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An In-Depth Analysis of Battlefury Chaos Knight

December 24, 2015 by hailnickyleung
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Build 1
Build 2

The Flawed Build

DotA2 Hero: Chaos Knight

The Legend Himself - The Origins of Battlefury Chaos Knight

One day there was a man
His name was Ron Baido
He locked Chaos Knight
and built battlefury

That was millenniums ago, but even now the legend of Ron Baido Chaos Knight lives on in infamy.

Often accredited for the apocalypse the Battlefury Chaos Knight builds has been shrouded in mystery. The reasons behind it's formation had been long thought to be hidden forever in the mind of Ron Baido.

However through scientific analysis I have uncovered the mysteries behind Ron Baido's Chaos Knight Battlefury build.


New research into Ron Baido's psyche have uncovered that he only has the ability to think for 125 seconds per day. Any normal human being would then assume that Ron's Battlefury Chaos Knight was a direct result of this affliction. However that is completely false. I in-fact speculate that Ron WAS using his brain when making this build. You see, Chaos Knight's main fault as a hero is his inability to farm fast and efficiently. Battlefury allows you to "Cleave" multiple units at a time, drastically increasing your farming speed. This logical move in building Battlefury is what prompts me to think that Ron was in-fact USING his brain when building Battlefury.

An Analysis of Components

Broadsword and ClaymoreThese two components give a total of 39 damage, when built into Battlefury these components magically turn into 55 damage components. Seeing as how Chaos Knight is indeed a "carry" and how his third skill's "crit" increases as your attack damage increases it is obvious why Ron would choose Battlefury for damage reasons. The magical increase in damage is a no-brainer, it's LITERALLY free damage.

PreseveranceThis component provides 5 HP Regen and 125% mana regeneration along with 10 damage. When built into Battlefury it becomes 6 HP Regen and 150% manga regen. Although this might not seem like much this allows Chaos Knight to spam abilities and provides him sustain to farm creeps efficiently.

The Logic Behind Battlefury Chaos Knight

Establishing Guidelines
Arguably there are three heroes that utilize Battlefury well and in the same manner. These three heroes are Juggernaut, Phantom Assassin, and Antimage.

JuggernautJuggernaut farms well with Battlefury because of his base attack time of 1.4s as well as his high crit chance passive. This allows Juggernaut to clear jungle and lane creeps fast and efficiently and build a gold lead very fast. Battlefury also synergizes with his ultimate.

Phantom AssassinPhantom Assassin farms fast by closing distances between her and creeps faster than other heroes. Her "blink" also gives her increased attack speed for 4 attacks at a cost of 50 mana. Combining this with her ultimate, which is a crit at 15% proc chance, makes her farm very fast. Even faster with Battlefury. She possesses a fast base attack time of 1.7s.

AntiMageThis hero farms the fastest with Battlefury. He possesses a base attack time of 1.45s and clears camps very fast with Battlefury. However his long range blink allows him to clear the distance between him and creeps the fastest out of any hero in the game and this allows him to farm the fastest with Battlefury.

Battefury Chaos Knight Itself

Chaos KnightNow you might be asking, what do any of those heroes above have to do with Chaos Knight? You see Chaos Knight possesses a skill that resembles Phantom Assassins and Anti-Mage's, his skill "Reality Rift" can close the distance between him and creeps. However unlike and Antimage it does not have alot of range and unlike Phantom Assassin's it does not give him increased attack speed. However it does give him a huge damage boost of 180 on the first hit which does increase the damage of the first cleave of Battlefury. Spamming this ability in the jungle and on creeps is easy, as it has the same mana cost as Phantom Assassins blink and only a 6 second cooldown. In combo with Battlefury's mana and health regeneration it allows Chaos Knight to efficiently farm fast by spamming this skill.

Like Juggernaut and Phantom Assassin Chaos Knight has a crit skill. However the chance of this crit is only 10% is functions just like the crit skills of Phantom Assassin and Juggernaut and allows him to farm fast with his Battlefury.

Also like Phantom Assassin, Chaos Knight possesses a base attack time of 1.7s, this is proof that Chaos Knight can farm at a fast rate with Battlefury

It seem's as if Ron's true genius had never been uncovered. It's obvious that Ron deducted all of this theory craft in the span of 125 seconds and tried to apply this however things went wrong.

The Mistakes of Baido

125 Seconds of Euphoria, 23 Hours, 57 Minutes, and 55 Seconds of Agony
It's obvious now that Ron's build was a masterpiece of next level theory craft and thinking. But, why did it go wrong? Why does Ron live in infamy for such a progressive build. Although Ron was able to theory craft the Battlefury Chaos Knight he didn't have enough time to theory craft the rest of the items needed to complete this ultimate build. Now I have analyzed Ron's mistakes and deducted the corrections needed in-order to make this a top class build.

TreadsIn order to efficiently spam "Reality Rift" Chaos Knight absolutely needs a higher mana pool. This can be easily remedied by picking up treads to increase your INT pool and spam more efficiently.

Soul RingSoul Ring also remedies the mana problem while providing you extra regen in both health and mana.

A Change in skill build.
One of Ron's biggest mistakes is putting skill points in Chaos Knight's Q and R abilities. These abilities do not help Chaos Knight farm AT ALL. I suggest maxing W and E then putting everything else into stats in-order to help you farm better.

Final Words

It is obvious that Ron was a genius for his time. When people thought Armlet was the only way to go Ron thought progressively and refused to let the haters get to him. However his 125 second affliction stopped him from reaching his full potential and since then he has lived in infamy. Well NO MORE. Follow this build and be the Chaos Knight Ron Baido always wanted you to be.

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