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Alchemist Is The Future!

November 21, 2013 by Bearded Redneck Team
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DPS down in seconds

DotA2 Hero: Alchemist

Purchase Order

Starting items

Core items

No troubles staying alive

Some problems staying alive

Late game

Full 6-slot game inventory should consist of

Hero Skills

Acid Spray

4 8 13 14

Unstable Concoction

2 9 10 12

Greevil's Greed

1 3 5 7

Chemical Rage

6 11 16


15 17 18


Alchemist is one of the hardest carries available in this game. For him the gamestyle changes a little bit. When playing alchemist its not about how you use your skills, its about what items to get. His spells are relatively simple, but will be explained later. This is an extreme DPS build, no matter what level they are you can count for this build to be able to devastate people. Alchemist also depends on where you farm with him, you can choose the safer route, using the creep wave to farm, or you can try go greedy inside the jungle (kind of bad synergy with junglers)


Starting Items:

Quelling blade: You will need that extra chance to last hit, especially when you have some minor lag, it also helps with jungling if you decide to go that path. This is the last item from the starting items that you sell. Only sell it if you need space for a high tier item, otherwise dont, not even for money. Its just something so key to alchemist.

Tangoes: Just in case you need to heal up while last hitting, salve is not recommended because it can easily be cancelled plus is not relatively effective against harass. Also you need to get back to use a salve, you end up missing last hits which hurt your farm a lot, especially early game.

Stout Shield: Very effective if you have to turn around to a creep wave that you pulled to get the last hits or otherwise just effective against harass, especially against a tri lane. Sold second last of the starting items, this gives quite the buff to you when jungling, or just in general (seems like a small item but a lot of small buffs gives one big buff)

Core Items:

Hand of midas: I cannot stress this enough, you need that farm, hand of midas really starts you off into a snowball. Stay in lane and get last hits if its safe, if its not then jungle, all the way you have to use midas to get that extra farm which allows you to get your items real early

Maelstrom: This is your very first damage dealing item (woohoo) although its usually just used to push the creep wave or jungle. When you get this item is when you CAN start fighting, its not recommended because its still not enough damage but if you are absolutely forced to you can try

Phase Boots: This is the last of the core items you get, this is because you dont really need it with your ult extra movement speed and you wont need movement speed until you need to chase enemies back, which is not yet.

No troubles staying alive and problems with staying alive:

Mjollnir: This is probably the most epic creeping/jungling item ever. Especially on alchemist. It has a chance of 25% to land lightning dealing 160 magical damage to 4 targets and if you use your static charge it has a 20% chance of dealing 200 magical damage when hit, this is dealt to the creep/hero that dealt the damage and 2 other targets at random. This not only allows you to completely decimate lane and jungle creeps its also very powerful, if you are in your ultimate you can land about 5-7 procs of chain lightning and maybe the same amount of static lightning charges, this is a lot of magical damage being dished out, and its more than one target so its very effective in teamfights aswell.

Skull Basher: Very effective for stun locking heroes for a small amount of time, and allow you to get a bunch of hits off and disable the enemy hero for a while. This is very effective because of your very high movement speed with phase boots + chemical rage, you can hit them multiple times and you have that chance to proc to stun and then once stunned there is a high chance of him dying.

Heart of Terasque: makes you all that more tanky, this really helps you regen extremely quickly when you combine Heart of Terasque + chemical rage so you can really turn a lot of things around. It also helps you deal that extra 40 damage per hit because of the +40 strength. This is pretty much the only health item worth a slot in alchemist inventory, due to the large bonuses given.

Daedalus: This is a very, very absolutely amazing item on alchemist. This is very powerful because you have a lot of attack speed and the critical has quite a large (25%) chance to proc. If you want to ask why I recommend getting 2 its because the percentages stack so 2 daedalus have around a 40-50% of proccing a critical. and also gets you that extra damage (+81) per daedalus.

Late Game:

Abyssal Blade: Keeps that chance to proc a bash from the skull basher and allows you to get a 2 second stun off no matter what, this allows you to chain stun with your unstable concoction, this is really good when melting down someone 1 v 1 which could normally kill you.

Satanic: Great to give that lifesteal when teamfights start to last longer than your ultimate and you need that health regen, also allows you to turn the tides with that 175% lifesteal for 3 seconds. Also gives strength to increase your damage.

Pros / Cons


Extremely, ultimately, epicly awesome at farming

Solid armor reduction

long stun if you know how to land it

good attack speed

a lot of regen from the ult

probably the best single lane pusher

can melt through towers

the backbone of every team which uses him


Stun can be hard to land

if shut down early he will not be effective

if he gets locked down he might be taken out quickly and then the entire team is doomed

when his ulti is gone he becomes significantly weaker

Creeping / Jungling

Lvl 1-5: You should be in the lane getting last hits and making sure you get your midas at 5-10 mins

Lvl 6-11: you should be in the jungle getting that ton of gold from the creeps. Remember, your main earning way is definitely your greevil's greed, until you are able to take an entire side of jungle in less than one min i recommend you to take on Small camps and upwards because that allows you to get those max stacks of greevil's greed. If you do not think the jungle is adequate for you to farm, is dangerous or any reason not to jungle you can still creep however since theres only 5-6 creeps every wave your greevils greed stacks may not be that high.

Lvl 12-16: this is where you can branch off into 2 different places. First choice is to stay and farm, which is optimal if the teams are on a standstill in fights or if your team is winning. This allows you to become that key late game hero which every team needs. If however your team is having trouble or you just want to turn the tides you can go and fight now. This allows for either a quick victory or if both teams are very aggresive then you might get more farm from killing enemy heroes.

Lvl 17-25: This is when you are the super killing monster. With your 100 health regen you are able to withstand almost any slow nuke and if you have helm of dominator or satanic you can lifesteal the hell out of enemies with those crits. Be careful however you cannot let any enemies touch farm at this point in time, you have to enjoy your status as most farmed. If you let enemies farm they might get 6-slotted and then you are the weaker one.

Do I use Chemical Rage?

This is the key to whether you win a fight or not as alchemist. If you pop it too early the enemy team will back off and wait for your ult to wear off and then they get a window of 20-30 seconds to attack you and you might not be able to do anything about it because you are missing that key attack speed and health regen. If you pop it too late they might be able to burst you down before you do any proper damage or they might be able to silence you, in any way, the team is mainly useless without their hard carry fighting and you are mainly useless without your ulti.

If you are waiting for them to initiate you want to keep your finger on your ulti hotkey and wait, try moving around a little bit to avoid a long range stun and if you think its possible right click a few creeps that are relatively close and hope chain lightning procs. when they take enough damage either they will go back or they will try to kill you, when you see a stun coming relatively close get your teammates nearby and use your ultimate, if they start going back then chase and try to stun at least one

If you want to initiate try getting a teammate to stun while charging up unstable concoction and then toss at around 3 seconds (it still counts down in the air) then use your ulti and get you and your team to charge in, do this when the creep wave is pushed out, do not try this with different ground heights.

No shadow blade?!?

Please dont comment that there is no shadowblade in this build, because I cant stress enough that it is only good when you are going the mid - game build but this is a late game build. It is a 3000 gold item which you have to get early, this is not good for farm and costs as much as a maelstrom or how much it takes to get from maelstrom to mjollnir which you NEVER want to delay.

Team Work

You are the MAN in teamfights, you are the initiator that walks up and sort of burns the enemy's face off. You have to respect your chemical rage, at lvl 3 ultimate you get a 100 hp regen which is huge by itself, this gives you the ability to tank 1-3 heroes damage at a time, while you are tanking you get that extra attack speed which can easily hit as high as 0.29 seconds per attack. While this you want to get your team to take out the debuffs, strong HP removal and the huge Damage Over Time heroes, all of those can be really annoying to you and can possibly bring you down if they focus on you in a teamfight.

Last Words

Thank you very much for reading my build for alchemist, this is my second guide and I will welcome constructive feedback. PLEASE however do not start recommending items before you have read my build and explanations.

Last of all, this IS a late game build, this goes for the huge DPS which only appears on alchemist after a long time of farming and/or good food.

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