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An Agressive Riki Build

May 6, 2012 by Exscaly
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Agressive Build

DotA2 Hero: Riki

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Early Game

Mid/Late Game

Hero Skills

Smoke Screen

2 12 13 14

Blink Strike

3 5 8 10

Cloak and Dagger

1 4 7 9

Tricks of the Trade

6 11 16


15 17 18

An Agressive Riki Build

May 6, 2012

Introduction to the Guide

Just before I begin, I would like to thank jamestan for this skill and item build, as well as play style. I copied you by watching a replay and it worked! Thanks so much!

Welcome to this guide. I will briefly touch on playing Riki in an aggressive manner. I will not, however, be teaching you how to play Riki in general. There are loads of guides out there where I learned this and I feel it is unnecessary to put another.

By looking at the item and skill build, you can see how this is incredibly attack orientated. It requires a nice stonkload of last hitting to farm all the delicious gold, as well as general map awareness, but I've used it to great results.

Oh, and let me please get it out there, I'm not a pro DotA player. I've played for maybe a year or so, but I'm not what one might call "good".

The First and Last Chapter

I think I can make this guide short and concise. Get Backstab first so you can last hit properly. Get Smoke second to help you harass and escape. Or I guess you can alternate and get Smoke first if you are feeling unsure about you playstyle for an escape mechanism. Then you want to alternate Backstab and Blink and max them out.

The items are expensive, but make an insane combo. If you last hit right, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. You want to aim to last hit around half the enemy creep wave at the start of the game. That works for me.

This can be done by running in behind them, then scuttling out. Even if there are two creeps to be last hit, only take one. You can't afford to be nuked or stunned early game. It's all about the gold. Remember, if you are afraid of the opponents attacking you, think about your opponents. They're probably afraid of you too!

Pretty much, you want to farm when possible and kill enemies more. Run when you're visible - it's painful if you don't. Standard Riki-ness.

For killing enemies, you want to attack them or blink in first. A second or two after, (pretty much when they notice you), lay down your smoke. Then when they run, backstab should kill them. If they don't run, kill them in the smoke. Combine it with blink if they try moving forward.

There's not really much to it apart from normal Riki playstyles. It's mainly early game and the two above builds.

Enjoy killing your enemies.

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