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ALT+TAB Phantom Lancer

April 20, 2013 by datinvoker
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DotA2 Hero: Phantom Lancer

Purchase Order


Upgrades 1

Boots and A.Ring

After Farming and kills

Finish it


Crit like crazy


End game


Hero Skills

Spirit Lance

1 4 7 9 12


2 8 14 17 18

Phantom Rush

3 5 10 13 15


6 11 16


ALT+TAB Phantom Lancer

April 20, 2013


So this is a short and very clear BUILD. Its not a guide its a build. So following the build you want to harrass early game ( thats why you got clarity and armor ) and farm. After u get sages mask and complete first item ( B.Ring ) you want to focus more on farm just farm and farm and farm and after you get boots and A.Ring you farm and farm and farm and after you complete your boots you can get more agressive. If you grab a kill or two and farm up some more money you get yasha. Now youll be starting to get seroious. Finish Sange and Yasha and focus squishy carries. Since at this point it should be mid game you are gonna want to stay in the back of the fight Q an enemy squihsy or low champion and use W to get to him. Keep focusing him for as long as you can and once you kill them or sense that you can be killed back off. Continue to do this and farm up the money for Butterfly.FARM. GET DEADLUS. OWN. After this get sneaky and kill from behind, replace A.Ring with Vladimirs. Now this should be a good boost for your team in team fight and you should be able to own hard so u can get into fighst and initiate without waiting for the squishies. Farm a lot. Farm a lot. After farming a lot. Farming a lot. Get divine. Now this is late game and this is you end game item. You are gonna own. If you want you can switch S and Y for Manta or Abyssal or even Desolator or Diffusal Blade. Good Luck. Told you it was very short.

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