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Alternative Juggernaut Guide

April 1, 2014 by fowbo999
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Alternative Juggernaut

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Hero Skills

Blade Fury

1 3 5 7

Healing Ward

2 4 13 14

Blade Dance

8 9 10 12


6 11 16


15 17 18


Hey everybody. I am not too big on writing these guides, I don't make them all long and fancy. If you want a complete run down on juggernaut aswell as a good build, I suggest you read the top rated build. However, for pubs, I have begun finding very easy ways to win games very quickly by using builds others have not thought of for a few heros now. They are very effective and I have had such success I thought I would share.

If you are a pub player, you will find this build is a very straight-forward way to play juggernaut, with a very easy win and a high win ratio (depending on your team)

Quick Run Down on Juggernaught

Juggernaut is a agility hero with a great early-game and mid game, who usually falls of late game. However with this build you should be made more effective late game then the usual juggernaut. Juggernauts major pro's is his ability to ensure first blood with a proper laning partner (such as CM or Shadow Shaman) as well as his ulti which if executed properly can allow juggernaut to gank 2 or even 3vs1.

His main faults are his low mana pool early-game, his ult doesn't scale well and needs a scepter to stay effective (even at level 2), and his blade fury falls off lane game and becomes almost completely ineffective. However his critical hit and his healing ward scale well even into the late game.

It is important you pick juggernaut at the right time. You don't want to make him your late-game carry, he is more of an early-mid game hero. It is important to have a good laning partner with a HARD STUN like CM to help you early-game and to ensure first blood. If someone on your team picks someone such as CM, Rubick, Shadow Shaman, Bane, or even disruptor, juggernaut will be a good pick.

Explanation for Skill-Set

Some people say to max blade fury and healing ward first and go onto blade dance last.

I disagree simply because healing ward although it can save you early-game and keep you from having to go back to the fountain for heals, 2 points is sufficient for early-game and you will need to save your mana for blade fury. Blade dance giving you a 35% chance at critical hit is much more effective for ganking and to ensure kills, and it scales well until the late game where it pretty much replaces blade fury.

Maxing healing ward later in the game means you will be able to cast it without having mana problems, and heal you and your entire team in team-fights.

Early Game

This may be seen as controversial but I have found it is HUGELY effective if you are off to a good start, and if you are off to a bit of a bumpy start early-game, this build should still be reasonably achievable.

The idea is to get yourself a poor mans shield and bots in hopefully the first 2-3 minutes.

Your laning partner is also going to stun opponents when you start to cast your blade fury and you are going to cut them down, aswell as any creeps near-by and you are going to have gold FAST early-game. Juggernaut is an excellent early-game farmer and for this build to work ideally you are going to want to get first blood and hopefully another gank ontop of that giving you 800-1000 gold hopefully by the 5 minute mark. It is easily achievable and even a mediocre juggernaught can do this.

Now go and blade-fury some creeps in the jungle and purchase yourself a point booster. It is easily done and a reasonable pub player should be able to rush a point booster in less then 5 minutes. Most of the time it is not what your doing, most of the time, this is completely unheard of or unthought of, simple because no one ever tries this route with jugger. If you go into the game, with the intention of getting point booster within 5 minutes, you have 50-50 chance of achieving it. That is with poor mans shield and boots, and with first blood. If you dont get first blood or it goes a bit bumpy you will DEFINITELY have point booster within 10 minutes so long as you didn't completely fail early-game.

Having a point booster this quick in early games gives you +250 health and +150 mana which is really the important part.

Having this mana to go around early game is crucial and game changing. You can now cast 2 blade furies back to back, or even an omnislash followed with a bladefury in the first 10 minutes of the game, and ensure almost constant ganks. Your opponents are going to get pissed and probably stop laning at this point. If they don't, just keep ganking them.

Mid Game

For the mid game you are going to find that your omnislash is pretty useless with only 3 jumps. If you can catch the enemy with their pants down without any creeps near by, you will be able to gank 1vs1 with it, but other then that it is pretty useless and you will be relying on your point booster for mana and your blade fury while you farm yourself quickly (hopefully in less then 5 minutes) a set of phase boots to give you +22 dmg.

If you think about what we are doing here, you are scaling very well, and by now you really should be the most fed hero in the game.

You will have +55 movement speed, +22 dmg, and +250 health and mana aswell as omnislash and bladefury.

You will be an early-mid game gank machine.

Once you have the phase boots, the idea is to rush the scepter.

You should be able to get scepter by level 11. This is reasonable and assuming you die once or twice in between lvl 6 and level 11.

If you have scepter by level 11, that means not only do you get +10 all stats (which is absolutely crucial for juggernaught especially at this point in the game. the +10 int is also going to cover the extra mana for your level 2 omnislash as it moves up to 275)


This means, assuming there are no creeps around, you will be able to kill almost any 2 heros together at a time. This ofcoarse might not work vs a fed BB and a wraith king, but generally you will be able to kill almost any 2 heros your level with 1 ulti, and if theres any survivors a blade fury will clean it up immediately.

If you are a half decent player you should be able to rack up quite a few kills during this period and you will dominate in team fights and give your team the upperhand.

The entire idea is to release your ult at the right time, and follow it up with a blade fury.

The next item to rush will be a mjollnir. This is because not only will the lightning allow you to push and farm effectively, but the attack speed + your blade dance will help you scale into the late game. Once blade fury runs out, you have a 35% chance for a 200% critical hit, with +80 attack speed leading to a very dangerous right-click ganker.


Once you hit level 16, you will have 12 slashes on your omnislash, which although it sounds great, at this point in the game it might not be all so amazing. However it will still be almost a definite 2 hero kill if casted at the right place, right time, and can still easily turn the tide in team-fights, so dont underestimate it. This will scale well and even at level 25 you can still take down most opponents with it while avoiding any dmg yourself, so it will never really become useless.

Around the time you hit level 16, you will also find that blade fury is becoming useless and almost a hazard to yourself to use.

The damage just doesn't scale good enough. Spinning your way into a group of enemy heros, or even just 1 enemy tank, doesnt go so well. Stop casting it entirely, your mjollnir lighting proc + 200% crit and high attack speed means your right click is going to be your main form of attack now. You will find that this will still keep you effective all the way to even level 25, where with the right items you will still be an effective ganker vs most heroes.

You will want to build a desolator after you mjollnir. Some people might want to build a deso before mjollnir rather then after, but unless you really need the armor reduction or need to push towers faster, the mjollnir really does make a huge difference and even improves your farm so you could theoretically farm a mjollnir > desolator faster then a desolator > mjollnir.


Some people are also going to say you need a bkb but personally I don't think I have ever bought a bkb with jugger because his blade fury is basically a free bkb. It is really the only use for it late game, become magic immune, activate phase boots, and dash off out of messy situations.

Quick summary

This guide has pointed out some very easy yet game changing tips that are hardly ever used in pubs.

1. If you rush a point booster, you can almost always have it between 5-7 minutes, assuming you get first blood (like a proper juggernaut should ALWAYS have). This means you can now cast blade fury back to back, or omnislash into a bladefury.

2. Having an early point-booster makes it possible to have scepter before level 11, giving you 9 slashes at your 2nd level. This is almost always 100% assurance at this stage of the game for winning teamfights.

3. Buy mjollnir mid-late game, giving you extremely fast attack speed in conjunction with a 200% crit. The extra farm from the lightning proc will get you a deso faster then a deso will get you a mjollnir.

4. Never use blade fury late game, unless its for the magic immunity. Never buy a BKB with juggernaut in pubs.

I lost with your guide

Blame Pudge.

If Pudge is on your team, hes noob pudge.

If Pudge is on the enemy team, somebody fed him.

If nobody picked Pudge, then blame your team. Or enemy team for picking OP heroes.

Because thats just how pubs go. And I have learned that everything is always Pudge's fault.

Last Words

Thanks for reading my guide. Let me know what you think and give it lots of votes. Try not to be to hard on me if you don't like it.

Also check out my razor guide. It's pretty kickass.

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