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Andru 3000s Guide to Broodmother

March 24, 2016 by reapreek
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Andru 3000s Guide to Broodmother

DotA2 Hero: Broodmother

Purchase Order


Observer and Sentry Wards
Quelling Blade
Soul Ring


Orchid Malevolence
Observer and Sentry Wards

Hero Skills

Spawn Spiderlings

2 3 5 7

Spin Web

1 4 6 8

Incapacitating Bite

10 12 13 14

Insatiable Hunger

9 11


Andru 3000s Guide to Broodmother

March 24, 2016

Chapter Title

General things:
- Good skill build: W Q Q W Q W Q W R E R E E E
- You and your spiders lose cliffwalking/treewalking/unitwalking when you're seen
- Spiders are the same strength at all levels of Spawn Spiderlings
- Unsatiable Hunger is on a 60 something second CD. It's not bad to use it to heal up in the woods
- Broodmother is the most counterable hero, so always try to last pick. The difference between getting countered (LC/BB/DS) or not can determine the entire game

- Go offlane and lay webs before the game begins. This way you can have 2 webs up by the time creeps arrive
- Always buy a set of sentries, because competent opponents will buy a set that you will need to counter
- Also buy either tangos or hatchet, to instantly cut down their sentries, because if you don't you'll lose the sentry war
- Soul ring recipe is good, because then you won't be stealing courier to get your soul ring
* I usually start sentries, soul ring recipe, hatchet *
- Alternate between leveling Spawn Spiderlings and Spin Web
- Spiders are super strong here, and are your everything. DO NOT FEED YOUR SPIDERS
- Use spiders to make more spiders by last hitting/denying with them. It's OK for your hero to just stand still in exp range.
- Once you have enough spiders (enough depends on who you're against), you can sicc your spiders on the enemy and watch them die

- Spiders are still strong vs supports, but unless you're crushing, they fall off in strength. Keep spider count healthy anyway, and use them to farm jungle
- Tower should be gone by now, buy orchid then whatever carry items your team needs.
- Alternate between farming enemy jungle and lane. You should lay webs in enemy jungle
- Take t2 if it's easy to take. Don't try when you don't see anyone on the map
- Remember to deward enemy jungle. Doing so will keep them out because they should have a healthy dose of arachniphobia by now
- When you have level 2 ult, you can win most autoattack fights, even without spiders

- Spiders suck now. Just use them to farm jungle or scout
- If you have good items then you're pretty strong, otherwise hopefully you've created enough space for your team
- Use Incapacitating Bite on enemy carry, help out in fights as much as you can, and eat any supports that are available (if they're good, supports won't be available)
- You can still rat with spiders if enemy is full pushing
- Watch out for enemy tilt-gank. Sometimes enemy will get pissed and buy a gem, then just 5 man their own jungle for 5 minutes looking for you

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