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And they said I was crazy!-Tinker Guide

June 5, 2014 by lunattic
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DotA2 Hero: Tinker

Purchase Order

Starting game

Healing Salve
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch

Early Game

Town Portal Scroll
Boots of Speed

Mid Game

Boots of Travel
Soul Ring

Choose your mobility

Blink Dagger
Force Staff

Disabler Tinker

Scythe of Vyse
Shiva's Guard

Nuker Tinker

Dagon 1
Ethereal Blade

Good for defensive situations

Aghanim's Scepter

Other useful items

Shiva's Guard

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Heat Seeking Missile

2 4 6 10

March of the Machines

8 11 12 13


9 16 17


14 15 18

And they said I was crazy!-Tinker Guide

June 5, 2014


Hello everyone.Thanks for reading my guide.

Tinker is my favourite hero.I wanted to write a guide for him to help who want to learn this awesome guy

My english is quite bad so i may make mistakes please inform me so i can correct them

So who is tinker?

Tinker is a ranged intelligence hero.He is a pusher,nuker,ganker.He can carry his team with right items too

Imagine a hero who can be everywhere on the map,can push non stop,can defend his towers anytime,can disable&nuke people to death,can help his allies to heal them&get their items by using his boots of travel.He can do everything in the game there are no limits


Boush the Tinker's diminutive race is known for its intelligence, its cunning, and its prickly relationship with magic. As a matter of pride, they survive by their wits, and use only those powers of nature that may be unlocked through rational methodologies. Even this forbearance has led to a great deal of trouble, as Boush can attest. Once a key investigator of natural law, Boush the Tinker led a vast intellectual investigation into the workings of nature, founding a subterranean laboratory in the rumored, mist-wreathed wastes of the Violet Plateau. While scorning mages for the dangers they visit upon the world, Boush and his Tinker associates haughtily wrenched open a portal to some realm beyond comprehension and ushered in some nightmares of their own. A black mist rose from the cavernous interior of the Violet Plateau, shrouding it in permanent darkness from which sounds of horror perpetually emanate. Boush escaped with only his wits and the contraptions he carried, the sole Tinker to survive the Violet Plateau Incident.

Pros / Cons


-Good burst damage

-Good at pushing&counter pushing

-Can farm in anywhere of the map

-Useful at all stages at game

-Can disable enemies multiple times (scyhte of vyse,abyssal blade,orchid)

-Can burst enemies multiple times (dagon,etheral blade)

-Hard to stop when snowballing out of control

-Very mobile when gets his items

-Can blind the enemy for 3 seconds

-His missiles have incredible range so he can finish off fleeing opponents easily



-Needs farm to be effective

-Has no escape mechanism

-Silence and BKB counters him


Usually playing tinker at mid is the most effective way.With his good attack animation,high damage spells he could get his early items easily

His early game role is quickly getting his bottle then farm his way to boots of travel

So you need to make your plan.You can be a ganker tinker or play more safe with your march of the machnies


Tinker can be a dangerous ganker with his high damage spells

If your ganks goes good and you get few kills you will farm up your boots more faster.Also you can mess up and fail those ganks.So this is a risky way of playing tinker

Always check rune spots.If you find a good rune (haste,dd,invisibility) look up your lanes.If they are being pushed warn your allies and go for a gank

Dont gank if you are not sure where the enemy is.Its not worth risking your life and losing time

Try to hit with laser first.Missiles have very long range

Use your march of the machines on the enemies escape path so they have to move on it and take damage


You can go to safer way and max your march and farm until you get your boots

March gives you really fast farming speed.You can go jungle or ancients after pushing your lane

You will have less burst damage but with march you will get your items more quickly and this is a safer way.Also well placed march can destroy the enemy at teamfights

If you are having hard time at getting last hits use your laser and march


Now you have your most important item.You have many options to do

You have endless regeneration thanks to your rearm and boots.So look up your lanes.If your teammates are farming and safe push your lane and head to ancients

Clear the ancients and head to fountain.Push one of your lanes and create space for your carry to farm

Constantly push your lane and the other that your carry is not farming.Clear ancients,jungle also enemies jungle if its safe

Make the enemy feel the pressure.Spam your spells at every push so they will need to heal themselves because your laser&missile&march does a lot of damage early to mid game

Now you have to choose your further items.If you want mobility (i think u should) go for blink dagger or force staff.I write my opinions about these items on item section

After buying your mobility item always be aware where you are teleporting.Minimap is your best friend while playing tinker.Always keep on eye on the minimap.You can get ganked when you push lanes

Blinking into woods after teleporting a creep will keep you safe from enemies

You have good burst damage.If you have dagon too you can ambush enemies who tries to push your lanes

The simple combo is=tp to last creep,laser+dagon the enemy,blink behind him+rearm+dagon.After getting kill tp to base

You can kill squishy heroes easily with this but be aware that they may have friends with them.

If things are going well you can tell your team to go roshan.While they kill roshan you continue pushing so the enemy should have to make a choice between defending towers or going to roshan

At teamfights do not be in frontlines.Always keep distance with enemy.Your march deals good damage and creates panic in teamfights.

Late game missiles lose their efficiency.Use your laser,march,dagon more often.Stay behind and spam your skills while your team fighting with them

Most important thing is putting pressure on the enemy team while playing tinker.Keep their lanes pushed.Make them scared to go farm,push their lanes.Tinker should never waste a minute.U should be always farming&pushing or ganking.Keep pressure at any minute of game

Going for ancients

I usually play tinker at mid but he can also go for ancients.However i dont think this is a good idea because most players will know where you are after not seeing you at any lanes after a few minutes.So get ready to be ganked (Also getting ganked and giving your ancient stack can ruin your game so badly).This is a risky choice

If you are going to ancients be sure to have vision to defend your ancients.

Ancients will spawn every minute.Be sure to pull them at every minute mark.While pulling use your march of the machines to clear them more faster

Item Choices


This item is so well with tinker.You can disable someone completely in teamfights

It gives you good stats,intelligence,regeneration

It forces the enemy team to buy BKB

It creates space for your allies to finish the foes while you disable their carry

It gives you an escape mecanism.You can hex the foe and tp out

However your laser and missile loses their efficiency mid to late game.Your burst damage is not threating as it was in early&mid game.You will be lacking burst damage


Dagon makes tinker a killing machine.Squishy heroes are now afraid to push their lanes because you can tp+blink and nuke them to death.

A snowballing tinker with a dagon is so scary.You can finish the game with high K/D/A

It gives you high burst damage

With enough mana you can burst people multiple times in a fight.Level 5 dagon is not a joke

With an upraged dagon you can spam it from long distances

However with dagon you will not have your disabling power of hex.

It can be countered by BKB

You will be less useful for your team

People will blame you for kill stealing

A late dagon is not efficient.You need to farm it fast otherwise go for hex.


I think getting blink first is better.It has instant cast and no mana cost.You can teleport onto creeps and blink in woods.It makes your farming,pushing more safer and faster

On the other hand force staff can be useful in some escaping&chasing situations.Taking damage interrupts blinking so force staff is a more guaranteed way for escaping

If you want an extra mobility go for force staff after buying your blink.Its not a bad item but not necessary as blink dagger.Think of it as a luxury


If you are facing against phsyical damage dealers ghost scepter can save you from them.Rearm works with this item so you can escape from many bad situations

Also you can uprage it to a etheral blade.Even if you are not going for etheral blade this item can be bought for extra safety


Not very common but if you find yourself in situations that you desperately needing to disable someone this item is useful.Ignores BKB so another option for hex


Shift queue is holding shift button and giving commands to your hero.It makes your hero to do things in order

By using shift you can do several things with tinker.I give some examples

Tp to a creep and blink to woods immediately

Tp to a tower&creep and blink left&right to dodge some skills (mirana arrow,magnus ulti,sand king stun etc)

Tp to a creep blink behind an enemy laser,dagon

While playing Tinker using shift makes your life very easy.It makes you more fast with using your items,skills

I found a video that explains shift queue



Having a furion in team means extreme push power.Tinker and furion can push&gank so effective
Tinker can teleport to his treants.They can push lanes together or split push the enemy

Tinker can tp his hawk.This means global ganking power.Beastmaster can scout enemy with his hawk and tinker can kill them when they are alone

Tinker can tp his familiars

Lifestealer can infest tinker.With furion&visage or beastmaster one man gank becomes 3.Very nice teammate to have

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