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An assasin's guide for a charming hero

April 25, 2013 by kalhamura
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carry build

DotA2 Hero: Enchantress

Hero Skills


2 5 7 9


3 12 13 15

Nature's Attendants

1 4 8 10


6 11 16


14 17 18


"Aiushtha appears to be an innocent, carefree creature of the woods, and while this is certainly true, it is hardly the sum of her story. She well understands the suffering of the natural world. She has wandered far, and fared through forests bright and drear, in every clime and every season, gathering friends, sharing news, bringing laughter and healing wherever she goes. For in worlds wracked by war, forests are leveled for the building of ships and siege engines; and even in places of peace, the woods are stripped for the building of homes, and as fuel for countless hearths. Aiushtha hears the pleas of the small creatures, the furtive folk who need green shade and a leafy canopy to thrive. She lends her ears to those who have no other listeners. She carries their stories from the wood to the world, believing that her own good cheer is a kind of Enchantment, that can itself fulfill the promise of a verdant future."


Hello my name is Ranger Azul and this is my first guide, i will bring to you how to solo mid and be a carry with an lovely enchantress.

Pros / Cons


Do pure damage
Good self-defense abilities
Can push easily due to untoucheble skill
Great healing capabilities

Low defensive stats
Lack of escape mechanisms
Mana problems early game
Rune "dependent" early game

Solo mid

soling mid is not a hard work for an enchantress, just keep in mind these things:

just use your nature's attendents while being directly attacked by an enemy hero, in early game you will probably not die as this skill heal you a lot.

rune control
, before the game start stay close to the top rune spawn, and ask to other hero watch the bot spawn, with a rune your chance of killing your enemy that is mid increases a LOT

atack your enemy always as you can

try getting him from surprise in the back (but be carefull to not get hit by his tower)

be sure to get aganhim's as fast as you can as it pottentially increases your damage

your ult damage depends on how far away are you from your target, so always atack at maximum distance. don't run away from melee heroes like ursa, nightstalker, lifestealer etc just to do more damage with your ult, use your nature's attendents skill and you'll probably win.

always turn impetus on when atacking players. becarefull with mana.

Agressive gameplay (early game)

While playing enchantress you have to play in an agressive "mode" this don't mean to go rushing on an enemy that's below his tower, but to hit him whenever you can. And do not fear your enemy

whenever u are being atacked with half hp or less use nature's attendents in early game this skill is just that OP.

Long ranged gameplay (mid, late game)

as you must have realized by now, your ult does more damage according to enchantress distance from her target, so try to keep maximum range always as you can, remember there are situations in wich you don't have to run (almost all of them) from a melee hero you can easily use nature's attendents and you will probably kill him, if 1x1.

aganhim's increase your atack range with impetus, so it's a must havew item to your enchantress.


why not tangos, pots?

due to your healling skill you don't need to buy tangos and pots, but again, only use it while being atacked. null talism will make you signifficantly stronger early game.

power treads will give u signifficant bonuses early game, movement speed, intelligence/agillity/strenght remember to switch btween int and str according to the situation and hero you are attacking, when attacking an squishy hero, use int and when attacking an high hp/tank hero use str.

aganhim's scpeter is your MUST HAVE item as it potentially increases your damage and atack distance.

bloodstone is a good choice to increase your mana and health regeneration, allowing you to stay at battlefield for longer without returning to base, if you have 2 or more heroes in your team with arcane boots you can get shiva's guard, helm of the dominator or blade mail.


this guide is not finished yet.

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