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Air Strike

July 29, 2014 by Raylos
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The Air strike build

DotA2 Hero: Skywrath Mage

Hero Skills

Arcane Bolt

1 3 5 7

Concussive Shot

2 12 13 14

Ancient Seal

4 8 9 10

Mystic Flare

6 11




Disclaimer, this build is not completed, i BARELY scratched the surface on how this mofo is supposed to be played. But I will edit the guide when i have time, terribly busy at the moment. Sorry readers!!


A highly placed mage in the court of the Ghastly Eyrie, Dragonus lives a troubled existence. Sworn by birth to protect whoever sits within the Nest of Thorns, he hates the current Skywrath queen with all his soul. As a youth, high-born, he was a friend and companion to the eldest Skywrath princess, Shendelzare, first in line for the Nest. He had loved her warmly and unshakably, but as his studies took hold, his mind turned to arcane learning and the mastery of Skywrath sorcery.

Obsessed with matters aetherial, he missed the mundane signs of courtly treachery that hinted at a plot against Shendelzare, and lost his chance to foil it. When the court was shaken by a swift and violent coup, he emerged from his studies to discover his oldest and dearest friend had been lost to him. The Nest of Thorns now belonged to Shendelzare's ruthless younger sister, and Dragonus could do nothing. The magic of the Skywrath Mage serves only the sworn protector of the Skywrath scion, so to act against the Nest would render him helpless. He clings to his post, believing it to be the best hope of one day restoring his true love to her rightful place. Meanwhile, his secret is known only to the goddess Scree'auk, whose magic it was transformed Shendelzare from a crippled physical creature into an embodiment of pure vengeful energy. While he dreams of restoring his beloved queen to the Ghastly Eyrie, he dreams even more desperately of restoring Shendelzare herself to a fully healed physical form. The duplicity of his role at court tortures him, for he is a noble and good-hearted creature; but the worst torture of all is imagining the hatred that Vengeful Spirit must hold in her heart for him.


This build focuses more on the ability to pick off heroes from fights. You farm heroes. Heroes are nothing more than giant bugs for this royal bird! Think of him as a pseudo-pudge.

Chapter 1: Skill build explanation

Skywrath mage is relatively easy to understand.

- Your bread and butter. Very useful for harassing heroes out of lane or simply chasing heroes because
2. It nukes them like no tomorrow.
3. The mana cost.. 70 Mana for a base dmg of 120 at level 4 with an addition damage based on your intelligence?!
*****, if you weren't hit by a concussion shot and had concussion, you would be maxing this out ASAP.

Tip: Feel free to use this to harass heroes in lane. Level 1/2 --> Use sparingly, based on your own judgement. Level 3/4--> Feel free to harass even more. By level 4-5, you may want to start saving your mana. Explanations later.

-The Royal high and mighty son of a flying magician casts a LONG range attack that slows the main target as well as their surrounding aoe by a little. He ******* bashes your head with light that warps your movespeed, how sick is that!
- Its a good chasing tool as well as a form of initiation for your pick offs. How to execute? Explanations later.

Since there are no significant benefits from upgrading this spell compared to your others, you would generally max this spell last because the slow is all you need.

Ancient Fking Seal
-The ancient holy moly Family Recipe that was passed down through generations, enables you to SILENCE any ***** for 6 whole seconds at level 4. Think about it. Queen of pain going to do some hanky panky ****? Silence that mofo and nuke her down.
-This ancient seal also amplifies magical damage whooooooooo. Guess who is gonna get Ebladed+ Dagon+ Silence tonight? ;) Just kidding, you dont need eblade or dagon for this Family Recipe to be a mean *****.

Tip: For heroes that relies on their skills to escape IE Sand king, QOP, Slark or even heroes that could cause a hell load of trouble with their spells (Shadow shaman, storm spirit, tinker etc), your aim is to kill them during this silence duration so they have no forms of escaping at all.

Mystic Flare aka Air Support
-Your signature move, THE AIRFORCE AIRSTRIKE. An insane 1400 HOLY MAMA MY HEALTH with a relatively short cooldown. It has quite a long range too!
- Time to get serious, this spell. Is your main form of offence. People argue that its your Arcane bolt but to me, this spell is what makes you truly shine. See a squishy hero? Simply throw a long range concussion shot and if he is still stupid enough (because he has concussion) to remain in range, nuke him down and silence him for amplification if you wanna

Tip: Try to make him stay in the circle. The aoe of this spells is quite small (i guess...for people who cant aim) So be sure to try to aim it well! Aim it like pudge's hook, where you aim where he is going to go instead of where he was. Do note this spell has an almost instant cast time so as long as he is slowed or stun, just plant this mofo on him.

Friends and Foes

to be added

How to Execute dem moves

to be added in more detail

Scenarios of what you should do

to be discussed as many people are playing swm as a *HIDE BEHIND TEAM, DPS BEHIND TEAM only her*

Brief outline, Pick off those heroes in sight, throw everything down on him without even going near.

Gameplay Results

I had bad carries, nonetheless, i shut everyone down so that although my carries are bad, they are worse :D DOTA IS ALL ABOUT THE COMPARISON.

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