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all round invoker guide

February 28, 2013 by underzeronation
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All round build

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Hero Skills


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all round invoker guide

February 28, 2013

The alround invoker guide:

When the game starts you don't need many tangos/healing salves. (quas)
When we start the game we buy 3 tangos and a blade of attack. (63gold left)
Some players are agressive and attack you quit often.
But there is no need to buy more than a tango.
Unless you play very aggressive.

-b]GAME START items:[/b] lvl1
->blade of attack(phase boots)

How to:
You first lvl your exort. Which gives you extra damage.
This will allow you to have succesfull last hitting and denying.
You also need to be in MID ,because the hard carrys are on this lane.
Hard carrys (ex. drow ranger) wont get allot of gold ,which make them weak and useless.
Try to get as fast as you can to buy phase boots.
It gives you 24 damage and a lot of movement speed. (Hit and run, ganking)
Once you reached lvl2 you have to level your quas!
Don't level invoke yet! It is pretty useless and it costs you a lot of mana to use sunstrike.
When you reach lvl3 you should level invoke. (you can use cold snap at lvl 3)

-Early~midgame items: lvl6~12
-Drum of endurance
-oblivion staffs

How to:
At lvl7 you can use all your spells ,but it doesn't mean your spells are strong.
Around lvl 11-12 the team matches starts.
The drum gives you a aura and a active. So you can attack and walk faster.
This is very usefull for deafening blast, coldsnap and invoker isn't the fastest hero in the game... It allows you to gank much more easyer.
If you have a oblivion staff or 2 than you shouldn't have many problems with your mana.
(sages mask, robe of magi and quarter staff).
When you reach lvl 12 you are very usefull in team matches.
When your lvl12 it should be like this:
1 or 2 qu***, 2wex and the rest exort and invoke max.

Mid game items: 12~16
-force staff
-Oblivion staff
When I play invoker you should have orchid around lvl13 and late 14.
Once your lvl12 your ready to do nice team battles.
lvl13~16 skills:
1 or 2 qu***, 6 exort and rest wex and invoke max.
A higher wex is more usefull than a one hit high damage....
(After his you can lvl your exort and max out invoke an wex and don't forget to lvl a bit of you qu***)
(Below the combo's ,the build goes on)
Here are some combo's: you can use for team fights.

tornado->chaos meteor-> deafening blast
Note: If you have a high lvl and a force staff ,you can use ice wall to to prevent they run away.

tornado->EMP->deafening blast
Note: When you see the other team and want to start a team fight. they lose mana and hp in the start of the game. Esspescially when the other team has characters with less mana. Ex. juggernaut

coldsnap->forge spirit-> alaclarity
Note: Only usefull in 1v1 and You can always push towers with the forgespirits to.

chaos meteor-> deafening blast-> icewall
Note: this combo requires a bit of practice. Once you use the meteor you should remember there is a knock back. Icewall is very usefull if you hit them. If you can rotate invoker in the perfect angle ,they can't run very fast. After taking high damage they should be dead with the help of you teammates.

tornado->sunstrike->deafening blast/chaosmeteor
Note: Always watch how many delay you have on tornado(because of you wex). Sunstrike is very usefull in the jungle. The damage is dealt between all the units hitted. Deafening blast causes them to knock back(if they just killed a camp ,they have to run your way to go away). When they are still busy killing creeps ,you can use chaosmeteor to heavy damage your opponent and kill the camp which gives you the gold and exp.

tornado-> icewall->deafening blast (late game ,becaus of your qu***)
Note: When it comes to ganking ursa or other heroes that has high damage,melee. You can use this combo to get close and put a icewall and knock them back with deafening blast so they get in the icewall again.

forcestaff(yourself)-> icewall-> sunstrike-> coldsnap
Using the forcestaff allow you to be in front of the enemy. When you use icewall you can slow them and target with you sunstrike. when you use coldsnap they can't run far away.
When they are slowed they still can move! Don't forget that!
this is usefull for chasing a hero who wants to escape.
(ex.when his team just died exept him)

-Late game items: lvl16~21
-Refresher orb
-Aghanims scepter
At this point you can gank very easy with your team.
The aghanims and refresher orb allows you to use twice meteor blast or spamming your skills. The items you have now should be more than enough te be good at very late games (ex. 1hour and 15 minutes)

Sinitual Items:
-linkin sphere
-Eul's scepter
(once the game is lasting longer than 1 hour, you can sell your drum of endurance)

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