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Axe (The Aggressor) Lane Domination

September 25, 2023 by DLCFIre
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Spin to Win and Dominate Early patch 7.34c

DotA2 Hero: Axe

Hero Skills

Coat of Blood (Innate)

Berserker's Call

4 8 12

Battle Hunger

1 13 14

Counter Helix

2 3 5 7

Culling Blade

6 11 16


10 18

Hero Talents

2x Battle Hunger armor multiplier
+100 Berserker's Call AoE
+125 Culling Blade damage/threshold
+12 Berserker's Call Armor
+20 Counter Helix Damage
+10% Battle Hunger slow
+4s Culling Blade Speed Bonus Duration
+10% Movement Speed per active Battle Hunger

Axe (The Aggressor) Lane Domination

September 25, 2023

Axe The Initiator

Axe is by far the greatest initiator in Dota 2 with just a blink blademail and crimson guard he can "Cut them down to size" I have over 5,000 games with Axe and the game-play is relatively similar at all skill levels from 1k to 5k. He shines at stopping pushes setting up plays and defending in the late-game. In the early game tho is when Axe is the most important hero on your team. From when Axe is able to get his blink ideally at the 12-15 minute mark it is vital to play with pos 2 and 4 and get early kills. Axe is a relatively easy Hero he just needs to be able to create space and set teammates up for kills. These are the basic blocks of a good Axe. As Axe you should always consider buying smoke for the team for a good gank.
Axe will however not be at his strongest until he has blademail at this point the damage output is almost the same until the end of the game it just depends on how hard they hit. An Axe can take down a fed PA, Sven, Troll, and anyone with a huge right click or crit damage. He can take allot and give it back like a true champ.
Illusions? No problem go ahead and blink onto Cks ult or 500 Pl illusions the more hits you get the more chances counter helix will kill them.
Issues with Axe throughout the game will be mana regeneration however this tends not to be an issue if you keep a steady supply of both clarities and mangos in your backpack allowing you to keep on chopping everything down.
You Are the Leroy Jenkins of the team!!!!!!!!!!!
* Important things to note.
- Be fluid with your Axe build
- This means keep in mind what type of damage you are receiving throughout the game. A lot of this is just understanding the opponent's team dynamics sometimes physical will be the main source of damage, but many times its magic. A crimson is always amazing for Axe but if magic damage is what is killing the team a Pipe is just as good. Another example is building a BKB early on can be incredibly impactful and allow you to be even more aggressive than having pure strength items.
- Axe is the initiator
- This means you must play with your team and keep good communication as to what and who you are killing.
-Buying Smokes and making space is what you are there for, this will always ensure you are with your team and are able to make plays
- Keep the game time Axe plays differently depending on early mid or late game

The early Game

Early Game
- This build starts off with a lot of regen..... it is needed since Axe is a mele it is difficult to incur damage without having to receive a bunch as well.
once you do have enough buy a stick immediately followed by bracer.
- this will help have both some regen along with the necessary stats to be able to stay in lane.
- Once you do have enough buy phase boots. this will give you enough speed to chase anyone under battle hunger your E. Spins do a bunch of damage in lane especially chasing heroes.
- After this you might have enough for either ring of regen or hood (if they do magic damage)
-Ring will give you regen but hood could be as impactful if it was pure magic damage such as a viper and sky in lane
All this Regen and stats will allow you to thrive in the early game and be able to run down Heros with ease.
It is extremely important to keep up the Culling dunks up as this is a great scaling tool for the late-game.

The mid Game

After you have acquired blink the fun begins.
Try your best to gather teammates for smoke to begin to initiate on enemy heroes. The pos 1 is always important to keep in mind but an impromptu gank to their offlaner as the blink reveal can be as easy to kill.
Continue making plays but try to build Bladmail as quickly as possible as this will be your main damage component throughout the game.

Late Game

Smokes will still be important here but what will be as important will be to keep Rosh timers up along with any other important objectives
what is most important is to make sure you are playing with your safelaner and doing everything in your power to keep him from dying!

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