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March 6, 2015 by Bangers
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DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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March 6, 2015

DotA 2

-this is my first ever guide
-im not an englishman so poor english will pop up
-i play dota for 100++ hour from Dota1-Dota2

Yurnero, oh Yurnero one of the first hero of ICEFROG

ever asking why YURNERO LEGENDARY set item called BALANCE of BLADEKEEPER????
well, here is my answer, i hope u satisfy with it :D

a strong indication come that YURNERO is the hero that create HERO ROLE:
Carry, Support and Tanker
well if u realize this hero has all ROLE skill:
Blade Fury as inisiator / str (free bkb)
Blade Dance as carry / agi (free +damage)
Healing Ward as support / int (free healing)

and by that fact, InMyOpinion Yurnero or JUGgernaut is "maybe" ICEFROG favorite-sacred HERO
cause he is old and a got 3 ROLE since long time, this BALANCE HERO YURNERO are probably the standard of measuring/ building a new hero agi(carry), str(inisiator), int(support)
i don't know i just imagine so RESPECT THIS HERO :D LOL

well if you play warcra*t 3 campaign you will see that the game mechanic already have 3 creature type and that is: agi int str. but through this hero(JUG) dota creator(ICEFROG) can really define HERO ROLE

JUG is a COMPLETE HERO, a complete skill for any role!!! but LACKING...
Lacking, cause?
cause he got all role skill, and that makes him hard to build the right role.
and so i call JUG as the ONLY Semi-HERO but say if you are FANATIC JUG fans u can call him with more Honorable name:THE BALANCE of BLADEKEEPER

many player build him as carry but sorry he is not. he is THE BALANCE BLADE cause he got all role skill str, int, agi
build him into carry he lack of carry skill (only got blade dance) and omnislash are not an easy to use ultimate

below is a comparison of TRUE CARRY vs JUG we thought he is TRUE-CARRY
Phantom Assasin is a simple true-carry not semi-carry like yurnero
Phantom skill 1 are synergy with skill 2, skill 3 and her ULTI
dagger(skill1)-blink(skill2)-hit, Critical(ulti)-dodge hit(skill3)-and critical and seize a kill.

Yurnero Carry? you fury to the enemy but enemy know and running around on creep after fury you are nothing but a fresh meat ur ulti are not dangerous cause creep are still alive.

so JUG also known as hero with un-synergy skill!!!
true carry skill are all killing while JUG with his un-synergy skill make him SEMI in every ROLE

so JUG is all role hero, a multifunction but lacking if you compare to the TRUE support/carry/inisiator

PS: i take every advise, grammar correction and hope to build a nice NEW JUGG guide
feel free to comment. Thanks for visiting

Pros / Cons

-all role skill
-Can be build for many purpose/role
-First Blood maker
-With a good stuner partner dominate the game since early is in hand unless you do
silly mistake
-invurnerable ULTIMATE
-Nice MS and AS starter
-Skill cooldown are fast BUT...
-JUG unsynergy skill sometimes can save *** (healing ward), lucky omni, fury teleport, hidden fury)

-all role skill
-my team blame me for build JUG into not carry build(i once build pusher JUG
Necromicron, Portal boot, Shadow Blade and do tinker playstyle)
-Ulti easy to counter by many things(windwalk, ghost scep, eul, etc)
-Omnislash sometimes disappoint you so prepare to deal with it(dust for hidden
enemy,change item for ghost scept user, etc)
-Skill cooldown are fast BUT mana pool are pretty low. so good mana
management and regeneration item are needed
-Unsynergy skill



Poormanshield, Phase boot, Mask of Madness, Force staff, Sentry, Portal scroll

ROLE: Jungling, enemy area junggle spy (sentry), killing jungling solo-enemy, pushing lane

CORE item explanation
poormanshield over quelling blade = damage block and +6agi(dmg and AS) while quelling only do damage without block damage
Phase boot = damage for jungling, chasing/escaping
Mask of Madness = synergy with phase and used for MAX jungling. chasing/escaping
Force Staff = Force enemy to be alone/ Force your self to the enemy, chasing/escaping
Sentry = gank solo jungling enemy
Portal = FURY+Portal combo to avoid MASS enemy gank


Sangenyasha(outrun enemy hero, +stat and chance to slow)
Skadsi (Absolut slow, +25 all stat)
MKB (True Strike, +damage)
Butterfly (Evasion, +damage, +AS)
Basher-Abbys (Stun, +damage)
Dagon(ghost scep counter)
Blade Mail (Critical counter, instant killer spell counter, damage counter)
AGHANIM (Improve Ulti, +stat)
IMMORTAL (you are one of the hero that can solo roshan)

Mostly Killing move:
1. Force ur enemy to be alone if possible than omni.
2. Fury swipe the creep then omni the enemy hero

Worst enemy for junggle Yur: Lycan, Broodmother, they have multiple unit(omni counter) and are HERO Junggle master.


ill add it later

dont try this build at PUB before asking, u will get blame :D lol

dont try this build at PUB before asking, u will get blame :D lol
mostly move: Fury+invis-shadow blade- go to the center of enemy- blade mail- omni- black king bar- shiva if you build it



Blade Fury

Invis Blade Fury
when enemy see you fury and disappear. and in the same time their health getting low
the panic enemy will run from creep and be alone... ALONEEEE = DIE (OMNIslash)

combination for saving your life, fury act like bkb so ur portal channeling will always success

Healing Ward
healing ward has 4 level and enemy tower has 4 level too
the question is what is the best timing to take this skill??? find it yourself the answer

use your healing ward crossing enemy juggle before placing sentry near enemy base

Blade Dance
blade dance give double damage to JUG

mastering omnislash: remember the radius, the mana needed, who is your enemy(blinker, windwalker, eul, ghost scep) and use the invurnelability aspect to avoid damage

Team Work

Yurnero Best Friend

Yurnero Worst enemy

added later. too sleepyyyy

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