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Attack Speed Build

December 11, 2012 by Max1Pad
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Fastest Void in Time

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 3 13 14

Time Dilation

8 9 10 12

Time Lock

2 4 5 7 11


6 16


15 17 18

Attack Speed Build

December 11, 2012


This guide is not for new players as the items are more expensive and require good last hitting to purchase. I find this build to be the superior build because it takes advantage of your time lock ability, the attack speed you gain from this build is better than the MoM build without the extra damage you receive. This allows your chronosphere and time lock to start and end team fights leaving void a more effective hero allowing him to stay in fights rather than putting down his chrono and running once your MoM runs up.


As far as leveling goes you want to reach 6 as soon as possible to help you farm. You want to start with 2 points in Time Walk for escaping. But Time Lock is where your power will come from, you want to max this skill out by 7, maxing out backtrack next, and finishing time walk by 14 after, and leveling your Chronoshpere at the usual 6, 11 and 16.

Now this skill build is assuming you are winning your lane and you can get yourself a solid support in lane. Once you hit level 6 you want to be using you chronosphere in lane to get kills as soon as you can, whenever its off cooldown, Lich is a good example for quality supports for void. Hopefully your support has a reasonable amount of harass on the other heroes and you can get one or two kills with their help. This is where your time lock will take effect. Doing double damage due to your time lock will allow you to score easy kills early on and get you the extra gold you need. The more kills in lane the better. Be liberal with chronosphere, get the kills you need!!!

If you are against a ranged DPS hero in lane backtrack can be substituted early on to help you last hit in lane.
Also, if you are having a tough time in lane, feel free to gank other lanes with your chronosphere, just dont make roaming a habit, the more time you spend not farming the harder it becomes for void to go late game. Never spend time doing nothing! Race against the clock with void, the faster the better, the more CS and the more kills the better off youll be.


Although a quelling blade is important to void, if you score a random a stout shield can be even more useful helping you stay in lane along with your backtrack. On the same note, if youre being harassed a lot in lane and your support is lack luster, you may have to make a pit stop at a poor mans shield to help you earn the last hits you need.

Be sure to buy your treads one piece at a time at the side shop or via courier, the attack speed and extra HP will help ASAP in lane.

This is where you have to stay aware, once your treads are built, you can disassemble and build a hand of midas as soon as you acquire enough gold for the recipe. From there the treads will be all too easy to refinish again. The Hand of Midas will increase your farm rate and attack speed, also helping you score kills.
If you are down feel free to jump to Maelstrom to help you score more kills early on instead.
You will want to get to Mjollnir first, if your farm is good. But stopping and getting vlads can help you jungle better if your lanes are no longer safe, although because vlads is a % of lifesteal it is better once your build is complete.

KEEP IN MIND, if they have a lot of long range disables a BKB will be necessary before continuing to your Mjollnir.

When you get the Mjollnir, your farm rate will sky rocket and you can consider the game won. Followed by a Butterfly and AC you will be next to un-killable and with the help of your midas farming will be a breeze. If you manage to earn the treads, midas, Mjollnir, Butterfly and AC late game items you will be attacking at nearly 3.5 attacks a second.

Note: That an Monkey king bar can be a fun item to pick up on void if the game goes so late, or if you feel like messing around because it will stack with your time lock.


If you can safely farm and choose your team fights appropriately you should be able to earn the farm you need to dominate the game. Void is the hardest carry in the game when given enough time in game. The evasion from the Butterfly along with his backtrack will give the enemy only a 50% chance to hit him. With the insane attack speed void is capable of you are likely to proc a time lock AT LEAST once a second.
Keep in mind that sometimes it is better to stay out of team fights and continue farming, and that defending a tower, is none of voids business early on.
Although cleaning up after fights, is voids specialty and will earn you tons of gold.
If a game gets to 35 minutes, the other team has let you and the game get out of their control. Void is capable of carrying a team to victory when you are one rax down due to his difficulty to kill and his massive damage output and team fight contribution.

I should include a big asterisk, that if you lose the lanning stage it will be very hard for void to come back if the team rushes and pushes early and often. Be smart and adjust accordingly to the situation at hand, it is always possible to come back in a game with a well places chronosphere.

Ranked Play

I have to give credit to NTH for showing me the idea for this build, I believe it was Loda who thought of this build and i have never strayed away from it sense.

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