to grant health to everyone around you.
Its mechanics are a bit hard to understand, but when you'll get it, everything will be fine.

As you know, this spell will attach you to an ally, granting him movement speed. Cast range is long, and you'll be teleported to your target if you're too far. Using this on a nearby ally or creep when you're in trouble can save your life.

Your target will remain attached for 10 seconds. You can break the link before this mark, but Tether will go on a cooldown equal to the seconds remaining.

Attached target will be granted the Overcharge spell if it's casted, will be teleported with your relocate, and most importantly, everytime your health/mana regens, his health/mana will regen as well.

The target has his regen and will gain additional regeneration from the Wisp. For example, if you have a regeneration of 4 HP/sec, your target will gain +4 of regeneration per second.
This will not work if you're full health. The trick is simply to take damage. And there's two possibilites: soul ring, activate overcharge or tank the creeps (harassing will make you focused by them).


Ah, spirits. Your best friends. This is Wisp's nuke. It is however hard to control well.
You've got to control them. You can put them close to you or far from you. There is a maximum distance and a minimum distance.

The easiest way to do damage with them is to get close to your target. If your carry gets a stun, activate spirits and makes them explode on him at close range. Just make sure you don't steal the kill.
This can also kill escaping enemies: if your engage concludes in your enemy getting behind his turret, spirits can sometimes be enough to finish your target.
In fights where you can't be close from your target, it is pretty hard. But if you can hit, you'll support a lot.

Remember that it does damage to creeps without exploding, making it a good pushing/depushing spell.


This drains your life and your mana as well as granting some attack speed and damage resistance to your tethered ally.

This allows you to lose life (see below). You'll regen, and anyone who's linked to you will also regen.

The attack speed bonus is good when you're pushing a tower with your carry: it is obviously going to be faster.

Activate it when your carry is fighting against someone. You'll help him a lot.

I don't pick overcharge early on because it isn't such a gamechanger at the beginning. In mid game it is really useful. Also, your hp is not that high in the early game, you can't stay overcharged too long.
You can put an early point if you want to be agressive (e.g agressive trilane) in the early game, but getting 2 points in tether and maxing spirits is, in my opinion, better.


Wanna gank? Someone is in trouble? You want to feel like a furion who is tping everywhere (even if you're not as strong as he is)?

Tether your carry, relocate somewhere, get a kill.

This ability is used to gank AND to save allies.
With good team coordination, you can set up deadly ambushes on the other lanes. Just make sure your friend doesn't go too far away when tp'ing, or you'll feel sad to be completly alone when you arrive.

This can also bring allies to fountain. If that nasty pudge hooks someone, tether to him and TP him to safety. You'll probably die afterwards, but whatever: your carry is alive. Your job is done.

You can also use it to initiate, for example, you can relocate in a hero that requires to get in position to be efficient (earthshaker, sand king, tidehunter...). You can also save your *** with it (you get a tp scroll at your base, and when the relocate ends, you try to get out, works if they don't have stuns).

Keep in mind that there's a small delay before you get TP'd. The trick is to setup your TP before tethering to your teammate, so your ally will get out immediatly after you used tether on him. This is a bit hard to do as it requires good timing.


Starting Items

There are two possible starting builds.

Standard Start
AND/OR--(take both courier and wards if you're the only support)

A classic start. A set of tangos to regen yourself and your carry. 2 Iron Branches that will be turned into a Headdress and a Buckler later for your mek.
However, there is another starting build that, I feel, is really effective.


Side Shop Soul Ring Start
This is a Soul Ring recipe. The Ring or Regen and the Sage's Mask can be bought at the Side Shop, but the recipe cannot.
This allows you to get a fast Soul Ring (~5 minutes if you bought the flying courier) without using the courier, allowing your teammates to use it immediatly.
However, if you cannot reach the side shop, use the courier. Make sure your teammates aren't going to need it soon.

Early Game items

Everytime I play Wisp, I rush this item. The Soul Ring. It is SO AMAZING on this hero that you can't afford to skip it.

First of all, the mana gained is also given to anyone who's tethered. That therered friend does not lose the mana bonus after 10 seconds.

Secondly, you lose HPs, so you'll regen life and you'll give more regen to your allies. If you're full life, don't hesitate to activate it.

Oh, and one last thing: you can deny yourself with... oh wait. You can't. Would have been OP in this case.
Whatever, get this as soon as you can.


They are brown, and they give you speed. Everyone has them. This is your second item. You'll reach your allies faster with it.
You don't have to upgrade them yet. It is not necessary.


You're a support, so it is your job to grant vision at important spots.
However, you shouldn't be the ward *****. You need items to be effective in the mid game. If you're close from a core item, ask the second support to buy them.
Oh, and if you're the only support, well... you have no choice.

Don't forget them! That's the hard counter to invis heroes.
Sentry wards can also be used to counter ward. Wisp isn't the best at doing it, but there's no reason he can't do it. But please, don't do it when you're completly alone.

Core Items

The common support item that everyone LOVES, that blue thing that heals everyone... Known as the

Wisp is one of the best mekansm purchaser in the game. The only time a Wisp doesn't buy it is when someone else wants it and can farm it faster, such as offlaners and some midlaners.

The tethered ally gets the DOUBLE of the mekansm heal, which is a 500 HP heal. Combined to the regen bonus and your regen, he won't be easy to kill.

In case someone already has this, go straight for the urn.
Speaking of it...


As you'll be in all the teamfights, if it goes well, you'll gain charges easily.

The best use of it is to heal yourself while you have someone tethered. He will gain this heal + his regen + your regen. Really cool.
It doesn't work if your health is full or almost, so make sure to take damage before using it.
To heal someone, use Soul Ring, then use Urn on yourself. You lose 150 hp, so you'll regen 150 hp, so your ally will get +150 hp. If you manage to take more damage, this heal can be way bigger.

Keep the Urn when you have to heal someone between teamfights. Keep the Mek for the teamfights. You can urn yourself during a teamfight to give more regen to your carry, but make sure you won't take damage. Which is something that won't happen because you'll be in the center of the teamfight.


Wisp isn't human, how the hell can he carry boots?

Whatever, there is two choices of boots for Wisp. I recommend buying the upgrade after the Mek or the straight urn.

More movement speed and MORE REGEN, because it's never enough. A common choice on Wisp.

This is a situationnal choice which can be effective, combined with your Soul Ring. You can refill someone's mana almost entierly.
Tranquil Boots are more effective, but if your team really needs more mana, this can be an option.
Again, the mana you get will be granted to your tethered ally. So it's 135 x 2 for him.

that's all you need!

Luxury Item

This little beauty is really hard to get, especially as a support, but if you're able to purchase it, you're a god.

Well... this gives more regen, because you never have enough.
What else? Ah yes. You gain HPs. So if you're mid life, you'll give a lot of health to your fellow mates.

Wisp's duty

Main rules of Wisp
- Never be alone. Always play with your team. You just can't be alone somewhere, or you'll be an easy pickup.
- Avoid being full hp a long time. You don't grant regeneration to your allies if your health is completly filled. Use whatever you can to avoid that, like soul ring, overcharge, or even tank the creeps in the jungle or on your lane.
- Save your allies when you can.
- Be in EVERY TEAMFIGHTS. The only reason you're not in one is because you're dead.

Early game

- PROTECT YOUR CARRY. Well, like all supports. But Wisp is one of the best babysitters in the game. If your carry is under attack, tether him, slow the enemies, bodyblock them (if they are melee), make yourself taking damage with whatever you can so your carry will regen.
- Give him regen everytime he needs by taking some damage and eating a tango. This will be easier to do when you'll get soul ring.
- Stack some camps in the jungle, pull the lane... Pretty standard stuff here.
- IF YOU CAN, push your lane. Remember that spirits deals good damages against creeps, so you can push the lane pretty hard. Make sure you don't steal last hits.

Mid game

- Use and abuse of your relocate. An enemy is isolated somewhere? Link your carry and TP. An ally is in trouble? Link him and bring him back to the fountain. You can also force teamfights with it.
- Give MORE regen, because it is never enough.
- You have to be in every teamfights, you can't miss one. The bonuses you give are too good to be somewhere else.
- NEVER BE ALONE. NEVER. If you want to ward, make sure you're doing it with your team, so you don't die stupidly.

Late game

- In this stage, Wisp falls a bit because their carries can simply kill you in 1 second, or even less.
- Keep granting regen to your allies.
- Keep using relocate when you have to.
- Keep protecting your team.


Tether your carry, activate overcharge, slow the enemies, activate spirits and nuke them down. Use mekansm, use soul ring to lose HP (regen, etc) and to give mana. Don't forget to auto-attack, you can do it, you know. Make sure not to steal the kills, unless you want your first rampage in your life. Which won't happen as Wisp. I guess?

If an ally is in trouble and if your team is guaranteed to win it, you can tether him and relocate him to your fountain.


There you go.
I brought you everything you need to know about that small blue ball called Wisp.

Hope this was helpful, and have a good day playing Dota! :)

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