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All about : Enigma !

February 7, 2014 by gutio2
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Jungler / Ganker

DotA2 Hero: Enigma

Hero Skills


2 4 5 7

Demonic Conversion

1 3 8 9

Midnight Pulse

10 12 13 14

Black Hole

6 11 16


15 17 18

Chapter Title

"The most exciting ultimate.There is no man who stays quiet when Enigma jumps in"


Let's talk about Enigma , a versatile hero , who has a powerful ultimate and if you play correctly , you will frighten your enemies

Enigma is able to greats pushes , greats ganks and greats team battles .I am Caro_kanN and you can ask me your doubts!

Pros / Cons


Great team battle(Midnight pulse + Black hole)
Very versatile(able to mid solo , off lane and jungle)
Good farming speed


Very long ult cooldown
Need lots of mana
Has no natural scape(as blink or invisibility)
Need lots of farm

Skills explanation

Malefice: Average skill , which stun your target 3 times(each 2 seconds).Will break channeling spells , but it is uselles agains most of escape heros as Anti-mage. You can consider that as a slow :D
Demonic conversion: The skill that makes you a pusher and jungler. After 6 attacks your minions duplicate and heal fully. They give a lot of damage until the mid/late game and if used correctly you can kill tank heros like Pudge. Don't forget they give much gold
Midnight pulse: your anti-tank skill , and can be used with your ult very well. Cut down the trees. Be careful you have mana for use ultimate ,because just MP costs lots of mana
Black hole: At last ,the ultimate.Great AoE and affects magic immune units and knowed as the most breaking skill. Don't forget to use BKB before the ult ,and shivas guard after.

How to jungle , Caro_kann?

Here is a great video how to jungle
Do stacks and pulls when possible ,because it helps the lane and makes easier to jungle.Here is a great video about stacks and pulls

First view about items

~Supportive items~

First of all ,know that any hero must buy wards , even the solo laner( unless be a sf or a viper or a hard carrier)

So it is obvious that you must buy wards ,but it is not your priority.
Wards is a examplo , but it is include arcane boots and courier , and others.

Hey , Caro_kanN , if you maybe must buy a arcane boots ,why didn't you put it at the guide???
I don't want to incentivate you to buy it.There is many other items to gain mana like euls scepter and soul ring ,both are better FOR JUST YOU. If your team need a arcane boots ,and there is no other support (pub games...) ,you can buy it.


~Main mana items~

At level 11 your ult will cost 350 ,and you total mana will be about 500. Choose at least one of them.

Arcane boots : i will explain why do not choose that mainly:
(135 mana gained) - (35 mana cost) = 100 mana gained
(100 mana total gained)/(55s cooldown) = + 1,8 mana/sec + 250 mana ~ 1450 gold
Versus euls scepter :
(+ 150% mana regen at level 11) = 5,4 mana/sec + 10 int +40 move speed + disable skill ~2800 gold
Versus soul ring :
(150 mana gained)/(25s cooldown) + (50% mana regen at level 11) = 6 mana/sec + 1,8 mana/sec =7,8 mana/s total -*150 life points + 3 hp regen ~800 gold

M.B. :Worst mana regen ,+250 mana.Medium cost.
E.Sc.:Adicional skill, and move speed ,and int,good mana regen .The most expensive
S.R :Great mana regen ,some hp regen , lose 150 life .The most cheap

3 situations

-If you can farm well or can delay some time in lane or jungle, you can try a Euls , who gives you better mobility and a extra skill

-If your farm is bad or you need to gank or push early , do a soul ring

-If your team needs mana and there is no other supporte , do arcane boots


~Blink dagger or shadow blade???~


-Faster to positionate the ult
-Harder to counter(Radiance , for example)
-You can start easier under the tower
-Harder to escape
-Harder to master
-Without stats gain
-Harder to start

-Easier to escape
-Easier to start
-Some stats gain(+30 damage and +30 attackspeed)
-More expensive
-Slower to chase the enemy or to start
-Easy to counter(sentry ward , dust , gem ,stay next to towers , and others)

Ok , Caro... I agree with the most of the articles , but explain to me why BD is harder to iniciate than SB
Ok...Good players will not be near each one , and will focus you. If you had been seen ,they will retreat. So , you must be very back , and most of times your blink range will be not enogh to reach most of the enemies. You probably will need more skill to catch all them . With SB it's easy : be invisible very back and walk after your

MY POINT OF VIEW (it's not a rule):
-Do SB when your team hasn't a great iniciator , or your team don't need to do greats pushes
(I probably will hear:"i want you and ur opnion in the hell ,you *****!")

~Magic and Juggernaut immunity~

-Basically make it every game which have at least one disable against you.Gives some extra hp for survival . No other commentaries

-Very useful against heros with target disables like Doom and Beastmaster which ignores BKB , beyond gives you some hp/mana regen and good stats.Make linkens don't allows you to forget the BKB!

The order of the items when you need a linkens is : perseverance , BKB and so , linkens. If you need more mana make Soul ring .Forget Euls.

-Against juggernaut do a____________________________________________________________________________________________

~Aura items~

-Make at least one ,because helps push and decreases the work of the hard supporters . And increases the team battle power.Do never use shivas while be using Black Hole

Be careful with mekans and necronomicon , because they need mana and in the lows levels , you haven't this mana! ("I saved my team with mekans!Now I do a perfect ult!....But I need mana....")

Why don't do Midas for solo mid , off lane and even ganker Caro??

Simple :
-In middle lane , your ganks if done correctly will be better than waste money with midas(how to gank in construction)
-In offlane ,you must use your money to suvivability ,or earlier ganks
-If you are a ganker , get a Soul ring faster and ignore midas because it's better earlier ganks

Heaven's halberd?

-Are you dying even with bkb and a bracer?

-Yes ,Maaaan
-Do heaven's halberd!

It gives some Str , evasion , and one more skill to use on that sven that focus you!!!

Late items: Radiance , Aghanins or Refresher???

The less used of the three , because need satisfact articles:
-No other hero in your team that needs Radiance
-Lots of money
-Boots of travel
-You want some help to push
-You can do it relatively early(about 35 min[oh my fck1ng god...])

-But why I can't rush radi?
-It's better you get some mana before because Midnight pulse is much better than radiance
-But I want to push crazily before 35 min!
-If you have mana you will be some minions and if you do ,for example Drums of Endurance , you will be a great pusher.

The most used of the three.You need :
-3th skill...

You get:
-Good stats
-Amplifies your ult damage

Prefer make Aghanins and so Refresher:Cast 2 ultimates need a lot of mana(about 1250 mana )

A very late game item. You need:
-Very much mana
-If you want the combo Midnight pulse +Black hole 2 times ,you need 20 fingers...
-Have some levels and items which give mana

Again :Prefer make Aghanins and so Refresher:Cast 2 ultimates need a lot of mana(about 1250 mana ).It's better you cast MP and BH with Agha than 2 ults.

Sorry guys , doing the rest of the guide...

Any doubt i would answer .English is not my main language so....... You know.......

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