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and they say valve games have no bugs

February 14, 2013 by GGnet.Ace
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Nyx as solo mid

DotA2 Hero: Nyx Assassin

Hero Skills


2 3 5 7

Mana Burn

4 8 9 10

Spiked Carapace

1 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Introduction Pros&Cons

Nyx is an agility hero,unlike most of agility heroes Nyx is no hard late game carry.
Nyx plays as a nuker and he is very effective in mid game.

Excellent nukes
Very good laning
Nice mobility
Easy last hit animation

Mana dependent
Can be countered by BKB/Silence
Average late game potential

Best allies

Supports,Nukers and initators are your best allies.Some examples are
Tinker,Lion,Lina,Queen of Pain,Earthshaker,Beastmaster,Zeus,Twin Headed Dragon,Puck

Special mention to Dark Seer.This hero gives you Ion shell during vendetta and you can exhaust your enemies by using M (for moving into them) and Ion shell will do the job untill you can burst them for good.Also usually after Vendetta+Burst you run for your life, with Ds you have an excellent followup from Wall of Replica.

Worst enemies

Heroes who can silence you or heroes who can see through your invisibility.
Drow Ranger,Death Prophet,Silencer,Orchid malevolance,Anti Mage,Thrall,Gem of true sight,Sentry wards,Bloodseeker,Slardar,Bounty Hunter.
Note:All those heroes that mentioned above are papers in the early game it all depends on how you will play against them and if you shut them down while you can handle them.
Special mention to Outworld devourer[/color] ,basicly this guy can destroy you on lane ,your mana burn is always strong against him,but you will be underleveled .If you are underleveled you will gank later than your team needs you and thats basicly how Nyx Assassin is shut.
Special mention #2 Templar assassin.Unlike most early paper agility heroes templar assassin can be very hard to bring down utilizing her refraction skill.Did I mentioned she rapes you on lane but hitting you with Psi blades and mass denied creeps.

Note:like most burst mage heroes, Nyx's worst enemy is time and bracers

a little bit more about how your hero works

You are a rapist.A rapist of intelligence heroes and agility papers.
Here comes the knowledge of when to pick Nyx assassin

Look at the enemy lineup ,What do you see ?
If the enemy lineup is like 3 intelligence heroes 1 agility early paper and 1 strength hero.
Then HELL YEAH pick the damn Nyx assassin.

If the enemy lineup has like 3 durable tanky heroes no please , save your desire for playing Nyx for another game.

Your hero needs to get a couple of kills early on his first 3-4 ganks.Offer some kills to the carry if possible.Work as a snowball,Reach mid game with dagon and during mid game make another (mid cost 2000-3500 gold) item of your choice.In late game just strip the enemy team of its supports or utilities and rest of things will be done by your team as you outnumber them.

Gank at your crucial levels
By saying crucial levels I mean the levels that you have an edge over the enemies.
For example level 7 is the first crucial level you.Because you have maxed your stun you have full damage of mana burn and vendetta.
Next Crucial level is level 11 because you have level 2 vendetta and you 2 nukes maxed while you have carapace to escape.
Play more passive when you are near to these levels.For example if you are level 10 consider farming your level 11 instead of ganking because its more likely to kill someone with your vendetta dealing 400 bonus damage to 250.And sometimes you are just some seconds away from your crucial levels.

Early game

Go to middle lane.Its important to get much healing so you can reach your level 6-7 without going back.Normally not many heroes can outlane you hard like OD and TA that I mentioned above.His armor is decent and if sometimes things get tough for you you used your spiked carapace and you avoid damage of nukes or even hits (normally your timing should be close because most skilled players avoid hitting or nuking on sc).
You are here for the levels, but a good farm will be great for you too.
Farm your null,magic wand,bottle boots giving priority on one of these items depending to the type of harass you get.If you have these items then get to level 7 as fast as possible.
When you get to level 7 start ganking.Kill the weakest enemies or the enemy carry that needs shutdown (depending on how desperate for kills you are or for ownage).
Repeat until the enemy team decides to teamplay because they realize that by being scattered they are just easy targets.For item choices you should make dagon for maximizing your burst damage and arcane boots for more manapool.
Note:The following items arent MUST MAKE but they work great with your skills.Consider alternative item choices depending on the case.

Mid game

In mid game if the enemy team is decent they should probably gather and try to deal with you.
If not you are gonna have fun killing most of them (if not all of them).
If they play correctly you should start changing your plan,that's where you need initiation,
since they will be waiting for you with gem and hate
(in here someone else has to die as a sacrifice so you can be effective and win the teamfight) Stop doing ******ed dives in their team gathered believing that you are invincible by just being invisible. (Come on guys everyone did it and more than once)
So thats where your best pal becomes an earthshaker a magnus or some kind of initiator.
Initiator goes in, he uses his nukes, you come as a followup, destroy one of their key heroes or exhaust their carry and then chase them and nuke them to death.
If there is no initiator for you then guess what ...
You need a blink dagger
One of the most underrated items on this hero.
Blink dagger is the ultimate Nyx assassin tool after your enemies start hating you and wanting you so bad.
On the other hand if the enemy team is too bad or you are owning too hard Ethereal blade is the luxury choice for you in this case.

Late game

You start to fade and you become more and more team dependent as time passes.
Unless you are raping and being 2-4 levels ahead of the enemy heroes.
At this point you need the enemy carry to die,killing weak supports of his team doesn't do the trick anymore (at least not always).
So you have to somehow shut down the enemy carry.
You have many choices.You have 2 stuns that lock down the enemy carry for 2.25+2.4 seconds.
However that's not always enough,consider making Scythe of Vyse,Heaven's Halbred,Ethereal blade (if dont have it already),Abyssal Blade . You wont be able to kill the enemy carry with these items but at least you can buy some time for your team to do so, or save yourself.
If you are raping after Ethereal get hex and melt 1 enemy with your ethereal and hex,also dagon upgrades arent ******ed if you are raping.

Explaining the item choices more

Early game items
Null Talisman:More mana and some extra stats and a step closer to your dagon.
Urn of Shadows:Decent followup damage to your nukes and good healing item to save you some time from going to fountain to heal yourself.I dont recommend that because those 875 gold it needs will be missing from rushing your dagon.Its not a bad choice though.
Magic wand: a great teamfight item and situational lane choice.Give you a couple of stats.
Bottle: your best partner of ganking.Adding vendetta a double damage or haste rune makes you deadly.Also crucial for early game survivability on middle lane with its life giving and mana for more use of carapace.
Tranquil boots:Cheap source of high movement speed.Helps you recover some hp after your ganks.Good item choice if you dont want to spend much in boots.

Ring of Aquila:Good stats source even better damage source (+15).
Rejected on your early game because those 975 gold could be your staff of wizardy from dagon.

Dagon:A generally ******ed item,but a great nuking partner in your case.Dagon works with timing.The earlier you have it the better for you as your enemies have less hp.

Medallion of Courage:Not a great item choice .Not a bad one though.
Medallion on nyx has 2 ways of working.
1st way of working is stunning the enemy using medalion and then hit him hard with vendetta.
2nd way of wokring is using medalion and Spiked Carapace.
Consider getting it if your team needs to get roshan.

Mid game items:

Arcane boots:boots choice in nyx assassin ,it offers you more mana for spamming your skills and allowing you to use your skills in ganks more than once.Reason why all boots but tranquils, are placed in mid game is because you need cheap items to get your dagon scepter FAST so for early you should ignore upgrading your boots unless they are cheap.

Phase boots:more damage for your vendetta,laning last hits and the phase ability gives you the edge on getting the runes.Very situational choice of boots though.Avoid getting them

Euls scepter:If your spells on some enemy aren't enough use euls to buy some time for your team to help you.Or use it to debuff annoying silences.

Ethereal Blade:Upgrade to all your nukes (but vendetta) and dagon.Pretty expensive item choice.If you are not owning its too luxury for you.

Necronomicon:Pretty underrated item ,a great item choice though if the teamfights last long,if you face an aoe damage enemy or an invis hero.

Orchid Malevolance
:On more old school builds Nerubian's Orchid was pretty standard.
orchid works the same way ethereal does but its more useful for locking down enemies and its built easier than Ethereal blade.

Veil of discord:If you have many fellow nukers in the team consider getting it.But as always prefer to tell your allies getting it for you since you dont profit from statistics that this item gives you.

Desolator:Nyx was never a right clicker.However desolator works great with your vendetta.

Blink Dagger
:Most underrated item on this hero.Once the enemy team is waiting for you and you have no initiator you should pick a dagger to blink in,stun, use vendetta,manaburn and dagon.(ethereal and sheepstick too if they are available)
Late Game items

Scythe of Vyse:While you are hexed all your resistances are 0.
So its one of the best item choices you have.If you hex an enemy and use all your skills on him he will probably die to you alone (or your team too). Excellent anti carry item

Heaven's Halberd :You don't really profit from this item.It gives you only survivability.But its a choice for shutting down the enemy carry.

Black King Bar:In early and mid game you usually walk away from your victims and their team.But on late game you are a candidate for death just by getting stunned and misusing your spiked carapace.So that's when you need a Black king bar to walk away from the enemy team.

Abyssal Blade:Most expensive item in the game.But it is for a reason,because you get superior to BKB stun and +100 damage.

Linken's Sphere:Situational Luxury.Get it versus superior targeted spells.

Nyx Assassin players

Nyx assassin lately made his comeback in competitive.
This hero is considered imbalanced (mostly due to carapace) because he is either banned or picked all the time.
He was first picked in TI2 by Na Vi but it failed.
Players with signature pick Nyx assassin are: IG.Chuan,Mouz.Kuroky,IG.YYF,
Replays will be added soon.
Leave me some feedback of your choice and thanks in advance for your time.

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