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Ancient Semi-Support (Stat Build)

January 22, 2013 by bboyle
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Semi-Support Build

DotA2 Hero: Ancient Apparition

Hero Skills

Cold Feet

1 3 5 7

Ice Vortex

8 10 12 14

Chilling Touch

Ice Blast

6 11 16


2 4 9 13 15 17 18

Ancient Semi-Support (Stat Build)

January 22, 2013


This is a semi-support AA build. In the purchase order you will notice that I left out observer wards for this reason. If you are the only support add them to your build. Also, if you are new to AA this guide is not for you, AA requires having his abilities ready and using them constantly, so a stat build usually means early game you at a slight disadvantage, since you'll be missing your slow. I recommend getting good with a normal AA build before trying the stat build. If you want to try this build and don't know how to play support AA there is a really good guide on full support AA, and I suggest reading it first because it mentions a lot of things I will not mention due to me assuming you know how to play AA.

Pros/Cons- When to play/When not to play

Global Ult.
3.5 sec. freeze
Item Independent
Starting Mana Base
Quick Ability Cooldown

Low Health
Usually least defended by team (and in pub, if you know what your doing, first attacked)
Quickly killed in team fights.

When to play AA
Lots of squishy heros on the opposing team.
Team in need of a versatile hero.
Team needs a semi initiator.
Your team is mostly magic damage (in that case put a point in Ice Vortex at lvl 4 then add stat at lvl 14 to make up for it).

When not to play AA
Enemy team has lots of silencers
Team has Anti-mage you know is good
Team missing tank
Team has lots of blinkers



Most are probably wondering the reason I chose sage's mask over getting a salve, clarity, and iron branches. I admit this makes you more vulnerable early game and the iron braches are used to make headdress and buckler, so it's not like it's a build issue either. The reason is that Sage's mask is going to be used late game and picking it up early helps provide you with a high enough mana regen to keep up the cold feet early game when needed for helping keep the carry or yourself alive, or finishing off a hero your carry won't get to in time. The stat build will give you the stat increase you lose for not buying them early as well which is why I normally leave them for later. Secondly, due to not getting Ice Vortex, sage's mask should do the job just as well for you as a clarity would.


Finish off the courier, then pick up boots and gloves of haste first. The reason behind this is if you get ganked it gives you the best opportunity to flee, while allowing you to still fight if needed (ganking occurs near lvl 4 or 5 for the off lanes so with the added stats you should have a decent attack if you decide to stay so your carry can run and live, meaning you might be able to pick off a hero before dying).


Your basic AA mid. Power Treads, Mek and Void Stone (always good to keep you mana pool full)


Pick up Eul's and begin the Ice Vortex, Cold Feet, Eul's Combo to ensure your disable hits everytime.


Again most items are normal but you might notice the desolator. The reason for having this item in the list is due to my belief that every team should have at least one late game for team fights. Late game the opposing team usually goes for your carries and after you let out your abilities you normally just sit there right clicking (usually between .75 and .85)till their back up. Why not ice vortex, ice blast, then desolate the opposing team (minus 32 every second with insta kill if they fall below 12%, while having -6 defense). It also helps make you less useless when pushing towers, and allows you to split push by yourself while the rest of your team pushes another lane (best if it's you since you can still Ice Blast to help your team) and win a 1v1 fight against some heroes (so long as your not silenced). Remember, only get it if nobody else has (Sythe and Guard are more useful escape wise


You know someone's ULT is important when it gets it's own chapter and honestly very few ULT's are better than AA's in my opinion.

Level 6: Hit low health heroes (they usually will be staying near towers so if your unsure and the line is moving aim there).

Level 11: Start pushing lines your not near when heading back to base or jungling, helps earn money while giving the enemy something they now have to waste their time pushing back (only kills creeps it directly hits or low health creeps at this level).

Level 16: Really start pushing lanes near your base while moving another lane towards theirs with your team. Helps stall them a bit and someone will eventually go to push the lane meaning 4v5 fights which help when fighting near towers.

Remember helping your team is your number 1 priority though, so remember to hit the opposing team right before team fights to help your carries get the kills. Also learn the routes low health heroes take to ensure that no enemy leaves the battlefield and feels safe.

Finally, putting it all together

Early game stay away from any situation that might lead you into trouble (remember you don't have any survivability and the stats only really help once you have 2 points in stats). Pay attention to denying creeps in the lane and pulling (how you'll probably get most of your early gold, if your in the safe lane). Last hit only when your carry cannot hit the creep safely (usually the ranged creep). Harassing when the lane first arrives will help keep their carry from getting gold, but will also push the lane, so make sure you pull if your in the safe lane. Hit lvl 6 and then prepare to gank if you can (cold feet, Ice Blast can usually end a hero if they get frozen). Now is when you decide if your lane is good for solo pushing (in which case stop stealing EXP from your carry and begin roaming and ganking other lanes) or if it's still not safe for your carry to solo the lane (in which case stay and help keep the lane safe for your carry to farm).

When your team finally gathers together to push stay behind the rest of your team by a bit, when the other team is in front of you, the reason behind this is that your ice blast needs to be big enough to hit all 5 of the opposing team members, while you are still in a close enough range to get to the battle in time to caat Cold Feet and use mekanism.

Other than that AA is played like a normal AA (Like I said before, you should have a grasp of AA before playing AA).

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