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All Around Doom

May 25, 2014 by devildebil942
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Doom

All Around Doom

May 25, 2014


Hello and good morning to all you doom players out there
before i start explainin spesific builds i would like to introduce the hero i will be discussing here today

Who is doom bringer?
Doom is a melee Strengh hero whose exceptionaly good strengh gain (3.2) allows him to effectively tank damage in all phases of the game, his combination of farming and fighting skills allow him to effectively sit in the jungle and farm and excell in ganking lineups as well, both of his single targer nukes are exremely effective in the early game and both scale well into the late game, thanks to his great farming capabilities he is able to help the team by being a viable carrier of many useful items such as mek or necros.


Devour: Doom's first skill, Devour, is his most efficient farming tool and it gives him grear flexibility in the way he wants to fight, with it you can get you can get many types of effective auras as well as frost armor that greatly helps agaisnt ganking lineups and completly shuts down pesky heroes such as nightstalker and spirit breaker with its immense slow, basicly you just use it on a neutral\enemy creep and you get its gold as well as any of the skills it possesed, sadly it cannot be cast on mechanical units or on ancients, also dosnt work on warlocks golem or visage's fams.
cannot devour golems.
depdnding on the creep's health it will be digested in dooms adorable little belly and when that is complete you will gain an extra ammount of gold depending on the level of the ability, the gold bonus is 25\50\75\100 meaning that you will most likely want to max devour as early as possible, in a situation where the cooldown of doom ended but doom hasnt finished digesting the last creep he ate a new crep will not be able to be devoured, i will give an expanded guide on eaten creeps later :)

Scorched Earth: gives Doom some much needed movement speed and immense regeneration, its cooldown is long so it should not be counted on insead of the normal early game regeneration but it is still an extremly effective tool for surviving ganks realy on and for chasing later on, it also deals area damage to enemies but the damage is very small so it should not be considered a nuke, it scales well and should be maxed immidiatly after devour in most cases, its important to note that it also heals every creep you control makign it viable to build necros on doom in certain situations

LvL? DEATH: this is doom's least useful skill to be honest, at level 1 it is very effective since its 125 damage on level 1 and thus it can easly give you first blood but unless you know that you are going for fb its better to skill devour, it gives a bonus of 20% hp dmg on the enemy hero if their level equals a certain number, on level 1 it does the bonus dmg on 6\12\18\24\25 at level 2 on 5\10\15\20\25 on level 3 its 4\8\12\16\20\24\25 and on level 4 its 3\6\9\12\15\18\21\24\25 meaning that its best to skill it after scorched earth and devour unless ofc you want the early nuke, its important to note that the casting point on the spell is moderately slow and thus it should only be cast AFTER you finish right clicking an enemy hero, if you use it on a hero you are chasing you will lose your chance of hitting him again as the spell will slow you with its slow casting point, use it after u cant right click anymore, it also has a useful ministun that cancels those pesky tp's save it for tp's and fleeing enemies

Doom: this is one of the most powerful skills in the game, it deals 450,750,1050 dmg and disables all abilities and items for a whopping 15 seconds, always know who you want to cast it on BEFORE the fight, your highest priorities are carries that use abilities such as ember\pa\weaver while you should never cast it on right clickers or nonfactor heroes, it goes through bkb so make sure you win the patience game, it has the same casting, you should use it every single time its off cooldown, especialy in the early stages, even if you are jungling with a midas, use it every single time as it will get you kills, lots of em, just make sure to check for pesky linken sphere's and make sure to disable them with LVL death first, also watch out becouse doomed enemies can be denied so try to use it in situations where they cant deny, if its 1 enemy with no on eto deny him you can just walk away and let the damage over time do its think on low hp enemies

Carry doom

i would suppose that most of you out there that want to play doom are going to use this build so im putting it first, i myself am a very greedy doom so im sorry in advance if you dont like that :P

first, make sure before you go to lane that you buy 1 tango, the rest of the gold should stay in ur piggy bank until you get a midas recepie, by the 4 minute mark you should already have your midas, make sure that before you go farm creeps you go at the 30 sec mark to the medium\big camp and eat a creep, if you can get a frost ogre or a regen satyre that would be best.

as far as skilling goes make sure to max devour as soon as humanly possible while scorching earth is your second priority , get doom at the normal levels and if you can get a kill with it, 1 point into LVL death helps alot but if you cant get a kill 100% with it than make sure to save your mana for devour and scorching earth and use scorching only when absolutly necessary becouse mana problems will piss you off early on

as soon as you get your hand of midas its radi time, you should farm as usualy and get it by the 14 minute mark, if you find yourself in trouble and you arnt getting it by the 20 minute mark skip it entierly, in that situation there are other items that will have a bigger effect, if you do manage to get it by the 14 minute mark than thats where the fun truly starts :)

now there are 2 options, 1, transition into a ganking doom and steamroll. baiscly that means that now that your radi is up you can just go 5 man and play objective based dota (tower after tower after tower) until you snowball completely out of control
2, farm some more, radiance is an extremely effective farming item so if you cant go with option 1 you could just stay and farm in the jungle while popping out to the lane once in a while to help out there as well, the creeps you will want now are the centaur and the alpha wolf tho the speed boost creep is not bad at all at this stage as well.

go to option 1 if the enemy has a harder carry than you are, doom is not a very hard carry and heroes such as spectre,sven,weaver,faceless and may others can outcarry you, and despite the fact that you can completly wreck these heroes with a well timed doom, if they get a linkens you are basicly done
also make sure that if you want to go to option 2 that you communicate that appropriatly to your team, it will be neccesary for them to ward your jungle and play passively until you are strong enough to get out

item choices

Assault cuirass:this is the number 1 item on doom for a few reasons, doom's biggest problem is his lack of armor and thus you most certainly need it, the attack speed is also very important for doom as with the alpha wolf and your insane strengh gain you should be able to maul peaple down very quickly.

armlet: this is actualy one of my faivorite items on doom and i would say that its a must get if you are going for option 1, it gives you much needed armor early on and if you armlet toggle properly it can greatly help your survivability, it is also relatively cheap and wont delay your farm by alot, its components are also effective on their own so this is just a realy good item, if you are bad at toggling i would suggest not using it until your health is low and than using it to give urself a sudden hp boost your opponent will not predict, also get it if your farm is bad and you are dieing becose it dosnt cost much and it will grealy boost your impact

shyva's guard:another effective item for doom as it solves your 3 biggset problems, it gives you decent armor, it solves your mana problems and it makes sure your enemies will never run away, a must buy if you are facing effective melee carries or a nightstaler,spirit breaker, just watch them run away slowly in fear

shadow blade:now this is a more contreversial item and i myself do not get it, but i do understand its viability, you can hit somone by suprise and than doom them and thus it is very effective for ganking, it also gives you escapeablity and the attack speed is nice, if you get it make sure to rush it insead of the radiance is its most effective early on, i myself do not like it becouse i think that there are other more important items on doom and that it is too easily countered by decent enemy supports.

heavens halberd:similar to shyvas guard it is very effective at shuting down the enemy carry and i would most certainly advice to get it versus efficient enemy carries, if you combine it with your doom you can completely shut down an enemy unit and thanks to its useful individual components i would get it immidiatly after armlet if you are farming badly, it helps you chaice with the ever underestimated main ability and the survivability is nice

basher:similar to heaven's halberd but this time get it if you are doing well, the components are horrible and the ever present option to upgrade it to an abbysal is fantastic, get it if you are ahead and need an extra way to use your attack speed and to cancel tps if lvl daeth just isnt quite enough

heart: while this is in theory a great item as it highly boosts ur effectiveness in the ultra late game there are usualy better items

mkb:if you lack dps than this is the item for you,deda is a bad option for doom thanks to the ever loyal alpha wolf but mkb is very viable, especialy versus evasive heroes who get butterfly

mjolnir: a very fun item versus right clicking teams, maelestorm is a good item if your farm is low

aghanims sceptre\refresher orb: honestly im not a fan but if you already have a shyva than i suppose its decent

as far as boots go i would prefer phase boots over treads becouse of the cookie jar effect (the ever annoying situation of melee carries just being kited around) but if no one on your team got one than arcane boots are actualy viable on doom becouse his ult is so important

utility doom

this is my faivorite doom, it is a much more team oriented doom than the last one and generaly it has a higher win rate

start your laning phase with a sage's mask and a set of tangos, you will do the same 30 sec trick you did last time and hope to get the same creeps, your priorities will once again be to max out devour as soon as humanly possible with scorching earth being the second priority and LVL death being purely optional, the first item you will get is a soul ring and after that a mekanism will be rushed, you should have it by the 10 minute mark but if your supports didnt get mana boots than you should get them before the mek and than it should delay your mek by 3\4 mins, with this build you will be roaming around the map and wrecking havock wit hyour ultimate which you will be able to cast alot, thanks to your survivability (mek) and your money problems solved with the mana boots and the soul ring you should help your team snowball and get a big advantege, this is a space creating build and thus should be used if you have effective pushers or a carry that cna benefit from the space.

item wise you will be able to transition into either carry doom or push doom in the later portions of the game depending on the carry situation on your taem but either way thanks to the mana items you will have refresher aghanims becomes more viable and if you face a casting team than pipe is also more than viable

pusher doom

pusher doom works similarly to utility doom with 1 main diffrence, instead of getting a soul ring and a mek you will start with a belt of stengh and the normal set of tangos and rush a necronomicon, maxing scorching earth is a must in this build, so level death is not an option here, after you get your necro rush a mek and crush your enemies, a vlads is also efficient here and drums are also a fantastic choice, doom is actualy a viable rat dota hero with this becouse you should be able to take care of 1 hero thanks to doom and thus you are hard to push back, make sure to get a troll witch creep so that you will have a reliable disable (the net) and the ever useful skeletons


to be honest i generaly feel like i went over this earlier but i will say it again, the creeps you want for the l8 game are the alpha wolf or the centaur, the wolfis much better
mid game you want a wolf or a speed creep unless you go gank\push, in that case than the best possible creep to get is the troll thanks to his reliable disable\creep summons, in the early game you want a satyr or a frost ogre

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