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An Evil Snowman's guide to Legion Commander

May 21, 2013 by AnEvilSnowman
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Build 1
Build 2

Laning carry

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

1 3 5 7

Press the Attack

2 12 13 14

Moment of Courage

4 8 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

An Evil Snowman's guide to Legion Commander

May 21, 2013


Legion Commander is a hero with one of the most risky skills in DotA for her ultimate, making her an overall risky hero requiring a lot of skill to be played effectively. She also revived a gender switch in the move over from DotA 1.

She should normally be played as a carry with the potential to snowball out of control.


======Overwhelming odds======

Is a target point AoE that will deal 240 damage plus an additional 10 damage for each unit in the area. Legion commander will also receive a 9% movement speed boost for each hero and a 3% movement speed boost for each non-hero unit in the AoE.
Overwhelming odd cost 100 mana with an 18 second cooldown.

======Press the attack======

Press the attack is a targeted ability that will grant friendly units, 120 attackspeed and 60 health regen for 4 seconds, as well as removing all debuff or disables.
Press the attack cost 110 mana with a 13 seconds cool down.

======Moment of Courage======

Moment of courage is a passive ability that when attacked gives legion commander a 22% chance to immediately attack the attacker. This bonus attack has 80% life steal which is not a unique attack modifier. Unfortunately the bonus attack can’t proc more than once every 1.2 seconds.


Duel is a target ability that will force you and an enemy to attack each other for 5.5 seconds. Neither you nor your target can use items or abilities and some passive abilities are also disabled. If either you or the enemy kill the other then they are declared the winner of the duel and gain a permanent 10 bonus damage.
Duel cost 75 mana and has a 50 second cooldown.

Skill Build

Overwhelming odd is take at level 1 and maxed first as its your nuke skill take it at level 1,3,5 and 7.
Press the attack’s main utility comes from the removal from debuff early on so at level 2 take one point in it but due to the nature of LC you will be looking for kills as quickly as possible. This is why we prioritise moment of courage over press the attack after the first point so we don’t take press the attack again until levels 12, 13 and 14.
As I said Moment of courage take priority over Press the attack after level 2 so we max it seconds taking it at levels 4,8,9 and 10.
Duel is a interest ut to say the least when used properly it will allow you to snowball out of control. Take it whenever possible at levels 6,11 and 16.
As usual stats at level 15 and 17+.

Jungling Skill Build

The main differences between the jungle and laning builds are in the skilling orders and starting items you’ll still be aiming for the same items and game play objectives that you would if you were laning but the path to get there is a little different at the start.

You’ll be wanting to take press the attack for the active Health regen to get you started then the moment of courage will take priority. When jungling we take Press the attack at levels 1,4 8 and 9.

Moment of courage has the huge 80% life steal from proceed attacks will keep you alive and the additional damage from the pro will certainly speed things up. This is why we max moment of courage first taking it at levels 2,3,5 and 7.

From there we should max our overwhelming odds as it our primary nuke and so we need it to actually kill the enemy. Take it at 10, 12,13 and 14.

Like I said when even thou we are juggling our gameplay objectives are the same we want to take duel whenever possible at 6,11 and 16.

As usual stats at 15 and from 17 onward.

Item Build

Staring out you should grab a quelling blade, 3 iron branches, a set of tangos and a healing salve.
After some laneing get blades of attack to make your last hitting even easier and boots of speed. As usual your inventory will be getting full so you should clear up the iron branches by upgrading to a magic wand.
From there you should get working on your first core item Armlet the active is insanely good early on and the combination of your Moment of courage proc and the health regen from press the attack will compensate for the health drain.
Now you’ll need to get your power treads up to keep up with every other hero in the game and power treads are the best choice of tier 2 boots for LC.
Because of Duel you need to be doing the most damage from only auto attacks, Medallion's active is great at this reducing you and your opponents armor by 6. Now this might sound bad but it also gives +6 armor so it’s basically just reducing the enemies armor.
The next big item you’ll want is an assault cuirass. It’s fantastic on LC the Armour auras give a big difference in the armor between you and your duel opponent the attack speed great. It’s just a must buy item on LC.
SO you have reduced your duel targets armor until they have almost nothing left. Now if only you could do something about that weapon. Well a heavens halberd allows you to disarm the opponent. Unfortunately the evasion doesn't work in a duel but hey they just dropped their weapon.

Jungle Item Build

As you would expect when jungling you need different items when starting out since no one is going to be trying to deny your jungle creeps you don’t need the quelling blade but you are going to be taking more damage from creeps. This is why we have swapped the quelling blade for a stout shield.


Staring out you’ll want to be with a babysitter in a side lane and your focus should be on farming early on you have no outstanding ways to get a first blood so you should be aiming for it.

At level 6 with armlet you should be ok to start dueling people. Try looking for low health targets and get that +10 bonus.

Into the mid game you should be looking to capitalize on your duels if you’re not getting kills with duel in the mid game you’re not going to be that useful later on. I almost every case you are the best person to get the kills on enemy heroes. The +10 damage is just too good. You should not be afraid to kill steal its your job. If an enemy come within range with low health duel him. At the very least it will disable them for the rest of your team to cast up and help land the kill.

Let’s cover your check list before using duel as you have a lot to do to make sure that you get the bonus 10 damage rather than the enemy. Before using duel you should have toggle your armlet on for the bonuses, used Press the attack on yourself to get the 60 health regen and attack speed, disarmed your opponent with halberd and reduced their armor with medallion. If you have done all these thing there is no reason you should lose a duel unless you have engaged in a stupid way. (i.e at low health or in the middle of a team fight.)

Remember that just because you and your duel partner can’t cast spell everyone else in the game can and you can still die. So don’t ever use your duel in a team fight. This mean that in the late game when team fights are more and more prevalent. You should rely on right clicking. This is why it is so important to get duel kills in the early and mid game.

Jungling Gameplay

As for game play the only thing that changes is at the start of the game instead of laning you’ll be jungling. Try to stick to the easy and medium caps until level 3. And make use of choke point jungling and staking the easy camp.

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