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_badger's Pudge Lol'ipop

February 4, 2013 by _badgerNZ
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Caster Pudge

DotA2 Hero: Pudge

Purchase Order

Healing Salve
Healing Salve
Gauntlets of Strength
Gauntlets of Strength
Boots of Speed
Energy Booster
Urn of Shadows
Force Staff
Aghanim's Scepter
Linken's Sphere
Heart of Tarrasque

Hero Skills

Meat Hook

1 3 5 7


2 4 8 9

Flesh Heap

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

_badger's Pudge Lol'ipop

February 4, 2013


Welcome to my first guide I'm new to this formate so bear with me please this is how I play Pudge and I usually always have good results this build works great as a mid solo but also works in side lanes but the farm as expected in side lanes is slower until you hit your 6-dismember and can roam properly to gank..

thanks for viewing comments on the guide layout appreciated


Basicly as above start the game with 2.Healing Savle's 2.Clarity pots and 2.Gauntlets of Strength now you want to focus on your LH until you get boots first they are the most important item to farm for as Pudge has poor MS then you need to think about your survivability and for that I combat the HP loss from Rott or hero attacks with Urn of Shadow, after which I go straight onto Arcane Boots once you have completed those you are a Ganking machine but due to the poor MS that Pudge remains to have thru not buying BOT or Phase its best to look towards moveability and I find that the force staff is the best option these are your CORE 3 ITEMS .. Pudge doesn't really need anything else but with 6 items slots we are always going to want more Aghanims is always fun for the bonus starts and the extra buff its gives Pudge during his ultimate or depending on the game or your needs a Heart of Tarrasque or Linkins Spear are value for money

Pros / Cons


1. Great Ganker
2. Not very Item Dependent
3. Has a slow, and a Disable
4. 3 moves that can deal huge damage.
5. Good melee solo
6. Huge Strength gain-per-level
7. Natural Counter to many heroes.
8. Needs Skill


1. Slow
2. Mana-Problem
3. Needs skill
4. Level Dependent

What Pudge is capable of ...

this is just one of my many Pudge games but thought it was a good option to show some versatility with Pudge in using your surrounding to your advantage while having the time of your life with your meat hook this video also shows the survivability of a Pudge that's played correctly

notice the neutral creep give away my location before I throw the meet hook so they all see there demise before it hits them!

hope you enjoy

Team Work

team work is vital and not vital to a good Pudge now you may be asking yourself that _badger has lost his marbles but no I'm completely sane if you are roaming and ganking and being the great assassin that Pudge is your team will have no need to assist you but on the other hand you can become a valuable asset to the team with your safety features 1. the meat hook of safety 2.urn of shadows for healing heroes that might otherwise die in battle or trying to escape and 3. being a Mana re-loader with your arcane boots

what ever the role you decide is best for your play style your team will love you as long as you can land the skill-shot to end all skill-shots the meat hook!

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