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All Game Effective Ember

March 14, 2014 by eggninja
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solo mid

DotA2 Hero: Ember Spirit

Hero Skills

Searing Chains

2 12 13 14

Sleight of Fist

4 8 9 10

Flame Guard

1 3 5 7

Fire Remnant

6 11 16


15 17 18

All Game Effective Ember

March 14, 2014


Ember Spirit is a carry, but is very different from the other carries due to the fact that he is able to have strong presence throughout all stages of the game if played correctly.

Pros / Cons

*High burst damage
*Effective throughout the game
*High mobility with Fire Remnants
*Good initiator
*Good in teamfight with huge aoe skills
*Push/Stop push easily with Sleight of Fist
*Skillset annoys the hell out of enemy

*Squishy. Especially when Flame Guard is down
*Needs good judgement in order to play well
*Unable to 1v1 late game carries
*Spells and mana dependant
*Low mana pool
*Weak auto-attack for a carry


Flame Guard is maxed first due to the high amount of DoT it has and it also absorbs nuke damage which makes ember a lot less squishy. Enemies who underestimate this skill will exchange blows with you early game and when they found out how much damage this skill does it is often too late.

Searing Chains is his only disable and therefore you need to level it at least once, at level two.

Sleight of Fist is what makes ember spirit so powerful as a carry, as it is a skill that scales with damage and orb effect items. A farmed ember with deso/bfury/daedalus can easily team wipe with just one or two Sleight of Fists. However it is relatively weak early game and don't think about farming with this skill in laning phrase, as it deals reduced damage to creeps. This skill is maxed second, after flame guard as the leveling it reduces cooldown greatly and increases aoe and damage. Another trick is to Sleight Of Fist an enemy from afar and immediately used your Searing Chains as your animation hits them. This may take some practice, but its not that difficult.

Fire Remnants is his ultimate, and this is what makes him so mobile. You can Fire Remnant in to initate a teamfight with Searing Chains or to chase down fleeing enemies. You can also placed the remnant at a safe terrain and go pushfarming, teleporting back when ganked. Another trick is to placed the remnant down, tpscroll back to base to healup, and remnant back again as the range is global.


Rush a bottle first if mid, to control rune and manage your hp/mana problems.

Next,get a phase boots if your not having problem with your mana and arcane boots if you are.

Get Drums of Endurance next for the extra stats and the active speed boost gives ember more mid game presence. However you can skipped it though, if you are confident enough.

Next comes his damage items, and from here you have to make some good decisions. Go for a battlefury if the game pace allows you for superior farming and regen, or there are high chances the cleave will come into use (eg. magnus/enigma on your team or enemy have broodmother, lancer, furion treants etc.)

If not, skipped battlefury and go for Desolator as the orb effect is applied on all enemies hit by Sleight Of Fist.

Get a Daedalus next for huge Sleight Of Fist critics. Yes, they do critics.

Finally get whatever luxury items you need depending on the enemy line up,
MKB to counter PA? Linken for doom or necrolyte? Assault for more armor and auto attacking ability? Skadi if you don't have orb yet for more stats and a huge AoE slow? Or maybe dual Battlefury for 2x cleaving? Trust me this hurts so much if enemy team is lumped together


Laning Phrase:
Farm, last hits, farm, last hits.
See opportunity to kill? Searing Chains him and on your Flame Guard.
Hit him a few times and follows him till he dies. Control the runes and gank side lanes when you bottled up a haste or invis. Rinse and repeat until your lvl 6. Now get some tp and start controlling the map. Tp over to help your team when u see enemy ganks ur side lanes. Your Fire Remnant counter ganks really well, so make good use of it. If not, take initiative to hunt some underleveled targets and feed on them. Try to snowball, and if you do, congrats. If you see no opening as enemy is turtling, fret not. Just go back to farming.

If your team is doing well, get some towers and control the map. Force fights and crippled the enemy team even more. If not, ask your support to ward up and you went split push. Always anticipate the ganks coming and when they do, Fire Remnant out to annoy the hell out of them.

Avoid 1v1 with enemy carries, as they will crush you. Your strength lies in teamfight now, not 1v1. The damage you dishes out in a teamfight is definitely more then the enemy carries if played correctly. Just play kiting with ember and you will be doing fine. Sleight of Fist enemies from behind and do not Remnant in, unless you are very confident in the outcome. Even if you do, remember to save 1 charge of it for escape.

When to pick ember?

When you have ally heroes like :

1. Magnus

2. Enigma

3. Dark Seer

4. AoE heroes with disables xD

These allies ult combo with your Sleight of Fist with 2x Battlefury so good. 1 Cleave is all it takes for a team wipe xD

You can also counterpick with ember spirit when your enemy picked heroes like :

1. Meepo

2. Phantom Lancer

3. Furion

4. Naga Siren

5. Terrorblade

6. Broodmother

7. Any useless hero like sniper xD

Basically same gameplan. Cleave them and their illu/units to death with your mighty 2x battlefury xD


Hope this simple guide is useful to you and have fun flying around bursting enemies to death with Ember Spirit!

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