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alphaglass's Guide to Rubick

November 27, 2013 by alphaglass
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

General build

DotA2 Hero: Rubick

Hero Skills


1 4 8 10

Fade Bolt

2 3 5 7

Arcane Supremacy

9 12 13 14

Spell Steal

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hello this is a guide for my favorite hero Rubick, this guide focuses on mobility and has 3 variants to compensate for different positions as a player if your playing a 4 or 5 position or even a semi carry. As a first time Rubick player a few priority's should be learned like the fact that after a force staff Rubick is fairly item independent and getting additional items like a blink dagger turns him into more of a play making initiator.

Pros and cons

Great lane control
Good ganking ability
Great play making ability
Best ult in the game

No real escape


Telekinesis: A disable where Rubick lifts the target into the air, you can choose where to throw them and it also stuns in an aoe around the target when dropped.

Fade Bolt: An aoe nuke that bounces around every target close to each other dealing diminishing damage for every bounce and lowering base damage.

Null Field: A passive spell resistance that provides 20 percent magic resistance at max level.

Spell Steal: Rubick's most unique ability and the one that gives him the title of mot diverse hero in DotA 2 this ability allows him to steal most active abilities in the game and set up huge teamfights for his side.

How to use: Rubicks abilities can be used in many ways due to how they work but generals the way I like to play him is to use telekinesis to either set up skillshots or position the enemy has the stun is minor. Fade bolt is a great ability to use to gank harass and farm and is an amazing lane control spell as you can use the bounces to last hit creeps and harass the enemy as well as lowering damage. Null field is generaly maxed last but should be skilled in situations when your against high magical nukers such as Lina Ogre Magi, or even if your in lane against a shrapnel maxing sniper.
Spell steal is probably the most unique ability in the game and as such there are a multitude of ways you can use it, but in my experience unless you have an ability your saving for some form of fight "Taking and returning." works quite well for small engagements, this requires you to do some pretty creative thinking to find the best use of a spell for instance, you steal meat hook from Pudge its probably better to hook a teammate to safety or to the fight than pulling Pudge towards you. But you also have to be careful and make sure you dont cast a spell like darkness that could strengthen enemy.


Rubick is a hero who is generally picked as a support and is commonly chosen in the professional scene. although he is now played as support he used to be played as a mid semi carry by players such as dendi. Rubick is a hero who needs to be in and out of a fight quickly and needs mana to cast his array of spells. so you should play him conservatively and wait for the ideal time to initiate. As Rubick you should also note that ganking is extremely important to set up your carry and your own item progression, as well as shutting down the enemy heroes. You should also make sure that wards are up and use smokes when you gank unless you know there are no wards. You should also note that your own ability's are very strong for instance telekinesis is one of the best setups in the game and can also be used to escape from sticky situations. Another thing that Rubick players often get wrong is going for the biggest spell possible and staying out of the fight unless they get it (getting 5 man ravage is no good if the rest of your team is dead. Also this might be obvious by now but positioning is key on rubick.

Item Build

The item build for a Rubick is allot of mobility with prioritizing boots then blink force staff and then euls scepter, I'm also a huge fan of boots of travel on Rubick as the move speed is much needed and the tp ability gives great global presence. Also its extremely important to get your team a mek if your other support didn't. Also an urn is a great pickup if your playing support and are planing to gank. Don't be fooled by the recommended build Items such as a bloodstone and drum would be great it turns him into a disabler rather than the play maker he has the potential to be. Its also good to note that in some situations ghost scepter is a necessity.

Skill Build

A basic cookie cutter build that accommodates for most situations the most notable parts are the first level into telekinesis for an escape and a disable for ganks and maxing fade bolt for lane control and a nuke for killing enemys.

How to Draft Rubick

Rubick is a support so should generally be one of your teams 2 supports he is generally played as a 4 position as he scales very well into late game. Specific times you want to pick Rubick are in games where the opposing team has lots of team fight heroes and you can play him as a counter initiator. Bad times to pick rubick are against heavy right clicking lineups such as lifestealer and ursa. As Rubicks friends are his enemys' you should generally use him to counter pick or pick after the opposing team has picked some heav casting teamfighters

Conclusion and Final Tips

Thanks for reading this far and as some final tips I would like to mention some of the better spells to steal.

Fissure: for positioning and ganking ability
Ravage: teamfight
Black Hole: teamfight
Reverse Polarity: teamfight
Call Down: teamfight
Sukchi: Much needed mobility
Firefly: best animation
Omnislash: Great dodge and even escape
Meat Hook: My favorite spell to steal and great positioning

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