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ArmPit Lord - Smelly and Dangerous (Tanky DPS)

August 26, 2016 by Destonaut
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Anti-Carry (Tanky DPS)

DotA2 Hero: Underlord

Hero Skills


3 5 9 12

Pit of Malice

2 4 7 10

Atrophy Aura

1 8 13 14

Dark Rift

6 11 16


15 17 18

Dare to control the power of the Armpit Lord?

If you do dare, Then your in luck! I, Destonaut, The Astronaut of Destruction will help you on your journey on being one son of a machine gun.

WARNING! : I am not a professional player. I make random guides on heroes that i like and play. Feel free to correct me in the comments.

Items and their use.

At the start, We want to pick up aBoots of Speed as Underlord is obese and cannot gain horrifying smell with that speed. With Boots of Speed, We are able to run faster to generate more sweat (Run up to last hit heroes) to gain absolute stinkiness. Then just pick up the basic Tango and 2 Iron Branches to start with.

For the Core, We will want to pick upArcane Boots as Underlord needs a lot of mana for his abilities as his main spells require 100+ mana which is a bit rough for the early game. Next, We will want to pick upMekansm for its utility and for the bonus armor. 250 will not seem much but it can be a life saver. The bonus 2 armor will also help allies stay alive longer during team fights or initiations.

If you do not feel like the core agrees with what's going on in the battlefield then care to choose the alternatives.Vladmir's Offering is a good choice if you have a lot of auto attackers on your team.Tranquil boots if you're going super tanky! But, You'll have to sacrifice your mana pool and you're likely just be a damage sponge instead of an ability spamming damage sponge. Wait for the Late game to replace yourArcane Boots with Tranquil Boots as Arcane Boots will be less useful for the late game. Feel free to swap out the Tranquil Boots forHeart of Tarrasque if you are in the SUPER LATE GAME!

Horsepower / Stinkiness

I know what you are thinking. Why BKB? Why MKB? Why Refresher? I can explain to you quickly. I know you that you randomed Underlord...

Monkey King Bar - Its a Hit or Miss type of item. This helps out in Team fight through mini-stunning enemies to help your team reach to them a little. Combo that with your W and your enemies will stand for a while. If you feel unsatisfied then don't buy this at all or make it your last item.
Refresher Orb - Spamming spells are fun! And what makes your team love you more? MORE SNARES! MORE FIRE! MORE DESTRUCTION! Yup. With Refresher Orb you can help your team rush to the enemy's base TWICE! And be able to cast your Main Abilities THREE TIMES in a matter of seconds. I suggest you make this your 5th or 6th item depending if your team wants more snare or flare.
Black King Bar - Although this is not necessary, If ever you face an enemy team with a lot of magic power then definitely pick up the BKB. Its Active is game-changing and can turn the tables around easily during team fights. MAKE SURE YOU TIME IT RIGHT.
Radiance - This item makes you more scarier in team fights. Turn off your Passive when you are not in a team fight as when initiating the enemy team can retreat before the fight even started due to your passive's DPS. Only turn it on when you are teamfighting.

The Only Runes you need!

Arcane Rune - Perfect to spam your abilities while spending only 50% of the mana that your abilities cost. Feel free to buy a Bottle to store your Arcane rune or the other runes that you need.

Haste - Perfect for chasing down enemies that are running away from your presence. With this, You can get closer to land your W and finish off the weak ones.

Regeneration - Of course you have to use this when you're low on health and mana. You know you need it so much. THE IMPORTANCE IS TOO MUCH TO BE EXPLAINED!

Bounty - Who doesn't love Free Gold and XP?


Forget about the Divine Rapier on the Alternative Horsepower. You are the Divine Rapier!

It takes you 230 stacks of your Aura to gain the damage of a Divine Rapier.

You can stack more than 1000 times and gain the damage of 3 Divine Rapiers!


Level 1 Aura (E) = 30 stacks per hero slain (30 x 8 heroes = 240 stacks of Aura)
Level 2 Aura (E) = 35 stacks per hero slain (35 x 7 heroes = 245 stacks of Aura)
Level 3 Aura (E) = 40 stacks per hero slain (40 x 6 heroes = 240 stacks of Aura)
Level 4 Aura (E) = 45 stacks per hero slain (45 x 5 heroes = 225 stacks of Aura)

Build your own Full Build!

You don't always have to follow my build here. Underlord is very flexible in defensive items and in DPS items.

I've put in a lot of alternatives for you to get an idea on what to build on Underlord depending on how you and your team is doing and how your enemies are doing.


This is it. Time for me to leave this scroll and bottle it up for the next Underlord main to find it.

Farewell lads! And remember, Always be Tanky and DPS-ey!

Neverland, 1965

So did i guess that you randomed Underlord? :D

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