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Arachnophobes Beware

November 26, 2011 by ClassiK LF
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Build 1
Build 2

Push Those Towers!

DotA2 Hero: Broodmother

Hero Skills

Insatiable Hunger

2 3 5 14

Spin Web

1 4 7 8

Silken Bola

1 4 7 8

Spawn Spiderlings

6 11 16


15 17 18

Arachnophobes Beware

ClassiK LF
November 26, 2011


Hay guise, I have compiled this uber guide out of lots of information for you. You are welcome sirs.

Criticism is welcomed.

NOTE: This guide is still a work in progress, more updates will come.


Pros / Cons


[*] -Great pushing ability with Spiderlings
[*] -Can carry later on
[*] -Extremely hard to catch with webs
[*] -Great chasing potiental


[*] -Easy to fail with Spiderlings
[*] -Vulnerable to AoE and Nukes
[*] -Dust of Appearance makes Brood cry


Spawn Spiderlings

Broodmother injects her young into an enemy unit, dealing damage. The spiderlings will hatch if the target is killed while under this influence.

This spell is what makes Broodmother such a great pusher in lanes. If the target that this spell is casted on dies within 2 seconds it spawns little spiderlings to do your bidding. If the target does not die within 2 seconds of this spell be cast, nothing happens. See the potential for goof here?

Spin Web
Throws out a web that renders Broodmother invisible in its vicinity, while also boosting regeneration, and granting a passive movement speed increase.

This spell has many uses to it and is why Broodmother has such great chasing/escaping ability. I mean, invisibility, regen, and a move-speed increase? What's not to love.
BEWARE OF Dust of Appearance!

Incapacitating Bite
Broodmother's venom cripples enemy units, causing her attacks to slow and deal bonus damage, as well as giving the affected unit a chance to miss its attacks.

This coupled with Web Spin is what makes Broodmother able to carry later on in the game. Getting ganked by a big spider with a move-speed buff and a slow? Yeah, I won't be sleeping tonight either.

Insatiable Hunger
A violent lust for vital fluids increases Broodmother's attack damage and gives her a vampiric attack.

100 bonus damage and 80% life steal at lvl 16? Ouch. This ultimate ensures your enemies death when ganked. The only downside is that this ult can be purged so make sure to pop your Black King Bar before using your ult.

Change Log

11/25/2011 - Guide added
11/26/2011 - Edited the builds a bit. More testing will go into them.

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