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Advanced guide to Nature's Prophet

January 28, 2014 by jokerxD007
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DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Advanced guide to Nature's Prophet

January 28, 2014


As soon as the game begins wait in the fountain for around 10 seconds and then spawn your treants.

Now as soon you refill mana move to the jungle with your treants and start clearing out camps
As your Nature's call is off cooldown spawn more treants and pop a clarity.
More treants mean more dps so you should be able to clear camps quickly.

Just beware of the hellbear smashers who can rip your treants apart and delay farm. one way to avoid this is instantly taking your treants back so that the clap misses.

Now as soon as you hit 500 gold buy a gloves of haste and get it delivered to you.

Get the hand of midas as soon as possible, you need to have it by around 7mins, 9mins by the latest.

As you get your Midas use it on a big creep for good XP gain

Now get off to the lane if it is safe and start farming your boots

You can either go for Power Treads or Phase boots depending on the situation, Still Treads are always more preferable than Phase

Now is when the time when you have to be careful, so stick with the team and push towers with treants whenever possible and also use teleportation for a suprise gank but make sure you have backup as you still don't have any damage

Slowly build on your gold and buy a Claymore

Later build into a Shadow Blade

After you get this item you have a decent escape mechanism, so this is your time to shine

Push the lanes and whack the creeps, keep spawning treants and get towers

Start off the gank with your shadow blade

This is just the item prophet needs

Now that you have your shadow blade you can constantly keep the split push and the pressure on your enemy team, but be careful of dust

As you slowly start getting gold beacuse of your tower and push advantage, buy an ultimate orb to build into a hex

Now questions being asked why the ultimate orb over the mystic staff, Well the +10stats are more essential for you at this point of the game as it buffs your overall stats rather than the high intelligence which the staff gives

Then get a mystic staff and later the void stone to finish of guinsoo's sythe of vyse

NOW NOW NOW, you have got your items and have to concentrate on damage


This item is just to amazing on Nature's Prophet, It gives amazing armor reduction to push down creeps waves and towers easily and with 2 sets of treants you can solo rosh

But thats not why you got this. Now is when you turn out to be deadly

You can solo kill almost anyone in the game

Just teleport and sprout and keep whacking. Then hex and keep whacking. Then finish it off with a shadow blade hit or with your ultimate if needed

And always remember, keep the push coming because pushes win matches

After the deso you can opt from many of the options you have

BKB - For teamfighting against disable line up team
DAEDALUS - For more damage and obviously the CRIT :D
MKB- If the enemy team has heroes with evasion
ORCHID - Sometimes you might have to go for Orchid instead of Guinsoo or Desolator if your team requires silence one annoying hero that always turns fights with his spells

Always remember to push and take towers whenever your team wins a gank.

There's a reason why your 20second teleportation and Wrath of Nature are so annoying

Look up to get any lanes racks and build the pressure on the enemy team and you are mostly sure of winning the game :)


There are a few changes when you play the offlane prophet

You have to take the gloves of haste on the begin as you need to rush gloves of haste

Take 2 clarities so that you can spawn treants on the lane and send them to the Pull spawn in the enemy's jungle at the right minute to stop the prevention of neutral spawn

You can also use treants to distract the enemy creep wave for quite a bit of time so that 2 creep waves come together and the lane will get pushed towards your side and you can get the XP and last hits under your tower

If you are not able to survive the lane and are constantly getting ganked then block 2-3 pulls and go to the jungle.

This will deny experience and gold to the enemy supports

The other way of playing is almost similar :)

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