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October 24, 2012 by RickyAstley
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DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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Healing Ward

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Blade Dance

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ALRIGHT ****ERS. I played a **** load of Jugg, now I'm writing a guide. Here is everything you need to know about Jugg.


JUGG IS AN ABSOLUTE ****ING NIGHTMARE TO YOUR ENEMIES. He is the most versatile carry, and he will **** up the enemy team like nobody's business. If you lane with a stunner on your side, you get guaranteed first blood with your Blade Fury. If you lane mid, you become the god of ganking. If you meet an enemy hero in the jungle, it's a guaranteed kill. As a carry, getting a Godlike is a piece of cake. As long as you don't play like a dumbass, your enemies will FEAR YOU LIKE GOD. You have the best skills in the game, be smart and use them well.



makes Jugg spin and do damage around him for 5 seconds. Be AGGRESSIVE with Blade Fury in early game. Enemies will run away like babies. If you have a friendly stunner in the same lane, when he stuns an enemy, go spin and take that FIRST BLOOD.

But that's not the best part. You are magic immune during the spin. Enemy stuns, magic damage etc. won't work on you. Basically, it's a FREE BLACK KING BAR. You can use this escape, or deny incoming projectiles. You can also get the **** out of there by spinning and TP scrolling; they can't stun you while you are teleporting.

Use this aggressively in early game, but NEVER USE this skill OFFENSIVELY IN THE LATE GAME. Your right clicks do more damage, so use Blade Fury only to escape magic in the late game.

Get to level 6 ASAP. Use Blade Fury + Omni-GG-Slash combo. If enemy is moving away from you, Omni-GG-Slash first, then spin to finish. If enemy is moving towards you, spin and then finish with Omni-GG-Slash.


is a movable ward that heals (no ****). Its heal is ****ing RIDICULOUS; at max level, it heals 5% of max health of heroes in an area for 25 seconds. That is a whopping 125% heal. That's 2.5 times more heal than CHEESE. Put this in the middle of team fight, you teammates will NEVER DIE.

Enemies will attack it ASAP, so keep it safe. That's why you should use it in the middle of a team fight; enemies won't have the brains to attack the ward first.


allows Jugg to hit like a ****ing beast. Basically, it makes you crit. At max level, you have 1/3 chance of doing double damage. This is so useful especially if you're **** at last hitting (like me).


is ****ing awesome. You slash your enemies and murder them like a BAUS. Omni-GG-Slash is uncontrollable after being casted, so you have to initiate it well. NEVER NEVER NEVER use this if there are creeps around (you'll just jump to the creep wave and deal no damage to the enemy heroes). Otherwise, ****ing rape that ****. Use it also to avoid damage, as you will be invulnerable during the slashes.


You need enough mana for a Blade Fury + Omni-GG-Slash combo at level 6. So level up Stats in the beginning.

Healing Ward won't be used in early game (there won't be much team fights), but you can replace a stat for this skill if you are getting harassed.



STARTING: Get a Tango and a Healing Salve for regen. Now choose between a Quelling Blade or Stout Shield (choose Stout Shield if you're laning against a ranged hero). Finally, pick up 3 GG-Branches for stats.

Get Boots of Speed first. Then, start building your Battle Fury. Battle Fury will allow you to farm like a boos due to its cleave ability. Get Perservearance first, then the two swords. You should have completed Battle Fury before 20 minutes into the game. Last hit and gank like nobody's business to get Battle Fury ASAP. When you get it, go to jungle and FARM FARM FARM.

MID-GAME: Now you can build phase boots. Phase boots makes you chase an enemy/escape much more easily. You can also use phase boots while spinning. (Phase after spinning, NOT spin after Phase).

LATE-GAME: Then build in order: Desolator -> Manta Style -> Butterfly. This makes right clicking feel like you're fingering a girl, and every click she has an ******.

For increased fun (ONLY FOR PUB STOMPING /DON'T GET THIS FOR SERIOUS PLAYING), get Aghanim's Scepter. This increases slashes to 12, and decreases cooldown. You will be the God of Rape.


Last hit like a **********er, then get loads of kills, then rape the enemy team. You are an unstoppable force, and your enemies will run away like babies. Chase them, and rape them. JUGS FOREVER.

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