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Anubis-king of death

November 16, 2012 by Anubis Hades
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Sand king lane pusher/carry/ganker

DotA2 Hero: Sand King

Hero Skills


1 4 7 9

Sand Storm

3 13 14 15

Caustic Finale

2 5 8 12


6 11 16


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Anubis-king of death

Anubis Hades
November 16, 2012


I'll admit this is a very strange build for Sand King, but one I've found rather effective. It is very reliant on a good start, I treat sand king more of as a ganking cary nuker. The item/abilities I choose help clear lanes with great quickness, increases survivability, and a making you deadly ganker. Try to stay in lane at the beginning without dying(preferably in lane with Secret shop) in order to gain exp and gold early on to buy ring of health as soon as possible, which will make you a lot harder to de-lane early on. Be careful with this build though, you will be slow, if you can, hide with sandstorm or try to tank your way to a tower, but if caught over extended, you may be in deep trouble. I'd suggest laning with supports or gankers, DO NOT LANE WITH A CARY. You will be eating up creeps/gold like no ones business.


Battle furry - I start with this item as it will work great with caustic final and help clear lanes with one kill.

Vladmir's offering - great for keeping alive, especially if caught with no mana, as well, allows SK to get in fist fights with other heros and hold back creep lines by himself.

arcane boots - Sk has horrible mana problems, enough said.

aganim's scepter Sk's ult is deadly, this will make even more so.


burrow strike - use to stun and harass the enemy, use as soon as an enemy over extendes, try to work with a teamate early on to plan out ganks, use with Epicenter to gank stray heros and initiative team battles

sand stormwith caustic final it's not really necessary for taking out creeps, there are really only two uses I see for it, hiding if you're caught over extended or if someone tries to gank you, the other use is when initiating a team fight against fed or strong enemies or ones who have stuns; use barrow strike falowed by epicenter, the second epicenter finishes channeling, throw up sand storm, will do AE damage while keeping you safe. Good for letting your Borrow strike cools down.

caustic final - use on creeps, while it may be helpful in team fights, it's much more useful for clearing the lane and take in the gold. Either hit all the creeps at least once, focus on a single creep, or/and go for final hits. Enemies will be poisoned doing some damage and explode on death if still poisoned doing a decent AE damage on all enemy units in a close proximity.

Epicenter nuke!! Use this along with borrow strike to initiate and gank, your enemies will soon learn to hate you

How to use

-play it safe(you don't have much mana or hp at the start and you're very slow)
-once you get ring of health feel free to be much more aggressive
-as best you can try to stay in lane, the exp/gold will really help you out
-try work with a teamate for early ganks, the gold will help you so much with this build, as well will help you farm creeps with less/no harassment.

-really start using caustic final and battle furry to attack towers, you can easily take out whole squads of creeps at once and can get large waves of your creeps to the tower time after time
-feel free to switch lanes to either help push or for a quick gank but try your best to stay in lane as much as possible
-if there are any team fights try to get to them and help out as much as possible, but as well you can use these times to push lanes instead and sometime take out multiple towers during a single Team Battle
-if fed try to gank any squishy players who are in lane or farming creeps

-utilize team fights to wipe out the enemies, giving you time to push the lanes unmolested
- if losing or stuck near base, try to push hard in a lane to possibly turn the tides, when pushing the lane feel free to use barrow strike to take out entire creep squads by yourself and instantaneously, as well feel free to give your creeps the tower and just keep the enemy creeps from reaching them, takes down the tower and gives a lot of gold
-if fed or enemies are squishy feel free to roam and gank, in some cases you can even take out fed carries all by yourself
-mainly though just stay on offense, sand king is best when attacking

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