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Axe, he can carry too.

October 13, 2012 by Hugh
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Axe

Hero Skills

Berserker's Call

3 9 13 14

Battle Hunger

2 4 5 7

Counter Helix

1 8 10 12

Culling Blade

6 11 16


15 17 18

Axe, he can carry too.

October 13, 2012


First of all I would like to state this build is for laning with a competent ranged hero, not for jungling. However, if you want to jungle, just max helix by 7 getting levels of Call in between and maxing hunger last. Get a stout shield and a bunch of tangos for your starting items and a branch or clarity (Your choice). But back to this guide.

This build focuses primarily at forcing your enemy out of lane completely decimating their farm. With this build you can side carry very well without needing items that cost in upwards of 5k gold. Most around 2-2.5k gold as Axe is more level dependent than item dependent in my opinion as he has a high strength gain per level.


You might think Clarity's over tangos and a mantle over gauntlets, is he an idiot? Well, no I am not, this build is use to harass freely and shut down the enemy's farm early game while giving your ranged lane partner decent free farm as you tank. You harass with your battle hunger whenever a new wave comes and they won't be able to kill a creep quickly, refilling your pool with the clarity's, and if you get chased hunger them and if you are low use your salve.
Early Game
You go for a fast null talisman for the mana capacity and other stats, form here you can either go for a bracer if you need some more tanking ability, or go strait for boots.
Mid Game
As soon as you get your boots you should go for Tranquil Boots, they provide much needed movement speed, as well as good armor and health regen. Get a Vitality booster over the ring of health first as you already have +3 regen form the boots, once you finish your Vanguard you have a choice to make, Vlads or Dagon? If you have someone who is getting of will get vlads skip it and get dagon, if not get vlads, it is a great item on most melee heroes and a good way to support your team. The reason for dagon is the insane burst damage with low cooldown, it is great for setting up your ult, as some squishy hero's will only need a few auto attacks from your friends with dagon to kill them with your ulty.
Now is time to finish your entire core, this should be done by 30 minutes or less if your team is doing well. Get blademail for punishing people for hitting you, aswell as the stats and armor bonus, use blademail in combination with Call on the enemy dps in order to take them out of fights rather quickly.
Late Game Situational
If you are getting focused down in team fights, you should get a Bloodstone as it will give you great health and mana, as well as the lower respawn times and the 400 health heal to your teammates. If the enemy dps is trying to kill your squishiest hero get a Heaven Halberd for the disarm, use it only on their right clickers as they can still cast spells. If your team needs some armor and attack speed, an Assault Cuirass is a great choice. If your team is having trouble with enemy's getting away or catching up to you, a Shiva's guard is great for the stats and mana and the great slow and and armor for yourself. Generally though, a Heart trumps all of these giving you an astounding 1060 health and 40 damage as well as the insane regeneration.


Beserker's Call
It is a decent disable, use it mainly to save teammates and effectively disjoint some damage from spells or auto attacks. If you don't feel you will need it skip getting it at level 3 for another level of Hunger or Helix.
Battle Hunger
Gives you a great early game DOT nuke, as well as a great way to catch up to enemy's late game and to kill fleeing enemy's that are at 300 or lower health. This is the primary skill of this build, use it often and while laning, ONLY WHEN THE CREEP WAVE FIRST COMES. If you use it at the end of the creep wave they will get a last hit and take almost no damage while you took a hit to your mana pool.
Counter Helix
Overall a great skill, giving you in essence a free blademail damage return. A level of it at level one gives you a chance to do a high amount of damage early game if you get harassed. Late game this a great skill to use along with call and blademail, dealing insane amounts of damage to any dps hero.
Culling Blade
This is the only skill that can go through shallow grave, and is far better than AA's ult in terms of the instant kill aspect. Don't be afraid to ks in a teamfight, the move speed bonus to your ally's can give you a chance to get another kill. Ult often, use your Dagon on them and them Call with Blademail to almost always get a kill.

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